Connor Southworth’s 4 Gauge: Where Science Meets Supplement Innovation

In the vast world of supplements, 4 Gauge stands out not just for its products but for the story behind them. We sat down with Connor Southworth, the visionary behind 4 Gauge, to uncover the brand’s journey, its commitment to quality, and the personal touch that makes it unique.

The Genesis: From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leader

Connor’s entrepreneurial path is filled with challenges, victories, and lessons learned.

Connor Southworth

“I’ve been involved in a few different supplement companies,” he reminisces, each venture adding a unique layer to his story. 

These experiences, diverse and enlightening, equipped Connor with a deep understanding of the supplement industry’s intricacies. 

His first venture was particularly eye-opening. 

“With my first company, I learned… most people are unaware of the behind-the-scenes of supplement manufacturing,” he reflects. This insight was pivotal, emphasizing the need for transparency and authenticity in an industry often shrouded in ambiguity.

When 4 Gauge came into the picture, Connor was more than ready. His past experiences, combined with his vision for the future, made him see 4 Gauge not just as a business but as a platform for change. 

Crafting Quality: An Inside Look

4 Gauge Supplement

Many supplement brands take shortcuts, but 4 Gauge is a beacon of transparency. 

“Our clean room is just up over here,” Connor points out, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to in-house manufacturing. 

This isn’t just about control; it’s about ensuring unparalleled quality at every step. “With my first company, I learned that if they didn’t put in what they said they were going to, I had literally no way to know that,” he recalls. 

This revelation led to 4 Gauge’s decision to bring manufacturing in-house, ensuring that every product is crafted with precision and care.  Connor notes, “Many supplement companies outsource their manufacturing”.  

But the commitment doesn’t stop at manufacturing. 4 Gauge goes the extra mile with rigorous testing. 

“We send out every batch to a third-party facility,” Connor shares, underscoring the brand’s dedication to quality assurance. This meticulous approach ensures that every bottle of 4 Gauge is a promise of integrity and excellence.

A Personal Connection: More Than Just a Product

4 Gauge -  A Personal Connection

For the 4 Gauge team, their supplements are more than just products on a shelf; they’re a testament to their belief in health and wellness. 

“I think every person in here takes 4 Gauge, literally daily,” Connor shares, emphasizing the team’s trust in their creations. 

This isn’t a mere endorsement; it’s a daily commitment to the brand’s promise. When they craft each supplement, they do so with the knowledge that it’s not just for customers but for their own families, friends, and themselves. 

Customer-Centricity: Listening, Learning, and Evolving

4 Gauge Customer-Centricity

4 Gauge’s success is deeply intertwined with its unwavering commitment to its customers. 

The brand doesn’t just passively receive feedback; it actively seeks it out, ensuring that it remains attuned to its customers’ evolving needs and concerns. 

“One of the more frequent comments… is like… who is behind the product and how is it made?” Connor shares.

In response to this curiosity, 4 Gauge has taken steps to peel back the curtain, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses into their manufacturing processes, team dynamics, and the passionate individuals crafting each product. 

From attending in-person events, providing detailed product breakdowns on their website, to interactive Q&A sessions with Connor and the team (like this), they’re demystifying the supplement creation process. 

Innovation: Expanding Horizons and Crafting the Future of Fitness Supplements

4 Gauge Innovation

At the core of 4 Gauge’s ethos is an unyielding spirit of innovation. While they’ve made a significant mark with their pre-workout, the brand’s vision extends far beyond. They’re not just looking to maintain their position in the market; they’re aiming to redefine the very essence of workout supplements.

Connor’s excitement is palpable as he delves into the brand’s next big venture. “Our next product will very likely be our hydration product,” he shares. But this isn’t just about jumping on the hydration bandwagon. 

The 4 Gauge team has delved deep into the science of hydration, exploring the myriad forms of electrolytes and discerning which ones are the most effective. “We’ve just dug in on the research behind how hydration even works” Connor elaborates. 

But the innovation doesn’t stop there.  Connor shares that they’re also working on a post-workout product, as well as a nitric oxide product called “lightning shots”. 

The Future: Scaling New Heights with Vision and Dedication

4 Gauge - scaling new heights with vision and dedication

With a clear vision for the future, 4 Gauge is poised to redefine the supplement industry. 

“We feel this product belongs on the national stage,” Connor asserts, reflecting his ambition for the brand. This isn’t just about market expansion; it’s about setting new benchmarks in quality, transparency, and innovation.

With Connor’s leadership, a dedicated team, and a strong roadmap, 4 Gauge is not just about scaling new heights but also about inspiring a movement, one that champions health, wellness, and unwavering quality. & 4 Gauge

Our supplement reviewers at have independently reviewed 4 Gauge and explained both the pros and cons of the product and how it compares with other pre-workouts on the market.  

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