CBUM Thavage Pre-Workout Review: Should You Buy The Hype?

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When an elite athlete with 22 million Instagram followers puts their name on a product, it can be easy to want to buy into the hype. I put CBUM Thavage, bearing the name of 5x Mr Olympic Classic Physique Champion, Chris Bumstead, to the test to see if this product is worth the hype surrounding it. 

Key Takeaways

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  • CBUM Thavage advertises itself as a 20- or 40-serving pre-workout, depending on whether you use a single or double scoop. As such, the cost per serving ranges from a very reasonable $1.25 per serving (well below the industry average) to $2.50, which would put it among some of the most expensive pre-workouts.
  • CBUM Thavage contains clinical doses for nearly all its ingredients when a 2-scoop serving is taken. A single scoop of Thavage falls just shy of clinical doses for almost every ingredient.  As such, two scoops are needed to get the most benefit.
  • The formula for CBUM Thavage is designed to improve all workout aspects, including energy, strength, endurance, pump, and mental focus. Since a 2-scoop serving is needed, it may be out of budget for some people. If that’s you, check out my review of Transparent Labs Bulk, which contains clinical doses of similar ingredients at 66% less cost.

Overall Rating: 3.6/5

CBUM Thavage
CBUM Thavage


  • CBUM Thavage contains clinical doses for nearly all its ingredients when a 2-scoop serving is taken


  • Decent taste
  • Clean energy with no crash or jitters
  • Good strength benefits

Best For

  • People who want a well-rounded product that features ingredients for pump, energy, strength, endurance, and mental focus
  • People who want to avoid a post-workout crash
  • Individuals who commonly feel jittery, anxious, or nauseous when taking high-dosed pre-workouts

Medical Disclaimer: The material presented in this article aims to offer informational insights. It should not be perceived as medical guidance. The views and writings are not designed for diagnosing, preventing, or treating health issues. Always consult with your physician prior to starting any new dietary or supplement routine.

What Is CBUM Thavage Pre-Workout?

CBUM Thavage

Thavage Pre-Workout is a collaboration between Chris Bumstead’s company, CBUM, and Raw Nutrition. 

Chris Bumstead is a Canadian IFBB Pro League professional bodybuilder and reigning 5 time Mr Olympia Classic Physique Champion. 

The name of the pre-workout, Thavage, comes from Chris Busmtead making light of his own lisp. This is how he pronounces the word “savage”. 

Thavage Pre-workout is a well-rounded, jam-packed, all-in-one pre-workout featuring 15 key ingredients that have been proven to enhance energy, strength, endurance, recovery, pump, and mental focus. 

Aside from the traditional benefits of pre-workout mentioned above, the ingredients found in Thavage can also support fat burning and help improve cellular hydration, which can drive recovery between sets and workouts. 

Thavage Pre-Workout is available in 6 fruity and juice-like flavors like Rocket Candy, Blackberry Lemonade, and Dragon Fruit. 

Thavage advertises itself as a 40/20 serving pre-workout, depending on whether you take a single or double scoop serving. Read more on that below. 

Claims vs Reality:  How I Felt After Taking CBUM Thavage Pre-Workout?

CBUM Thavage pre-workout user experience

I was a bit skeptical about this pre-workout before taking it. In the past, I have seen some products formulated or endorsed by athletes that were, quite frankly, terrible. 

I also knew before testing this product that the full 2-scoop serving would cost around $2.50, which made me think this pre-workout was overpriced. 

In short, I was pleasantly surprised by this pre-workout! 

I felt like the energy that it provided was a clean and calm one. By that, I mean I didn’t experience any negative side effects like anxiety, jitteriness, or heart palpitations, and I didn’t notice a subsequent crash. 

I appreciated how well-rounded this pre-workout was, and I felt like it provided performance enhancements to nearly every aspect of my workout, including strength, power, muscle pump, and mental focus. 

Two things stood out to me during my experience testing Thavage, though. 

First, the performance benefits mentioned above were only noticeable for me when I took a 2-scoop serving. A single scoop provided a reasonable energy that helped wake me up in the morning, but I did not notice a significant increase in pump or strength with a single scoop. 

