Calorie Cycling Calculator

The calorie calculator helps you determine how to adjust your calories if you want to have a higher calorie intake on certain days of the week while staying on track to reach your overall goal (weight lossbody recomposition, weight gain).

For example, if you want higher calories on hard training days to perform better in those workouts, then you can increase your caloric intake on those days but have a lower intake on other days of the week to keep your weekly calorie intake stable.

This calculator will use your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) and your goal (weight loss, body recomposition, or weight gain) to suggest a weekly calorie target that you should adhere to reach your goal.

Once we have determined your weekly calorie goal, we need to know how many days per week you would like to be high-calorie days. 

Based on the number of high-calorie days that you want, we will adjust your daily calorie intake so that you have a higher calorie intake on those days and a lower calorie intake on other days so that your weekly intake stays stable for you to continue working towards your goal.

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