Kaged Elite Pre-Workout Review: SOLID Gains (At What Cost?)

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I’ve already tested and reviewed the original Pre-Kaged Pre-Workout, but Kaged has a “more advanced formula” called Kaged Elite.  

While their original pre-workout falls short on clinical doses for a few ingredients, Kaged Elite ensures all ingredients follow clinical doses for maximum effectiveness.

After using Kaged Elite for a few weeks, I did experience sizeable gains. The limiting factor was never that I ran out of strength or energy at the gym, but simply ran out of time.  In one instance, I had so much energy that I did two workouts back-to-back.

Below is my full review of Pre-Kaged Elite, including a few important cons to note before purchasing a bottle for yourself.  

Key Takeaways

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  • At $3.00 per serving, Pre-Kaged Elite is among the most expensive pre-workouts on the market. In analyzing over 50 pre-workouts, the average cost per serving was $1.61. Price per serving ranged from $0.90 to $3.00 putting Pre-Kaged Elite at the very top. 
  • With more than 20 ingredients and all ingredients hitting clinical dosing standards, this pre-workout checks every box for energy, strength, mental focus, pump, and power, which may justify the higher price point. 
  • Pre-Kaged Elite is for a very specific consumer: one who is experienced in using pre-workout, can tolerate high caffeine levels, prioritizes maximum clinical doses, and has a higher supplement budget. 

Overall Rating: 4.0/5

Pre-Kaged Elite
Pre-Kaged Elite


  • Pre-Kaged Elite is a blend of over 20 ingredients to support all aspects of training including energy, mental focus, strength, pump, endurance, and recovery.
  • Pre-Kaged Elite is a very high stim pre-workout, containing 388mg of caffeine as well as Alpha-GPC, Guayusa Leaf Extract, and Huperzine to enhance mental focus.


  • It’s a complete pre-workout formula
  • Pre-Kaged Elite meets clinical dosing standards for nearly all ingredients for which clinical doses have been established
  • Tastes good

Best For

  • Experienced pre-workout users only. (I.e. people who have been using pre-workout consistently for several months with no adverse side effects)
  • High performance athletes who require products to be Informed Sport Certified
  • Individuals looking for the highest-dosed product on the market

Medical Disclaimer: The material presented in this article aims to offer informational insights. It should not be perceived as medical guidance. The views and writings are not designed for diagnosing, preventing, or treating health issues. Always consult with your physician prior to starting any new dietary or supplement routine.

What Is Pre-Kaged Elite? 

What Is Pre-Kaged Elite

Pre-Kaged Elite is not a pre-workout to be taken lightly. 

Pre-Kaged Elite is a blend of over 20 ingredients to support all aspects of training including energy, mental focus, strength, pump, endurance, and recovery. 

All ingredients in Pre-Kaged Elite are clinically dosed, and the formula contains a full 5g dose of creatine (meaning some people may not need to buy a separate creatine supplement).

Pre-Kaged Elite is a very high stim pre-workout, containing 388mg of caffeine as well as Alpha-GPC, Guayusa Leaf Extract, and Huperzine to enhance mental focus. 

Due to the high caffeine content and high doses of all ingredients, this product should be used only by people who are experienced pre-workout users and have a high caffeine tolerance. 

The definition of “experienced” will vary a bit from person to person but on average, I would define this as someone who has been using pre-workout at least a few times per week for at least six months. 

Even for experienced users, I recommend starting with ¼ to ½ scoop serving to assess tolerance before jumping right into the full scoop serving.   

The scoop size is a massive 35.7g, which is bigger than the majority of protein powders on the market. 

Here is the Pre-Kaged Elite scoop beside the scoop for the Pre-Kaged meal replacement, which measures out 31.6g – 4g less than the pre-workout scoop:

Pre-Kaged Elite and Pre-Kaged meal replacement
Pre-Kaged Elite vs Pre-Kaged meal replacement scoop

Pre-Kaged Elite is available in 5 flavors: Fruit Punch, Grape, Caribbean Sunrise, Orange Mango, and Strawberry Lemonade. 