Secondly, I noticed these effects much more for my resistance training workouts than for cardio or HIIT workouts. 

While I still feel like there are products that provide similar effects at a much lower cost per serving (cough, cough Transparent Labs Bulk), I definitely softened up to this pre-workout, and I believe that the high volume of quality ingredients, good taste, and third party testing help to justify the higher cost of this product.

CBUM Thavage

CBUM Thavage Pre-Workout

The formula for CBUM Thavage is designed to improve all workout aspects, including energy, strength, endurance, pump, and mental focus.

Thavage Pre Ingredients 

Thavage Pre Ingredients 

The ingredients here are listed per 2-scoop serving. 

IngredientDoseClinical Effective DoseMeets Dosing Standards
Citrulline6 g6-8 g
Beta Alanine3.2 g3.2 g
Betaine2.5 g2.5 g
L-Tyrosine2 g100-150 mg/kg of bodyweightX
L-Taurine2 g1-3 g
Nitrosigine ®1.5 g1.5g
Agmatine Sulfate1 g1.6-6.4 mg/kg of bodyweight
Coconut Water Concentrate500 mgn/aN/A
Alpha-GPC400 mg300-600 mg
Caffeine324 mgn/aN/A
Theanine150 mg200-400mgX
Theobromine50 mgn/aN/A
AstraGin ®25 mg50 mgX
Huperzine100 mcg200 mcgX


Citrulline is an amino acid that increases nitric oxide production in the body. This has a vasodilating effect on the body, improving blood flow to the muscles and supporting heart health. 

Supplementing with citrulline may help delay fatigue, increase strength and endurance, and improve recovery. Many individuals like it for its ability to deliver an aesthetic muscle pump. 

While more research is needed, the optimal clinical dose of citrulline is 6-8g taken approximately 1 hour before exercise. 

With 6g of citrulline per 2 scoop serving, Thavage Pre meets clinical dose standards. A single scoop serving fails to meet these standards. 


Beta-alanine is an amino acid that plays a key role in helping the body make carnosine. Carnisone helps to buffer the hydrogen ions that build up in muscle tissues, causing fatigue. 

Supplementing with beta-alanine can increase muscle carnosine levels by anywhere from 15-85%, resulting in delayed muscle fatigue. This will allow you to work out at higher intensities for longer durations, especially in endurance-based activities. 

Beta-alanine should be taken daily over the long term (several weeks) to saturate the muscles and see its full benefit. 

A dose of 3-6g daily for 4-10 weeks can be used to saturate the body, with a maintenance dose of 1.2g daily being sufficient afterward. 

Thavage contains 1.6g of beta-alanine. This makes it effective as a maintenance dose, but ineffective as a saturation dose. A 2 scoop serving of Thavage does contain enough for a saturation dose. 

CBUM Thavage Pre

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine is a compound that helps play a role in the creation of carnitine, which is a substance that converts fat to energy. 

Because of those two key interactions in the body, it’s theorized that betaine could improve strength, power output, and body composition. Research in this area has been inconclusive so far. 

Betaine has been shown in clinical trials to positively affect body composition, however, by reducing fat mass and increasing lean mass in active adults. 

For optimal results, betaine should be taken daily over a several-week period at a dose of 2.5g daily. 

With 2.5g of betaine per 2-scoop serving, Thavage meets clinical dose standards. A single scoop serving does not meet these standards. 


Tyrosine is an amino acid that is a precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine. Tyrosine may improve cognitive function after a single dose. 

When taken before exercise, tyrosine can increase total time to fatigue, thereby increasing workout performance. 

The catch with tyrosine is that the doses used in research (100-150mg per kg of bodyweight) are significantly higher than those found in traditional pre-workouts. Clinical studies have used the aforementioned dose, translating to roughly 9 and 14 grams of tyrosine for a 200lb individual. Most pre-workouts only have 0.5 to 2 g of tyrosine. 

Despite the lack of evidence proving tyrosine effective at smaller doses, there is a lot of anecdotal support for the use of tyrosine to boost cognitive function, especially when taken with caffeine. 

