Corrections Policy is committed to providing accurate, reliable, and trustworthy information related to muscle gain, fat loss, macro tracking, supplements, and related product reviews. We acknowledge that errors can occur despite our rigorous verification and editorial processes. Our corrections policy outlines how we manage such instances to maintain transparency and trust with our readers.

Acknowledging Mistakes

  • When an error is identified in our content, we commit to acknowledging it promptly and taking appropriate steps to correct it across all platforms where the information is available, including our website and social media channels.
  • Readers who wish to alert us to a potential correction are encouraged to email

Correction Procedure

  • Our online articles may be refined and expanded after their initial posting, and not every change will be flagged to readers. However, a correction or clarification will be added if a significant error is identified.
  • Suppose an error is due to incorrect information from sources (e.g., a supplement company misstating product ingredients). In that case, it may be addressed within the article (e.g., “The company has revised the previously reported ingredient list…”).
  • Significant errors that could mislead readers will be corrected as soon as possible upon discovery and approval from an editor. A note will be appended to the revised article, briefly stating the nature of the change.
  • If a significant error appears in the URL, it will be changed to reflect accurate information.

Placement of Corrections

  • Typically, corrections will be placed at the end of an article.
  • In instances where the entire premise of an article is compromised due to errors, the article may be removed and replaced with an editor’s note explaining the removal. The Editor-in-Chief will approve such decisions.


  • Corrections to online articles should be made as swiftly as possible following approval. The editorial team will be responsible for making corrections to online articles promptly.
  • If incorrect information is shared on social media or through newsletters, we will notify readers through the same platform and provide the accurate information. Inaccurate posts may be deleted, and a screenshot along with clarifying information, will be shared.

Handling Take-down Requests

  • We generally do not grant take-down requests. If a person claims an article is inaccurate, we will investigate and, if necessary, publish a correction.
  • In situations where fairness demands an update or follow-up coverage (e.g., if we reported a product was being recalled but did not report that the recall was lifted), we will consider further editorial action but will not remove the original article.

Addressing Negative Product Reviews

  • A negative review does not constitute an error or mistake on our part. While we empathize with companies that may be dissatisfied with a review of their product, we do not consider differing opinions or dissatisfaction with the outcome of a review as grounds for correction or retraction.
  • We welcome constructive discussions and will re-evaluate aspects of a review if a company provides substantial evidence of inaccuracies. However, the integrity of our reviews will not be compromised by external pressures or dissatisfaction from entities external to our editorial team.
  • Companies or individuals who disagree with a review are welcome to share their perspectives, which may be considered for publication in a follow-up piece or as a counterpoint, provided they adhere to our guidelines and standards.

Addressing the Dynamic Nature of Science

  • We acknowledge that science is a dynamic and ever-evolving field. What is considered accurate and supported by scientific literature today may be contested or refined in the future. Our content is crafted based on the best available scientific evidence and expert consensus available at the time of publication.
  • Our commitment to accuracy and relevance means that we have an internal content update process, where our editors periodically review and, if necessary, update our articles to reflect the most current scientific understanding.
  • While we strive to keep our content updated, we appreciate our vigilant readers who may come across new scientific developments and choose to share them with us. If readers wish to present new scientific literature or findings that could impact the accuracy or relevance of our content, they are encouraged to contact us.
  • It is crucial to note that changes in scientific consensus do not imply that previous articles were incorrect at the time of publication or crafted with ill intent. Our content is a snapshot of the best available knowledge at the time of writing, and we are always open to enhancing our articles with new scientific insights as they emerge.

Thank You for Your Engagement

We deeply value the trust and engagement of our readers. Your vigilance in holding us accountable helps us maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in our content. We are grateful for your contributions to ensuring that remains a trusted source of information in the field of nutrition.

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