Pre-Kaged Elite is third-party tested and Informed Choice certified. This makes it a safe and desirable option for elite/drug-tested athletes. 

Pre-Kaged Elite is also non-GMO, naturally flavored, and gluten-free. 

Claims vs Reality:  How I Felt After Taking Pre-Kaged Elite? 

Pre-Kaged Elite user experience

I struggled to test this one, and it took me a lot longer than normal. On paper, it has absolutely everything I want in a pre-workout: third-party testing, clinical doses, and a stacked blend of ingredients. 

I tried Pre-Kaged Elite for one of my longest training runs before a half marathon race due to its high energy and focus blend. I thought it would make a perfect pre-run option since I aimed to tackle around 11 miles that evening. 

While I finished my training run, I almost veered off the sidewalk a few times because the nausea got so bad, I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep going. 

I am not fully sure why the nausea hit me so badly that day. 

Initially, I thought that it was maybe a result of the takeout lunch I had eaten earlier that day and not because of the pre-workout, but I had similar experiences using the original Pre-Kaged pre-workout formula (as I wrote about in my other review). 

As a result of this very uncomfortable training session, Pre-Kaged Elite sat on my counter for about 3 weeks before I had the courage to try it again. 

I am glad I gave it another go because, during my weight lifting sessions, I felt absolutely superhuman. When I took Pre-Kaged Elite, the limiting factor to my training was simply the fact that I ran out of time at the gym, rather than losing strength or energy. 

On one occasion, I finished my lower body workout and had so much gas left in the tank that I did the following day’s upper body workout immediately after. 

The only unfortunate thing is that I still felt uncomfortable the majority of the time I took this product. In some instances, I had to take emergency bathroom trips about 20 minutes into my workout (approx 45-60 minutes after taking my pre-workout). 

Once the digestive upset passed, I felt like I was really able to take full advantage of the pre-workout and the nausea and upset stomach did not return for the rest of the day. 

That being said, I don’t personally have the time or energy to schedule 30-60 minutes of nausea into my daily training schedule. 

I still cannot pinpoint exactly why this product gives me an upset stomach. 

As I said, I had a similar experience while using the original Pre-Kaged formula, too.  So I am wondering if it’s something as minimal as the type of natural flavors they use, or the way that one specific ingredient is sourced. 

It is also entirely possible that since I had a bad experience the first time, psychologically something has happened where I expect to feel nauseous. 

Ultimately, I don’t want my experience to deter you. 

When digging into what other people thought of Pre-Kaged Elite, there were only a few people who described the same nausea/upset stomach that I did, and that was out of thousands of reviews I scanned.   

As always, I just recommend starting with a ¼ to ½ scoop to assess your tolerance.  

Pre-Kaged Elite

Kaged Elite Pre-Workout

With more than 20 ingredients and all ingredients hitting clinical dosing standards, this pre-workout checks every box for energy, strength, mental focus, pump, and power.

Pre-Kaged Elite Ingredients 

IngredientDoseClinical Effective DoseMeets Clinical Standards
Betaine Anhydrous2.5g2.5g
Carnipure ®1.5g500-1000mg
Coconut Water Powder500mgn/an/a
elevATP ®150mg150mg
Caffeine388 mgn/an/a
Alpha-GPC300 mg300-600mg
AmaTea ®100mgn/an/a


Citrulline is an amino acid that increases nitric oxide levels in the body. Since nitric oxide can help dilate and constrict the body’s blood vessels, it can result in better blood flow to the muscles. 

When taken before exercise, citrulline can help to delay fatigue, therefore increasing muscular endurance and strength and improving recovery. 

While more research is needed to pinpoint the ideal dose of citrulline pre-workout, current literature points towards a dose of 6-8g of citrulline taken approximately 1 hour before exercise. 

Citrulline is a popular ingredient among exercisers looking for a good muscle pump. 


Beta-alanine is an ingredient that plays a role in creating carnosine in the body. 