Thavage contains 1g of tyrosine per scoop. While this falls below clinical dose standards, this aligns with what other pre-workouts are using. 


Taurine is an amino acid that plays a role in energy metabolism and glucose and fat regulation. 

When taken before exercise, taurine can increase aerobic performance and anaerobic performance (i.e., strength and power) and enhance recovery by reducing feelings of muscle soreness. 

There is limited research on taurine supplementation currently, but so far, the optimal dosing strategy appears to be 1-3g taken before exercise

Thavage contains 1g of taurine per scoop. This means that you get a clinical dose of taurine whether you take 1 scoop or 2 scoops of Thavage. 

Nitrosigine ® 

Nitrosigine® is a patented ingredient specially formulated to increase nitric oxide production in body. 

As well as being a vasodilator (similar to the citrulline mentioned above), Nitrosigine® has also been shown to improve working memory and cognitive function. You can find a summary of these studies here

As per Nutrition21, the company that manufactures Nitrosigine®, it has been clinically studied in more than 30 different studies. Many of these studies are hidden to protect the company and its product. 

You can find graphs on the Nutrition21 website indicating that the clinical trials used doses of 1.5g of Nitrosigine®. 

To get the clinical dose (1.5g) of Nitrosigine®, you would have to take 2 full scoops of Thavage. 

Agmatine Sulfate (AgmaMax™)

Agmatine is a chemical made from the amino acid arginine, which plays a role in vascular function and blood flow. 

Agmatine acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain, helping to increase mental focus and mood. 

Agmatine can also stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone in the body, leading researchers to believe that supplementing with agmatine can positively affect testosterone levels and lead to muscle growth. 

So far, there is no accepted clinically effective dose for agmatine due to the lack of research on humans. 

Coconut Water Concentrate (Cocos Nucifera)

Coconut water concentrate is naturally high in minerals and electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium. 

Coconut water is a common beverage for recovery and rehydration because of its properties. 

Compared with carbohydrate and commercial electrolyte beverages, coconut water was found to be as effective and sometimes more effective at impacting hydration and recovery. 

Due to variations in the type of coconut water used (powder vs concentrate vs natural coconut water), it is difficult to determine if a set clinically effective dose exists. 

Thavage contains 250mg of coconut water concentrate per serving, enough to provide a reasonable amount of electrolytes and minerals to support rehydration and exercise performance. 


Alpha-GPC is a precursor to acetylcholine, a chemical messenger vital for muscular control and various brain functions. 

The theory behind Alpha-GPC supplementation is that having more Alpha-GPC in your body can create more acetylcholine. This should result in improved brain power and muscle function. 

Most research around Alpha-GPC has been looking at the aging population and individuals with Alzheimer’s. Some early evidence is that Alpha-GPC supplementation may improve strength and power output. 

The doses used in the studies assessing athletic performance have used a dose of 300-600mg of Alpha-GPC taken 30-60 minutes before exercise. 

A 2-scoop serving of Thavage contains 400mg of Alpha-GPC, meeting clinical dose standards. A single scoop falls just shy of the doses used to boost athletic performance but may still provide a cognitive boost.


Caffeine can positively impact all areas of physical activity, including strength, cardio, HIIT, and power output

Thavage uses two different types of caffeine in its formula: caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate. 

Caffeine anhydrous is a quicker acting source of caffeine, which kicks in quickly but is also fast to wear off. 

Di-caffeine malate, on the other hand, is a slower-acting, longer-lasting caffeine whose total energizing effects can last up to 6-8 hours.

This combination provides energy that hits quickly but then slowly tapers off so users don’t experience a crash afterward. 

There is no set clinically established dose for caffeine since many people have very individualized reactions to it depending on age, size, and how often they ingest caffeine. 

Thavage contains 155mg of caffeine per scoop (130mg of anhydrous and 25mg from the Infinergy™), equal to the amount found in a short (8 oz) cup of coffee from Starbucks. Two scoops, therefore, has 310mg of total caffeine. 

