Nutrition Apps

Your Digital Dietitian: A Look Into Leading Nutrition Apps

All you need to know about nutrition apps, from calorie tracking to nutrient balancing and successful meal planning.

Nutrition apps have made healthy living remarkably accessible. Serving as your digital dietitian, these apps offer personalized recommendations, track macro/calorie intake, balance nutrients, and help plan meals effectively.

From beginners to athletes or those simply aiming for better nutrition, a wide range of apps cater to diverse needs. Yet, with countless options, finding the right app can be daunting.

That’s where we step in. Our mission is to curate in-depth reviews, tips, and guides, helping you navigate this digital landscape and fully harness these apps’ potential.

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App Reviews

Explore our comprehensive, hands-on reviews of various nutrition apps, each rigorously tested by our team of nutrition coaches, including Amanda Parker, Lauren Graham, and Colby Roy. We’ve invested our own money to purchase these apps, ensuring our reviews are unbiased and genuinely reflective of the user experience. 

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Apps We Highly Recommend

Out of all the apps we’ve tested below, there are a few that stand out: 

1. MacroFactor – Best Calorie & Macro Tracker

At 50% of the cost of MyFitnessPal, it has far greater functionality and accuracy. It’s the most customizable tracker on the market, it constantly adapts to your metabolism, it’s easy to use, and it’s updated constantly as new scientific evidence or suggestions are presented.

MacroFactor is worth every penny!

2. Noom – Best App For Weight Loss Goals

Noom is excellent if you’ve previously tried to diet and were unsuccessful because you didn’t understand how to make your diet fit your lifestyle. Rather than just helping you track calories, Noom emphasizes behaviors that help you adapt your nutrition so that it feels sustainable. Most users lose between 1-5lbs in their first month.

I can honestly say that Noom is the best nutrition app on the market right now (if your goal is weight loss)

3. Cronometer – Best App For Athletes & Advanced Tracking Capabilities

The biggest draw for Cronometer is how it tracks micronutrients & biometrics (measurements and even your bathroom habits) and creates reports, as well as the ability to put notes in recipes, like details about how to prepare & cook the recipe.

“Cronometer goes way beyond just tracking calories and macros”

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