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At FeastGood, we want to help you eat healthier, achieve your fitness goals, and be proud of your body.  

We’re a team of athletes, nutrition coaches, and registered dietitians who love to share our passion for working out and eating healthy.

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Who we are

Our Team

Avi Silverberg

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Brenda Peralta

Registered Dietitian

Kelsey Butler 

Registered Dietitian

Laura Semotiuk

Nutrition Coach, Author

Amanda Kate Parker

Nutrition Coach, Editor

Steph Catalucci

Nutrition Coach, Author


Helina Solomon

Web Developer

Irish Mae


Jeanica Julianes

Jeanica Julianes

Content Manger


Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

Editor & Fact Checker

Our Content

We focus on three main content areas:

1. Teaching Dieting Principles

Macro Tracking, Meal Planning

2. Improving How One Looks, Feels, & Performs

Bulking, Weight Loss, Avoiding Food Intolerances, Food Comparisons, Eating Healthy On The Go

3. Giving First-Hand Product Reviews

Whey Protein, Pre-Workout, Creatine, Diet Apps

Our Process

We value high-quality, expertly-written content above all else. 

Instead of working with generalist writers and having them cover nutrition topics at a broad level (like many fitness and nutrition websites), we prioritize specialization and deep expertise when hiring. 

This is why we only work with writers and editors who are Certified Nutrition Coaches or Registered Dietitians.   

As such, our authors can speak from experience because they each work with nutrition clients every day who seek to improve their bodies and performance through diet.  

The tips and advice we share are based on the latest research and how that research translates in the real world with real people.  

Our team has spent years experimenting with dieting principles, listening to clients’ struggles, creating meal plans, and living what we cover.  Our readers want and expect content from actual experts, and that’s what we provide.

How we make money.

100% of our visitors can use our site and learn from our resources free of charge. 

By doing so, FeastGood earns revenue in three primary ways: 

01. Display Advertising.

When you read an article, you’ll notice ads between paragraphs.  
Just like how your local newspaper relies on ads or your favorite YouTube creator, we do too.

02. Nutrition Coaching

For individuals who need one-on-one help to achieve their goals, our team of nutrition coaches and Registered Dietitians are available to hire.  

You can learn more about our nutrition coaching here.

03. Affiliate Partnerships.

For products and services we use, like, and recommend, we may earn a commission on sales through our affiliate links. 
Throughout the site, we clearly disclose the commercial connection between FeastGood and any affiliate partners at the top of each article (see our legal disclaimer and review guidelines for more details).   

You are under no obligation to use our affiliate links.  We appreciate it when you do though – the price is the same to you, but this allows us to continue testing and reviewing as many products and services as possible.  If you return a product, we make nothing. 

Our Review Guidelines

We stand by two guiding principles:

1. 100% of the products we test are purchased at full price.  

We always retain complete editorial independence in our articles and never receive financial compensation from manufacturers for reviews.  It makes no difference to us whether we love or hate the product – we simply tell you our candid opinion.  

In fact, we’ve published plenty of product reviews where after our testing process we very bluntly tell you we don’t think it’s a good product (i.e. RP Diet App).  

Some of the best feedback we get from our readers is how they’ve appreciated the honest criticism of specific products, which is just as helpful as positive feedback in making a buying decision.  

2. Any product or service we recommend has been first-hand tested.   

Believe it or not, many websites claiming to review products simply rely on third-hand accounts by reading people’s experiences on Amazon or forum sites like Quora or Reddit.  They have not actually tested the product themselves.  

This is why, for any individual product review that we publish, we use the product for several days (sometimes weeks and months) before sharing our thoughts and opinions.  

When testing a product, we do so based on several criteria, which are specific to each product category.  

For example, when we’re evaluating a whey protein, we use criteria such as transparency, taste, mixability, satiety, price, and several other factors.  

Also, when possible, we test the claims made by the manufacturer for a specific product.  

We’re not just relying on a company’s sales page to tell us how a product performs, we actually try to stress test the product based on different use cases.  

While we do receive affiliate commissions for referring sales to specific products, if you end up being disappointed with our recommendation and don’t come back to the site, we lose our readership.  This is why we always set a very high standard for our review process, and constantly strive to provide the best, most honest, and most helpful information.  


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