Because of the extended-release caffeine, I recommend you avoid taking this product within 5 hours of bedtime.


Theanine decreases the activity of some neurotransmitters in the brain associated with anxiety, and may increase the activity of feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin

Theanine can promote relaxation without causing drowsiness and can help to negate the jitteriness and anxiety commonly associated with caffeine intake as well as improve mental focus. 

Theanine should be taken at a daily dose of 200-400mg daily and works more effectively after several weeks of consistent supplementation. 

Thavage contains 75mg of theanine per scoop, falling below clinical dose standards with both a single and 2 scoop serving size. 

Some early evidence shows that theanine may be effective at lower and higher doses than mentioned above, but more definitive research is needed. 


Theobromine is in a class of stimulants similar to caffeine. 

It provides a calmer and longer-lasting energy when compared to traditional caffeine. 

Theobromine supplementation may increase cardiovascular performance, strength, and cognitive function but more definitive research is needed to establish an effective dose.

Thavage contains 25mg of Theobromine per scoop (50mg for 2 scoops), which may provide nice support to the caffeine combo mentioned above and further prevent a post-workout crash.

AstraGin ®

AstraGin® is a patented ingredient formulated to improve energy, boost endurance, and support recovery

The manufacturer of AstraGin ® claims that a clinical dose of this ingredient is 50mg (up to 100mg for targeted gut health support).

Thavage contains only 12.5mg of AstraGin ® per scoop, for a maximum dose of 25mg per 2-scoop serving. This falls below the recommended clinical dose the manufacturer recommends and may not provide the advertised benefits.


Huperzine is a chemical from club moss that can increase levels of acetylcholine in the brain, resulting in improved memory and cognitive function. 

Despite its popularity in pre-workout supplements, there is not a lot of definitive research proving the benefits of huperzine, and in fact, some studies even found that it was distinctly not a beneficial ingredient for athletic performance. 

Research on humans has used doses of around 200mcg of huperzine, but again the results have been inconsistent at best. 

Thavage contains 50mcg of huperzine per scoop, but based on the research, you will not likely see a significant cognitive or performance boost from this ingredient.

Highlights: What I Like About Thavage Pre

Pros vs Cons of Thavage Pre-workout

Decent Taste

I tried multiple flavors of Thavage Pre-workout, including Dragon Fruit, Blackberry Lemonade, and Green Crush. I found them all to be reasonable, and none were overpoweringly sweet or sour. 

Some flavors are definitely unique, and won’t be for everybody. Green Crush, for instance, is a cucumber lime flavor and isn’t going to be appealing for everyone. 

Flavors like Dragon Fruit, 4 Peat (red fish candy), and Peach Bum are sweet without being overpowering and likely to be tolerated well by most. 

Clean Energy with No Crash or Jitters

The caffeine from Thavage kicked in quickly to help me power through my morning workouts, and I didn’t experience any noticeable crash as I headed into my workday. 

I felt a nice energy rise when using a single and 2 scoop serving. I personally did not experience any negative side effects like jitteriness, anxiety, or heart palpitations even when taking the whole 2 scoop serving. 

I did feel like the mental focus benefits were much more noticeable with a 2-scoop serving compared to a single scoop serving. 

Good Strength Benefits

The combination of stimulants, mental focus ingredients, as well as high doses of performance-based ingredients like beta-alanine and betaine provided a good boost to my strength and stamina, especially for strength-based workouts. 

The caveat is that I noticed these benefits specifically when a 2-scoop serving was taken. While I did get a reasonable energy increase from a single scoop, I felt like my performance was noticeably better when I increased it to the full 2-scoop serving. 

Drawbacks What I Did Not Like About  Thavage Pre

The product settles, leaving a bitter residue

Some ingredients in Thavage did not dissolve completely, resulting in a bitter residue left at the bottom of my cup.

This can be remedied fairly easily by shaking or swirling your cup between sips. This gets more of the undissolved powder moving around the cup, reducing the amount left to settle on the bottom. 

