Fact Checking Policy

FeastGood.com is dedicated to providing our readers with accurate, reliable, and trustworthy information on nutrition, muscle gain, fat loss, macro tracking, supplements, and product reviews. Our commitment to factual accuracy is paramount, and we employ a stringent fact-checking policy to uphold the integrity of our content.

Our Process

1. Verification Before Publication

Writers are responsible for verifying all information they gather, ensuring it is accurate and current at the time of writing. This involves checking original sources of scientific literature and ensuring that the information aligns with the current scientific consensus.

Our editorial team, which includes subject matter experts, reviews each article to validate its accuracy, clarity, and comprehensiveness. This includes verifying facts against original sources and ensuring the content aligns with the latest scientific and industry knowledge.

2. Utilizing Reliable Sources

We prioritize using reputable, peer-reviewed scientific journals, academic institutions, and recognized experts in the field as sources to substantiate our content.

All claims, statistics, and scientific studies are thoroughly vetted and cross-referenced to ensure validity and timeliness.

3. Transparency and Accountability

Our content aims to provide clear, unbiased information. We transparently communicate the source of our information and the date of publication to our readers.

If a reader or an external entity points out a potential inaccuracy, we are committed to investigating it promptly and will make corrections if necessary. Please visit our corrections policy for more details.

4. Dynamic Content Review

Recognizing that science and industry knowledge evolve, our editorial team periodically reviews our content to ensure it remains accurate, relevant, and reflective of current data and research.

We welcome input from our readers and the scientific community in identifying new research findings that enhance our content.

5. Addressing Discrepancies

When new scientific findings contradict previously accurate information, we will update our content accordingly and transparently communicate any significant changes to our readers.

We acknowledge that scientific knowledge is subject to change and evolution, and our content represents the best available knowledge at the time of publication.

Engaging with Our Readers

We value our readers’ engagement and vigilance in maintaining our content’s accuracy. If you believe you have identified an error or have additional scientific information that could enhance our content, we encourage you to contact us at editor@feastgood.com.