Carnosine acts as a buffer in the body, buffering the hydrogen ions which build up in the muscles, causing fatigue. 

Supplementing with beta-alanine has been shown to increase muscle carnosine levels by up to 85%, allowing you to exercise at higher intensities for longer periods of time. 

Beta-alanine is an ingredient that requires a loading phase and should be taken daily in a 3-6g dose for at least 4 weeks. Afterward, a maintenance dose of 1.2g daily is sufficient to maintain its benefit. 

A common side effect of beta-alanine supplementation is a skin-tingling sensation called paresthesia. It normally lasts between 5 and 15 minutes and will become less noticeable over time. 

Though it’s a harmless side effect, some users may find it distracting. 


Creatine is one of the most widely studied sport supplements on the market. 

Creatine plays a very important role in creating ATP (the body’s energy molecule), especially during short-duration and high-intensity exercise. 

By supplementing with creatine, you build up creatine stores within the body which results in more potential energy available. The end result is increased strength and performance, especially in sprinting and weight lifting. 

The simplest strategy for creatine supplementation is to take 5g daily over the long term (8-12 weeks and beyond). After about 4 weeks with this strategy, creatine levels in the body will reach full saturation where you see its full benefit. 

If you want to saturate the body sooner, you can try a loading phase of 20-25g daily for a week, followed by the 5g maintenance dose. Note that this loading phase puts you at increased risk for side effects like nausea. 


Betaine is a compound that can be found naturally in some foods including spinach, beets, and whole grains. 

It helps to make carnitine, a substance that helps convert fat into energy. While some research has been inconsistent in proving whether betaine can help improve strength and power output, there is some good research supporting that betaine can improve body composition

The optimal dosing of betaine is 2.5g daily over a several-week period, but more research is recommended to establish a complete dosing protocol. 


Carnitine is an amino acid that has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In regards to exercise, these two characteristics mean that carnitine can help the body adapt to stress and may reduce exercise-induced muscle damage

Carnitine also helps the body convert fat into energy, making it an appealing supplement for anyone looking for increased energy or to improve body composition. 

L-Carnitine works best if taken over a longer period of time (2 weeks or more) at a dose of 2g daily. 

While a traditional dose of 2g per day has been used for L-Carnitine, Pre-Kaged Elite uses a specific patented form of L-Carnitine called Carnipure ®. The Carnipure ® website says to stick to doses between 500mg and 1000mg. 

For the purpose of this article, we will go by Carnipure®’s standards and say that Pre-Kaged Elite does use a clinical dose of L-Carnitine. 


Taurine is an amino acid that is found naturally in meat, fish, and dairy products. 

Taurine plays a key role in energy metabolism and it has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

When taken pre-workout, taurine can increase aerobic performance, improve strength and power, and enhance recovery by reducing feelings of muscle soreness. 

While more research is needed, the current optimal dosing strategy is 1-3g of taurine taken 60-180 minutes before exercise. 

With a 2g dose, Pre-Kaged Elite meets clinical dose standards for Taurine. 

elevATP ® 

ElevATP ® is a patented blend of ancient peat and apple polyphenols that have been clinically proven to increase the amount of ATP in the body. 

You can think of ElevATP ® as a caffeine-free source of energy for the body, which results in increased strength and power. 

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, elevATP increased lean muscle and strength, improved power output and increased training volume when taken at a dose of 150mg over a 12 week period. 

Pre-Kaged uses a dose of 150mg, meeting clinical dosing standards. 


Tyrosine is a bit of a controversial ingredient. By that, I mean that clinical studies have not been able to consistently prove the performance-enhancing benefits of Tyrosine. 

Even still, it remains a very popular addition to pre-workouts and has a lot of anecdotal support from industry professionals. 

Tyrosine acts as a precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine and can improve mental focus and increase total time to fatigue when taken pre-workout. 

The research surrounding tyrosine has used doses of 100-150mg per kg of body weight, which translates to roughly 9-13g for a 200lb individual. This is substantially more than the amounts found in pre-workouts which range from 500mg-2000mg. 