Thavage Pre settles, leaving a bitter residue

Requires a 2-scoop serving to get clinical doses of most ingredients

Despite advertising itself as either a 20 or 40-serving pre-workout, the reality is that you need to do a 2-scoop serving to get clinical doses of the majority of Thavage’s ingredients. 

If your primary concern is getting a product that gives you an energy boost without a crash or jitteriness, then a single scoop may still be sufficient. 

If you want to prioritize pump, strength, and power output, then a single scoop serving is likely too underdosed to provide a noticeable benefit. 

Very expensive (to get clinical doses)

Because Thavage requires a 2-scoop serving to get clinical doses, the cost per serving jumps to $2.50. When I evaluated the average cost per serving of more than 50 pre-workouts available on the market, I found the average to be around $1.61. 

At $2.50 per 2 scoop serving, Thavage finds itself among some of the most expensive pre-workouts on the market, which range from $2.50 to $3.00 per serving. 

How Does  Thavage Pre Stack Up Against Our Criteria For Pre Workouts

CBUM Thavage


Our rating: 2/5

There are some pre-workouts that are more expensive than Thavage, with some costing as much as $3.00 per serving. 

However, there are a lot of high-quality products that offer clinical doses of ingredients that cost significantly less than Thavage’s. Transparent Labs Bulk, for example, is a well-rounded and clinically dosed pre-workout for only $1.66 per serving. 

Transparent Labs Bulk

Thavage does have a very long list of ingredients, with 14 distinct ingredients that have all been studied and proven in some capacity to increase athletic performance. 

If you have a generous supplement budget and you want a product that delivers significant doses of ingredients with no negative side effects, then Thavage may still be worth the investment for you. 


Our rating: 4/5

Thavage is currently available in 6 different fruit or candy-like flavors. This product has found a way to provide a nice, sweet flavor without overpowering. 

Taste is subjective, and I tend to be pretty generous in my taste assessments. 

Many raw ingredients in pre-workouts are naturally bitter or sour, so it can be difficult for companies to mask those flavors. 

I feel like Thavage did a good job of providing a variety of flavors, from red candy fish (4 Peat), to Peach, Rocket Candy, and Cucumber Lime (Green Crush) to suit most people’s palates. 


Our rating: 3/5

Thavage doesn’t have a very gritty texture, but some of the ingredients settle quickly and don’t dissolve entirely. Individuals who are especially sensitive to texture might find this too gritty. 

If you make sure to swirl your pre-workout around before you take sips, the overall experience is a pleasant one. 

There were some times when I got distracted and spent a few minutes away from my shaker bottle. By the time I returned to it, some powder had settled on the bottom, making my last sip of pre-workout incredibly bitter. 

Thavage Pre left undissolved powder


Our rating: 5/5

I would rate the energy from a single scoop of Thavage closer to a 3.5/5, but 2 scoops of Thavage deserve a full 5/5. This pre-workout provides good energy that is quick to act and very slowly tapers off. 

I experienced no crash when taking this pre-workout. 

The energy it provided felt calm without any side effects of jitteriness or anxiety. 

Because a 2-scoop serving still contains more than 300mg of caffeine and additional stimulants, it is always recommended to start with a half-scoop or single-scoop serving and then gradually work your way up to the full 2-scoop serving if desired. 


Our rating: 3.5/5

I experienced reasonable but not “explosive” muscle pumps when taking this pre-workout. Some individuals reported experiencing a significant nitric oxide effect, so I have taken those reviews into consideration with my rating. 

Many factors can affect whether you experience a noticeable muscle pump, including what kinds of workouts you’re doing, your hydration status, what you’ve had to eat recently, and how much muscle mass you have.

I can admit that my personal muscle mass is not as significant as some other individuals, which may contribute to me not experiencing as noticeable of a muscle pump.  


Our rating: 4/5

Thavage provides a reasonable increase in strength, power output, and muscular endurance when a two-scoop serving is taken. These effects were less pronounced with a single scoop. 

When taking 2 scoops of Thavage Pre-Workout, I felt like my recovery between sets improved greatly, which helped me hit higher repetitions on my later sets. 

