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Asana Rebel caught my attention because many of my nutrition clients are interested in taking up yoga and this app appears to be one of the most popular yoga-fitness apps on the market.

After trying the app for a month, certain features impressed me, and certain features were quite disappointing (I have a pretty high bar since I’ve reviewed a ton of apps).

Key Takeaways

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  • Asana Rebel focuses on multiple aspects of health to encourage users to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  • The app has many great features, including challenges, meditation, and music. Still, the app’s nutrition content is lacking, and the recipes they provide are exclusively plant-based (a pro for some, a con for others).
  • There are plenty of yoga-based workouts to choose from with some being cardio-based, some power-based, and some being yoga flows.

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Asana Rebel


  • Asana Rebel is a health and fitness app geared towards yoga but it also contains features that encourage a healthier lifestyle.


  • Yoga-based workouts to improve fitness
  • Challenges to keep users motivated
  • Sleep music & meditation for better sleep health
  • Recipes for meal inspiration
  • Guided meditation for stress relief and mindfulness
  • Music playlists designed to improve focus

Best For

  • Those who enjoy or are interested in yoga
  • Those who want to engage in guided meditation
  • Those who like background music to help them focus
  • Those who want daily reminders to keep up them accountable

Medical Disclaimer: The content of this article is provided for educational insights only. It should not be used as medical guidance. Individuals with a past of disordered eating should refrain from weight loss programs or calorie tracking. For medical advice, consult a certified healthcare professional. If you’re struggling with eating disorders, contact NEDA for assistance.

What Is Asana Rebel?  

Asana Rebel is a health and fitness app geared towards yoga but it also contains features that encourage a healthier lifestyle like recipes, challenges, meditation, and sleep music.

The app aims to help you “get in shape and stay in shape” by developing a healthier lifestyle.

How Does Asana Rebel Work?

Asana Rebel works by collecting information about you and your goals and using it to recommend workouts, recipes, meditations, and music to help you create better habits.

Asana Rebel will recommend a workout frequency for you based on the answers you provided during the sign-up process, but you have the ability to adjust and edit your frequency goal based on preferences and availability.

The app uses daily questions to see how you’re feeling that day to guide its recommendations. 

It also serves as a daily reminder to engage in the app and encourage adherence.

On your dashboard each day you can expect to see:

  • a workout suggestion (i.e. power flow – 20 min medium intensity),
  • a quiz (i.e. identifying red lentils from a picture),
  • a lunch recipe suggestion (i.e. coconut rice with sesame spinach & fried egg),
  • a challenge suggestion (i.e. 14-day challenge for six-pack abs),
  • a music playlist recommendation (i.e. Desert Dreams – 60 mins with exotic drums and flutes),
  • a tip (i.e. eat 15% less than usual)

What I Liked About Asana Rebel

Pros vs Cons of using Asana Rebel App

1. There Is An Introductory Trailer That Walks You Through Basic Poses

I like that the app offers introductory lessons so that you feel like you have a solid foundation of the movements before having to implement them in a workout program.

The workouts are fast-paced and do not break down how to do each movement so being introduced to popular movements ahead of time is smart.

The introduction program walks you through 3 videos:

  • Foundations of vinyasa
  • Vinyasa flow
  • Foundations of warrior
Asana Rebel introduction program walks you through 3 videos

Without these introductory lessons, I could see those who aren’t familiar with yoga feeling very overwhelmed. This could lead them to quit because they feel like they can’t keep up with all the lingo and the poses.

Although yoga is bodyweight movements and not heavily loaded, your technique is still important because if you’re consistently doing movements in the wrong position then you can easily increase your risk of injury.

Asana Rebel - Introduction program exercise
Asana Rebel - Introduction program quiz

All in all, I appreciate that Asana takes the time to coach you through proper techniques so that you’re familiar with foundational movements that will be in the workouts. However, this may not be enough technique coaching to please everyone.

2. The App Focuses On More Than One Aspect Of Health

I also like that Asana Rebel is designed to include more than one aspect of health because it shows that the app was designed to help users improve their overall health.

Asana Rebel - health goals

The app’s emphasis on sleep quantity and quality, stress relief using meditation, productivity using music for focus, and nutrition through recipes shows that it was designed to help users improve multiple areas of their life.

As a nutrition coach and personal trainer, I know how important it is to help people improve multiple avenues of their health to help them feel their best.