While an effective pre-workout dose is yet to be established, Pre-Kaged Elite uses a dose of 2500mg per serving, which is a very high dose by typical pre-workout standards and should definitely result in increased energy and mental focus. 


Caffeine is a stimulant that speeds up the central nervous system, which can elevate alertness and mood and delay physical and mental fatigue. 

Benefits of taking caffeine pre-workout include improved aerobic capacity, as well as improved endurance, strength, and power

Possible side effects of caffeine consumption, especially in higher doses (greater than 200mg) include jitteriness, anxiety, and insomnia. 

The FDA recommends an upper limit of 400mg of caffeine per day. Pre-Kaged Elite is on the very high end of the spectrum for caffeine content with a dose of 388mg of organic caffeine per serving.

It is because of this high dose of caffeine that I recommend starting with a ¼ or a ½ scoop the first couple of times that you try it. This product should be reserved for experienced pre-workout users. 


Alpha-GPC is a nutrient that is a precursor to acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a chemical messenger that is vital for muscle control, and higher levels of acetylcholine have been linked to improved memory and muscle contractions

The theory behind taking Alpha-GPC as a supplement is that more Alpha-GPC results in more acetylcholine, which will lead to improved brain and muscle function. 

While most of the research involving Alpha-GPC has been surrounding the aging population and individuals with Alzheimer’s, there are some studies that have shown the potential for Alpha-GPC to increase upper and lower body power. 

The current accepted dosing strategy is 300-600mg of Alpha-GPC taken 30-60 minutes prior to exercise. 

Pre-Kaged meets clinical dosing standards with a dose of 300mg per serving. 

AmaTea ® (Guayusa Leaf Extract)

AmaTea ® is the patented name for the Organic guayusa extract used in the Pre-Kaged Elite formula. 

Guayusa is a herb that grows in a very specific part of Ecuador and Peru. It is sustainably and responsibly sourced for this product. 

Guayusa extract has naturally occurring antioxidants and caffeine which provide a cognitive and uplifting energy boost. 

It is becoming increasingly popular as an energy-boosting additive to supplements because rather than having a bitter or chalky taste like a lot of traditional caffeine, it has a sweeter, tea-like flavor. 

Highlights: What I Like About Pre-Kaged Elite

Pros vs Cons of taking Pre-Kaged Elite

It’s a Complete Pre-workout Formula

Pre-Kaged has considered every aspect of training when it comes to this formula. They’ve got ingredients for increasing strength, pump, power, energy, endurance, hydration, and recovery. 

Clinical Dosing

Pre-Kaged Elite meets clinical dosing standards for nearly all ingredients for which clinical doses have been established. The only one it falls slightly short on is huperzine which is used for mental focus. 

Despite having only 100mg of huperzine when the typical clinical dose is 200mg, Pre-Kaged has enough other ingredients to support cognitive function and mental focus like tyrosine, alpha-GPC, and AmaTea® that I don’t think the slightly low dose of huperzine will be noticeable.  

Tastes Good

I personally tried the Caribbean Sunrise flavor and I found it to be sweet and flavorful without being overbearing. 

Taste is subjective, so it’s possible that you won’t quite agree with me on what tastes good but I enjoyed the pineapple coconut flavor hints and it was a nice switch from the typical fruit punch flavors. 

The one potential downside is that the very large scoop requires a lot of water to dissolve it, and using less water than recommended can result in a taste that is overpowering. 

Drawbacks What I Did Not Like About Pre-Kaged Elite

Nausea as a Side Effect

Because of the high doses of stimulants combined with the fact that this product contains over 20 ingredients packed into a massive 35g scoop, this product is more likely to cause symptoms like stomach upset or nausea. 

This will be a very individual experience. Me personally, I felt nausea on occasion when taking this product, regardless of whether I took it on an empty stomach or not. 

I recommend starting with a ¼ scoop to a ½ scoop of Pre-Kaged Elite so that you can assess your tolerance and better gauge whether you will experience negative side effects like nausea. 