For instance, I can normally do 10 repetitions on my first set of rows, 8 reps on my second set, and 5 or 6 reps on my third set. With this pre-workout, my rep scheme looked closer to 10/9/8 instead of 10/8/6, resulting in a higher overall work output. 

Who Should Take Thavage Pre-Workout? 

who should take thavage pre-workout

 Thavage Pre is for: 

  • People who want a well-rounded product that features ingredients for pump, energy, strength, endurance, and mental focus
  • People who want to avoid a post-workout crash
  • Individuals who commonly feel jittery, anxious, or nauseous when taking high-dosed pre-workouts 

Who Should Not Take Thavage Pre-Workout? 

I would not recommend Thavage Pre for:

  • Anyone who works out late in the evening (a 2-scoop serving may disrupt sleep, especially with the slow-release caffeine)
  • Anyone who is on a tight supplement budget
  • People who want to feel a “buzzy” type of energy from their product. Despite the high amount of stimulants and nootropics, Thavage provided more of a calm, level-headed energy. 

What Are Other Customers Saying About Thavage Pre? 

Thavage, a pre-workout supplement, boasts exceptional reviews. On the Raw Nutrition website, it holds an outstanding 5-star rating, with 96.5% of 953 reviews giving it 5 stars and the remaining 3.5% awarding 4 stars. Impressively, there are no ratings below 4 stars on this site.

In contrast, on Amazon, where ratings tend to be more critical, Thavage maintains a strong 4.6 out of 5 stars with 952 total ratings. Here, 76% rate it 5 stars, 12% rate it 4 stars, 7% give it 3 stars, and the remaining 5% provide 1 or 2-star ratings.

Reviewers on both websites praise its good taste and effective pump and energizing effects. Despite containing beta-alanine, known for causing skin tingling, users report minimal discomfort.

However, the Blackberry Lemonade flavor receives the most negative feedback. Other criticized aspects include texture, which some find gritty, and a lack of noticeable benefits for some users, given the product’s high price.

Notably, Thavage offers energy without the typical “buzzy” sensation or skin tingles from beta-alanine, making it unique. If you prefer a euphoric energy feeling, other options like Bucked Up or Woke AF may be more suitable.

Thavage Pre Alternatives

Transparent Labs Bulk

Transparent Labs Bulk

Transparent Labs Bulk offers a cost-effective alternative to Thavage for those seeking a clinically-dosed pre-workout on a budget.

 In a comparison between one scoop of Bulk and two scoops of Thavage:

  • Bulk contains slightly less caffeine (200mg vs. 310mg) but includes similar ingredients for mental focus and energy, like alpha-GPC, Tyrosine, Theanine, and Theobromine. The energizing effect is akin to Thavage, without jitteriness or a post-workout crash.
  • Bulk excels in citrulline (8g vs. 6g) and beta-alanine (4g vs. 3.2g) doses.
  • It uses stevia instead of sucralose for sweetening.
  • Bulk costs $1.66 per serving, while Thavage costs $2.50 for similar ingredient doses.

Christopher’s Juicy Pumps

Christopher’s Juicy Pumps, a stimulant-free nitric oxide enhancing pre-workout by Raw Nutrition, is ideal for those focused on muscle pump or late evening workouts. 

It’s advertised as a 20/40 serving product, requiring 2 scoops to reach clinical doses for most ingredients. While sharing several components with Thavage, Juicy Pumps lacks stimulants and offers Lion’s Mane mushroom powder for mental focus without affecting sleep and energy.

Juicy Pumps costs $1.00 per scoop, totaling $2.00 for a two-scoop serving. Combining 1 scoop of Thavage with 1 scoop of Christopher’s Juicy Pumps reduces the cost to $2.25 per serving, maintaining clinical doses with lower caffeine. Juicy Pumps is available in a cherry-flavored mystery variant.

Are There Any Promos or Discounts For Thavage Pre? 

On the website, I could find various promotions such as getting a free mystery flavor of the Thavage Pre-Workout when you spend $100, or free shipping over $200. 