The only problem with including multiple features in the app is that each feature has to be done really well so that the user gets the most out of each one. 

I would say that each feature, besides the nutrition content, has been well thought out to provide users with value (more on the nutrition content later because I don’t recommend this as a nutrition app).

3. The Workouts Have Lots Of Variation To Keep You From Getting Bored

Another thing I like about Asana Rebel is that it has lots of different workouts to choose from to keep users from getting bored.

Asana Rebel workouts

There are different types of workouts to choose from, with the most common ones focusing on endurance, power, bodyweight strength, and stretching.

There are also many different lengths of workouts with some lasting as little as 4 mins and longer workouts being 26 mins. 

I love the variation because some users may only have 4 minutes throughout the day to put towards a workout, while others may have all the time in the world.

However, I will say that if you’re someone who wants to put on muscle mass and get significantly stronger, you will not enjoy this app because there are no weights involved and bodyweight training can only get you so far.

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel App

Asana Rebel has many great features including challenges, meditations, and workouts.

What I Didn’t Like About Asana Rebel

1. It Doesn’t Provide Adequate Nutritional Information

One thing I didn’t like about Asana Rebel is that it included a nutrition section but failed to provide valuable nutritional information for its users, other than recipes.

I understand that this is primarily a yoga fitness app but by choosing to add a nutritional aspect they’ve set the expectation that they will deliver nutritional information that will help users improve their overall health.

Asana provides daily recipes that look great but apart from these recipes (which are all plant-based) the only nutritional content they have is in their daily tips and quizzes.

The quizzes aren’t very useful because they simply ask you to identify different foods, which likely isn’t going to result in users making meaningful changes to their nutritional habits.  Why would anyone want to do a quiz to identify food?  Seems a bit strange.  

The tips are generally just directions to eat less than normal and to avoid animal proteins but they provide zero context about how much is enough to adequately fuel yourself and how much is too little to eat. 

I hate this kind of advice because I’m a firm believer that a little bit of information is a dangerous thing.

Some people will take this to the extreme because they don’t have enough information to make smart decisions about how much to eat. Others may not make a change at all because the information provided is unclear and they won’t know how to proceed.

If you’re not going to provide quality nutritional information and advice then you shouldn’t include it at all.

2. The App Doesn’t Provide Enough Modifications

On the exercise side of things, I felt that the app didn’t provide enough movement modifications for those who are new to exercise or perhaps dealing with mobility restrictions.

The app should provide alternative exercises for beginners, intermediates, and advanced exercisers to cater to all fitness levels. This is important considering the app is marketed toward all fitness levels.

Asana Rebel’s workouts appear to be designed for those who are intermediate to advanced based on the movements they select, the speed at which the workouts progress, and the lack of technique coaching during the workouts. 

For some, the introductory videos may be enough technique coaching, but others may find it challenging to keep up during workouts without continued technique coaching.

Although I personally did not struggle to keep up with the movements, I know that some of my clients would struggle and become frustrated and likely quit using the app.

3. It Doesn’t Facilitate Proper Rest & Recovery

Lastly, another thing I didn’t like about the workouts was that the app doesn’t take into account the workouts that you’ve done to ensure you’re working out multiple muscle groups throughout the week.

The app does ask you how you’re feeling each day (happy, energized, relaxed, powerful, mindful) and makes recommendations based on your answer but it doesn’t seem to alternate muscle groups based on what you’ve done previously.

This is important because if you’re training legs over and over then your muscles will have a hard time recovering and your other muscle groups will lack attention and lag behind.

Most beginners using the app won’t know how often to switch muscle groups or even know which exercises target which muscle groups.

Key Features 

The key features of Asana Rebel are:

Yoga-Based Workouts To Improve Fitness

The main feature of Asana Rebel is the yoga-based fitness classes that are built into the app. These classes are perfect for those who want to work out at home and those who just want to be told what to do.

These workout videos have an instructor who walks you through the workout and performs it along with you. With these workout videos, you get audio and visual cues for how to perform the exercises. 

Asana Rebel - exercises

You also have the ability to pause these workout videos as you need to so that you don’t have to worry about falling behind.

Most workouts available in the app include yoga-based movements but the way they are included in the video will depend on which style of workout you select.