Might Be Too High Stim for Some Users

With 388mg of caffeine per scoop, Pre-Kaged Elite nuzzles right up to the FDA’s upper limit of 400mg of caffeine per day. While some users may be comfortable meeting or exceeding that limit, some users may find the caffeine too high. 

This amount of caffeine can cause negative side effects like jitteriness, anxiety, and insomnia. 

This is also important to consider if you enjoy consuming other sources of caffeine in your day, like coffee, tea, or energy drinks. Combining those with Pre-Kaged Elite will push you over the FDA’s safe limit and will put you at an increased risk of negative side effects. 


At $3.00 per serving, Pre-Kaged Elite is among the most expensive pre-workouts available on the market. The average cost per serving is around $1.60 with most falling between $1.00 and $2.00. 

The fact that Pre-Kaged Elite uses clinical doses of very high quality ingredients and has over 20 ingredients in its formula does help to justify the high cost. 

Even so, $3.00 per serving may be out of budget for some customers. 

How Does Pre-Kaged Elite Stack Up Against Our Criteria For Pre-Workouts


Our rating: 2/5

Pre-Kaged Elite costs $3.00 per serving, and is at the very top end of cost per serving for pre-workouts. The majority cost between $1.00 and $2.00 per serving. 

Pre-Kaged Elite IS expensive, but in its defense, it contains higher doses of ingredients than many other pre-workouts.

In some instances, you’d have to take 2 scoops of other products to equal one scoop of Pre-Kaged Elite, which helps to justify the higher cost per serving


Our rating: 4/5

I found the taste to be really enjoyable (I specifically tried Caribbean Punch). It was flavorful without being exceptionally sweet and didn’t have a bitter aftertaste. 

The product does recommend mixing one scoop with 10-12 ounces of water (1.25 to 1.5 cups), and it definitely tastes best when mixed with that volume of water. 

If you try to concentrate your pre-workout by taking it with less water, the flavor does turn decently sour and can be a bit overpowering. 


Our rating: 3/5

Considering the large scoop size and high amount of ingredients, Pre-Kaged Elite dissolved reasonably well. 

It did mix up a little bit foamy and had a slight residue when allowed to settle, but I was able to negate that by swirling the product in my shaker cup as I drank it. 

Pre-Kaged Elite mixability 

There were a few chalky/clumpy pieces left undissolved at the very bottom of the cup, but not enough to deter me from taking this pre-workout. 


Our rating: 5/5

There is no doubt about the energy that this product provides. 

With 388mg of caffeine and additional high doses of ingredients like tyrosine, alpha-GPC, AmaTea®, and huperzine, Pre-Kaged Elite provides great energy and good mental focus. 


Our rating: 5/5

Pre-Kaged Elite contains an extremely high dose of l-citrulline (10g) which provides a phenomenal muscle pump and improved vascularity. 

Most pre-workouts that advertise themselves as being great formulas for pump only include 6 to 8 grams of citrulline per serving. 

Pre-Kaged Elite goes beyond the high end of clinical dose standards with their complete 10g dose. 


Our rating: 5/5

Pre-Kaged Elite is one of the very few pre-workouts that contains a full 5g dose of creatine. This, paired with ingredients to promote energy and recovery like beta-alanine, carnitine, and elevATP ® results in a product that supports increased strength and power. 

This is a great product for athletes that spend more than 90 minutes at a time in the gym, and focus a lot on strength and power lifts. 

Who Should Take Pre-Kaged Elite? 

Pre-Kaged Elite is best for:

  • Experienced pre-workout users only. (I.e. people who have been using pre-workout consistently for several months with no adverse side effects)
  • High performance athletes who require products to be Informed Sport Certified
  • Individuals looking for the highest-dosed product on the market

Who Should Not Take Pre-Kaged Elite? 

