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Fast Food Fitness: A Health Buff’s Guide to Fast Food Chains

How to Bulk, Cut and Stay Healthy On the Go

Discover How To Turn Fast Food Into Fitness Fuel

Explore our fast-food meal plans, low-calorie options, and comparisons to stay on track with your goals, even on the go.

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Fast Food Meal Plans For Bodybuilders

If you want to make the best fast food choices when you’re bodybuilding then it’s important to: 

1. Know which fast food establishments make macro-friendly options

2. Know how to customize your order according to your goals

We’ve studied each of the most popular fast-food menus and know which items are best, and which ones you should avoid. 

All The Fast Food Chains We’ve Reviewed (So Far)

If you see “our choice” next to the restaurant, it means our team of dietitians and coaches ranked it high for being able to customize orders to meet specific nutritional goals. 

Don’t see your go-to spot?  Contact us and request a new fast food guide.  We’re happy to hear from you and review more restaurants.  

General Fast Food Nutrition Guides

With only a couple of guides currently available and more on the way, this space is perfect for broadening your understanding of how fast food can fit into a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for more!