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Creatine, a powerful compound that fuels your muscles during high-intensity exercise, offers multiple benefits for strength, power, and overall fitness.

Dive into our collection of science-backed articles to discover how to optimize its use for your fitness goals.

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New to the world of creatine supplements? Start your journey with our Beginner’s Guide.

This article answers key questions about creatine and addresses common misconceptions. 

Ideal for those considering creatine for the first time, or anyone curious about its science-backed benefits.

Creatine We Recommend

PeScience True Creatine+

Our favorite creatine brand is PEScience’s TruCreatine.

This is our go-to creatine product because one scoop gives the recommended clinical dose (5g) and it is third-party tested, which means that this supplement has been evaluated by a third party for quality control and label accuracy.

“Unlike most creatine, this product dissolves well. I saw results in strength within 30 days of taking it”

Avi Silverberg, Founder of

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Learn how creatine compares to other supplements and how it can contribute to your overall fitness journey.