I would avoid taking Pre-Kaged Elite if:

  • You train in the evening or are looking for a low-stim pre-workout
  • You are new to taking pre-workout
  • You have a sensitive stomach since more ingredients at higher doses make it more likely that you could experience adverse reactions

What Are Other Customers Saying About Pre-Kaged Elite? 

I had two very different experiences with Pre-Kaged Elite: one where I was so overcome with nausea that I could hardly complete my workout and one where I experienced incredible strength and energy. 

I was excited to dig into the online reviews to see what everyone else thought of Pre-Kaged Elite. 

I started with the Kaged website, where Pre-Kaged Elite had a 4.9/5 star rating based on just over 200 reviews. This is a small sample size, but this was the first time that I found a product that had zero 1-star reviews. 

On the Kaged website, Pre-Kaged Elite had 198 5-star reviews, 15 4-star reviews, and six 2- and 3-star reviews combined. 

Reading through the customer experiences, many individuals praised that Elite has no jitteriness or crash and provides an insane pump and energy. 

There were a few customers who mentioned getting slight stomach discomfort as I experienced, and I was surprised to see that for once there were no complaints about the flavor. 

In my experience, almost every single review page has some customers complaining in caps lock that “THIS IS LITERALLY THE WORST FLAVOR EVER”. 

Since Pre-Kaged Elite is also available on Amazon and Bodybuilding.com, I moved on to those sites for some less positively-biased reviews. 

Pre-Kaged Elite had a 4.2/5 star rating on Amazon (on 600 reviews) and a 4.2/5 star rating on Bodybuilding.com (on only 10 reviews). 

Again, neither of these are big sample sizes, especially when we consider products like the original Kaged Pre-Workout that has over 7000 reviews on Amazon. 

Nevertheless, the reviews on Amazon mostly mimicked the ones found on the Kaged website. 

A lot of people praising the energy, pump, and taste of the product with a few commenters describing that it was too intense or left them feeling nauseous. 

As a note – the only flavor that had any negative reviews was the grape flavor, so maybe avoid that one. 

Pre-Kaged Elite Alternatives?


Pre-Kaged Pre-Workout

If you like the key features of Pre-Kaged Elite like clinical dosing, third-party testing, and high-quality ingredients but are a bit intimidated by the high amount of caffeine and high number of ingredients, then you can consider Pre-Kaged as an alternative. 

Pre-Kaged focuses much more on recovery and hydration, while still maintaining clinical doses of citrulline and betaine. 

While it does contain creatine, beta-alanine, taurine, and tyrosine like Pre-Kaged Elite, the original formula has smaller doses which will provide an overall less intense experience. 

Pre-Kaged has less caffeine than the Elite version, but is still considered a high-stim pre-workout with 275mg of organic caffeine per scoop.

It has a nicer cost per serving, around $2.25 per scoop. This is still on the high end of costs for pre-workouts but might be more feasible for some consumers than the $3.00 per scoop that Pre-Kaged Elite costs. 

Pre-Kaged is third-party tested, Informed-Sport Certified, and contains no artificial flavors or colors. 

Pre-Kaged Stim Free

Pre-Kaged Stim Free

If you work out late in the evening or are sensitive to caffeine, but you still like the sounds of Kaged’s supplement line, then opt for Pre-Kaged Stim Free

It only comes in 2 flavors, Fruit Punch and Cherry Bomb, and it costs the same as the Pre-Kaged original formula at around $2.25 per serving. 

Pre-Kaged Stim-Free is nearly identical to the Pre-Kaged original formula, except that it has zero caffeine and no alpha-GPC. This formula focuses on natural energy from ingredients like coconut water powder, and  SPECTRA ™ Total ORAC Blend, which is a combination of fruits, vegetables, and plant extracts. 

The Stim-Free formula has 6.5g of citrulline and 2.5g of betaine, which meets clinical dosing standards for both ingredients. 

While the dose of beta-alanine (1.6g) and creatine HCl (1.5g) is lower than a typical clinical dose, those are sufficient doses for maintenance if you have already been supplementing with either ingredient daily for several weeks. 

Are There Any Promos or Discounts For Pre-Kaged Elite? 