The most common styles are:

  • Power-based workouts (i.e. HIIT)
  • Cardio-based workouts
  • Bodyweight strengthening
  • Stretching
  • Yoga Flows  

Challenges To Keep Users Motivated

Asana Rebel also provides challenges that you can choose from to keep you motivated to work out and perhaps to try something new.

The current challenges are:

  • 21-Day Challenge For Weight Loss
  • 14-Day Challenge For Six-Pack Abs
  • 7-Day Challenge For Beach Body
  • 14-Day New Year’s Challenge
  • 28-Day Yoga Love Challenge

The challenges entail committing to however many days in a row of workouts that are geared toward the challenge goal.

Asana Rebel - pick goals
Asana Rebel - set weekly goals
Asana Rebel workout reminders

For example, the yoga challenge will have you doing 28 days in a row of yoga classes and the six-pack abs challenge will entail 14 days of core workouts.

The challenges are centered around workouts and don’t appear to include other features like meditation or recipe suggestions. That said, these features will appear on your dashboard on a daily basis anyway.

Sleep Music & Meditation For Better Sleep Health

Asana Rebel also provides audio tracks to help encourage better sleep. You can choose between sleep music or even sleep meditation, spending on your personal preference.

Asana Rebel sleep Music & meditation

Sleep music playlists generally last 60 minutes and come in a variety of sounds, such as:

  • Campfire
  • Dreamy Forest
  • Pink Noise
  • Rain In The City
  • And much more

Sleep meditations generally last up to 10 minutes and are guided meditations where someone talks you through a relaxing meditation to help you fall asleep.

The current selection of sleep meditations includes:

  • Drifting To Sleep
  • Calming The Body
  • Up In The Middle Of The Night
  • Calming The Mind
  • Winding Down The Day

Recipes For Meal Inspiration

Asana Rebel has a nutrition section as well which is made up entirely of recipes to inspire users to try new recipes that focus on using healthier ingredients.

Asana Rebel - nutrition recipes

There are currently 42 different recipes to choose from with most of the recipes being lunch or supper recipes and a few breakfast and smoothie recipes in the mix as well.

This may seem like a  lot of recipes at first, but if you’re using the app consistently it won’t take long to work your way through these recipes.

I wasn’t sure how often they updated these recipes so I reached out to their customer service team to ask how often new recipes are uploaded, but I received no response.

The recipes look delicious and are made with nutrient-dense ingredients; however, I was disappointed that every single recipe is vegetarian or vegan, there are no recipes that contain meat.

The app is not marketed as a vegetarian app so I was surprised to find that they don’t offer any options with animal-based proteins.

Guided Meditation For Stress Relief And Mindfulness

Another cornerstone of the Asana Rebel app is their meditation section where users can choose between different collections of meditations to increase productivity, to practice stress relief and mindfulness, and to relax.

There are many guided meditations to choose from varying in lengths and intentions, so I’m positive that there is something here for everyone.

If you want a light-hearted meditation to simply start the day on the right foot, there’s a playlist for that. If you’re angry and you need a few minutes to compose yourself, there’s also a playlist for that.

I feel like Asana Rebel’s meditation section was really well executed and I would honestly use the app just for this feature alone, and I’m someone who hadn’t meditated before.

Music Playlists Designed To Improve Focus

Lastly, Asana Rebel has a music section that provides 60 minute playlists designed to help improve your focus and increase productivity.

Asana Rebel - music for focus

As someone who needs background noise to work, I appreciate their “music for focus” section. I just wish there were more options to choose from because I’m used to Spotify which has so many options.

Currently there are 5 playlists to choose from, including:

  • Chill Beats
  • Alpha Waves
  • Desert Dreams
  • Binaural Sounds
  • Rainy City Mixtape

I like the playlists they have to offer but I can see myself wanting to switch it up after a while, and it’s unclear how often they switch things up.

What Other Customers Think

Asana Rebel app user experience

After using Asana Rebel for a month, I have drawn my own conclusions about the app but I was curious how other users felt about their experience with the app, particularly those who have just begun their health and fitness journey.

According to Google Play, the app has an impressive 4.7/5 stars from 55,000 reviews and over 5 million downloads. I’m surprised the app is rated as highly as it is considering the number of reviews it has.

What’s interesting about the reviews is that although the app has 4.7 stars, almost every review from 2022 is negative. Perhaps Asana had better reviews when the app first came out, but lately, the reviews for the app haven’t been very good.