When I checked out my product, I was offered a flash sale discount on the Green Crush CBUM Thavage for $15.00 off. 

The Raw Nutrition website offers a first responder and military discount, which can be unlocked by heading to this page and fulfilling the necessary requirements. This discount is available to current and former U.S. Military (and their spouses and dependents), first responders, government employees, and teachers. I couldn’t find details about what the specific discount was. 

Lastly, a pop-up on the Raw Nutrition website allows you to save 10% off your first order by subscribing to their SMS notifications. 

Thavage 10% discount pop up

Because this product is available through third party retailers like The Vitamin Shoppe, you might luck out on some deals by staying up to date with promotions run by local retailers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Thavage Pre The Best Pre Workout?

Thavage Pre-workout is a good-tasting, all-in-one pre-workout that supports energy, strength, power, pump, endurance, and mental focus. The only slight against it is that it requires a 2 scoop serving to reach clinical doses, doubling the price per serving and putting it possibly out of budget for some users. 

Is Thavage Pre Third Party Tested? 

Thavage is third party tested with its certificates of analysis available on the website for anybody to view. 

Is Thavage Pre Good For Weight Loss? 

Some ingredients found in Thavage, like betaine and caffeine, can support fat loss when combined with diet and exercise. That being said, taking this product alone is not likely to contribute to significant weight loss.

Is Thavage Pre Safe For Women? 

Thavage pre-workout is safe for women and can be beneficial for increasing athletic performance. It should not be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

How Much Caffeine Does Thavage Pre Have? 

Thavage Pre-Workout contains 155mg of caffeine per scoop from 2 different sources. You get 130mg from caffeine anhydrous (quick acting) and an additional 25mg from di-caffeine malate, a slower acting form of caffeine. Two scoops yields 310mg of caffeine. 

Does Thavage Pre Have Creatine? 

Thavage Pre-Workout does not contain any creatine. 

How Long Does Thavage Pre Last For? 

The energy from Thavage Pre-Workout kicks in rather quickly, within about 30 minutes of ingestion. It’s energizing effects can be felt for up to 2 hours with a slow decline and no noticeable crash. 

Does Thavage Pre Need To Be Cycled? 

Thavage Pre-Workout does not technically need to be cycled, especially if you use it 2-3 times per week instead of daily. Since you can build up a tolerance to the caffeine, if you stop noticing the energizing effects from Thavage then I recommend taking 2-3 weeks off of pre-workout to reset your tolerance. 

Will Thavage Pre Make Me Jittery?

Thavage does contain caffeine and other sources of stimulants, but I found the energy to be calm with no jittery side effects. Since individual responses may vary, I recommend starting with a half scoop or single scoop serving before working your way up to the full 2 scoops. 

What Flavors Are Available For Thavage Pre? 

Thavage Pre-Workout is available in 6 flavors: Dragon Fruit, 4 Peat (red candy fish), Green Crush (cucumber lime), Blackberry Lemonade, Peach Bum, and Rocket Candy. 

Where Is Thavage Pre Made? 

Thavage is manufactured by Raw Nutrition and is made in the USA with the use of domestic and international ingredients. 

What Is Raw Nutrition’s Shipping Policy? 

Raw Nutrition typically ships items within 2-3 business days. There may be delays during high volume periods or new releases. Shipping charges are determined by the order weight and chosen shipping method. You are responsible for any duties or customs for international orders. They offer free shipping over $200. 

What Is Raw Nutrition’s Return Policy? 

Raw Nutrition has a 15 day return policy. Items returned within 15 days of purchase will be credited for the full amount, minus shipping charges. Orders shipped outside the United States are not eligible for return. Find their full return criteria here. To initiate a return, reach out to info@getrawnutrition.com

How To Contact Thavage Pre? 

You can reach Raw Nutrition through the contact form available on their website, found here. 

You can send an email to info@getrawnutrition.com and their mailing address for returns is listed as: 

RAW Nutrition

760 NW Enterprise Dr, Port St Lucie, FL 34986.

You can find Raw Nutrition active on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok

You might also be interested in following Chris Bumstead, who you can find on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.


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