Most Loathed Fast Foods of America

The below ranking shows the most iconic fatty foods dieters find the most difficult to give up when they are trying to be healthy.

11 Texas Corn Dog
12 California Mission-style Burrito
13 Alabama Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf
14 Maine Lobster Roll
15 Minnesota Deep-fried Potato Bites
16 Ohio Buckeyes
17 New York Bagel and Cream Cheese
18 New Mexico Corn Chip Pie
19 Nebraska Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bar
20 New Hampshire New England Clam Chowder
21 Arkansas Catfish
22 Delaware Deep-fried Pastry
23 Florida Empanadas
24 Nevada Beef Jerky
25 Michigan BLT
26 Montana Rocky Mountain Oysters
27 Connecticut 2-foot-long Hot Dog
28 Mississippi Mud Pie
29 Colorado Beef Enchiladas
30 Virginia Country Ham
31 Arizona Quadruple Burger
32 Georgia Luther Burger
33 Louisiana Beignet
34 West Virginia Pepperoni Roll
35 Wyoming Elk Burger
36 New Jersey Saltwater Taffy
37 Hawaii Loco Moco
38 Washington Crab Louis Salad
39 North Carolina Livermush
40 South Carolina Turducken
41 South Dakota Frybread
42 Utah Scone
43 Idaho Bacon Bleu Cheese Dressing
44 Indiana Fried-brain Sandwich
45 Iowa Hot Beef Sundae
46 North Dakota Fleischkuechle
47 Oregon Marionberry Pie
48 Maryland Smith Island Cake
49 Kansas Charred Ends
50 Rhode Island Doughboys