Kaged offers a subscribe and save feature on their website, which allows you to save 10% off your orders. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time. 

Kaged also has a Build A Stack Page that allows you to save 10% off your order when you choose 3 products,  or 15% off your order when you choose 5 products. You also get to choose a free gift with your purchase when you go this route. 

There is a discount page on their website called Surplus Sale where they offer higher discounts, up to 20% off select products for a limited time. 

I recommend checking that page frequently for sales or subscribing to their newsletter to stay up to date. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pre-Kaged Elite The Best Pre-Workout?

Pre-Kaged Elite is definitely one of the most comprehensive and highly dosed pre-workouts available. Users report it tastes great and provides good energy and pump with no crash. Some users report experiencing nausea, however, and it may be too high in caffeine (388mg) for some users. 

Is Pre-Kaged Elite Third Party Tested? 

Pre-Kaged Elite is third party tested and Informed Sport Certified, making it safe for use by elite and drug tested athletes. 

Is Pre-Kaged Elite Good For Weight Loss? 

Pre-Kaged Elite is not specifically formulated for weight loss, but does contain ingredients like betaine, l-carnitine, and caffeine which can increase energy and encourage fat metabolism. Ultimately, it will be your diet and lifestyle choices which determine whether you gain weight or lose weight with this product.  

Is Pre-Kaged Elite Safe For Women? 

Pre-Kaged Elite is safe for women and is a good option for any females wanting to push their performance to the next level. It should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.

How Much Caffeine Does Pre-Kaged Elite Have? 

Pre-Kaged Elite has 388mg of caffeine per scoop, equal to approximately 4 8-oz cups of coffee. 

Does Pre-Kaged Elite Have Creatine?

Pre-Kaged Elite contains a full 5g dose of creatine, coming from 3g of Creatine Monohydrate and 2g of Creatine Nitrate. 

How Long Does Pre-Kaged Elite Last For? 

Pre-Kaged Elite provides a long-lasting energy that is good for workouts lasting anywhere from 60 to 180 minutes. 

Does Pre-Kaged Elite Need To Be Cycled? 

Pre-Kaged Elite does not necessarily need to be cycled, as long as it is not used every single day. I do recommend taking one to two weeks off of pre-workout every 6-8 weeks to prevent building up a tolerance to the caffeine and stimulants which could make them less effective over time. 

Will Pre-Kaged Elite Make Me Jittery?

Pre-Kaged contains very high levels of caffeine and stimulants and may cause anxiety or jitteriness when consumed. I recommend starting with a quarter scoop or half scoop for your first few workouts to assess your tolerance. 

What Flavors Are Available For Pre-Kaged Elite? 

Pre-Kaged Elite is available in 5 different flavors: Fruit Punch, Glacier Grape, Caribbean Sunrise, Orange Mango, and Strawberry Lemonade. 

Where Is Pre-Kaged Elite Made? 

Pre-Kaged Elite is made in the USA with their head office located in Irvine, California. 

What Is Kaged’s Shipping Policy? 

Kaged offers free shipping on orders within the contiguous US on any orders over $79. Shipping on orders below $79 costs a flat rate of $6.49. Orders are typically shipped within 3-5 business days, and you should expect longer shipping times for international orders. 

What Is Kaged’s Return Policy? 

Kaged offers a full refund or store credit on your product within 30 days of purchase. This is only applicable on items purchased through the Kaged website and not through third party retailers. Kaged will not accept returns on products that are more than half used. 

How To Contact Kaged? 

You can reach Kaged online via the chat feature on their website or at 844-445-2433 Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm PST. 

You can also e-mail them at support@kaged.com. They state that they have a response time within 72 hours. 

Kaged is most active on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. For completion’s sake, they have a Twitter account but their last post was in early 2022.

Pre-Kaged Elite

Kaged Elite Pre-Workout

With more than 20 ingredients and all ingredients hitting clinical dosing standards, this pre-workout checks every box for energy, strength, mental focus, pump, and power.


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