Some common themes among recent reviews are that the app lacks modifications for those who are injured, less fit, or less mobile. Many users found the movements challenging and with no modifications provided they weren’t able to get a quality workout.

Reviewers also mentioned that the pace of the workouts was too fast for them to follow and that adequate instruction wasn’t given to coach them on the proper technique.

I agree that technique is not a focus during the workouts, which is why I think it was smart to include instructional videos when you first join. However, it appears that users weren’t satisfied with those videos in place of technical instructions throughout the workouts. 

Lastly, there were complaints about the lack of nutritional features considering many other fitness apps include food logging and progress trackers (i.e. weight and measurement tracking).

The only positive reviews were from users who were just happy to have different workouts to do everyday and daily reminders to keep them motivated to make their fitness a priority.

Overall, it seems that users are becoming frustrated that the app doesn’t have enough modifications for beginners, technique emphasis, or nutritional capabilities.

How Much Does Asana Rebel Cost? 

Asana Rebel is available for free with reduced capabilities; however, to take advantage of everything Asana Rebel has to offer you’ll have to pay for the Premium Version of the app.

There are two payment plans available for the premium version of the app:

  • Monthly payments: $9.99 USD
  • Yearly payments: $35.99 USD ($2.99/month)

Unfortunately, there is no free trial for the premium version, so if you want to test out the premium features you’ll have to sign up for their monthly payment plan.

If you know that you want to use this app long-term then it’s much more cost-effective to sign up for the year.

Is Asana Rebel Premium Worth It?

If you’re going to use Asana Rebel then you will need to upgrade to premium because the free version of the app provides you with limited access to all of its features. 

If you’re only using the free version you will get tired of doing the same things over and over with little to no variation in workouts, recipes, meditations, and challenges.

For this reason, I think you need to upgrade to premium to get the most out of this app if you’re going to use it long-term.

Who Should Use Asana Rebel?

  • Those who enjoy or are interested in yoga
  • Those who want to engage in guided meditation
  • Those who like background music to help them focus
  • Those who want daily reminders to keep up them accountable

Who Should NOT Use Asana Rebel

  • Those who may require modifications to simplify movements
  • Those who require more detailed instructions and technique cues
  • Those who want to track their food intake or progress
  • Those who aren’t vegetarian or vegan
  • Those who don’t enjoy yoga or meditation

Sign Up For Asana Rebel

The sign-up process for Asana Rebel includes creating an account and answering questions about yourself.

The questions you have to answer are related to the following:

  • Gender 
  • Fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Diet (personal preference)
  • Goals (lose weight, sleep better, healthy habits, tight and toned body, exercise more effectively, more energy)

Once you’ve signed up the app will suggest a workout frequency for you (which you can edit) and then bring you to your dashboard.

Asana Rebel Alternatives 

I’ve tested 18+ nutrition apps (click to check out the full list). Based on my experience, here are some top 2 alternatives:

Alo Moves

Alo Moves

One of the best alternatives to Asana Rebel for those who are mainly interested in fitness, yoga, and meditation is Alo Moves.

Alo Moves is a fitness app that combines yoga, pilates, and strength workouts to help users take their fitness to a new level. The app also offers meditation classes to help users practice mindfulness.

The app has over 100K downloads in the app store and 4.3 stars, so Alo Moves is an app that is worth trying out.



Another alternative for Asana Rebel is the BetterMe app which allows you to track your nutrition in their food logger and has plenty of workouts to choose from as well. 

The BetterMe app is a great option for those who want to log their intake rather than just get access to recipes. The app serves as a “built-in personal trainer, nutrition coach, and health coach”.

To learn more about the app to see if it’s a good fit for you, check out my full Better Me App review here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asana Rebel Good For Weight Loss?

Asana Rebel can encourage weight loss by helping users develop better habits that rescue calorie intake and increase energy expenditure.

However, to actually achieve weight loss you need to achieve a calorie deficit (taking in fewer calories than your body needs to maintain weight).

Is Asana Rebel Free? 

There is a free version of Asana Rebel but it doesn’t give you access to the app’s full capabilities, instead it only offers bits and pieces of each feature.

Is Asana Rebel Compatible With Apple Watch? 

Asana Rebel is compatible with Apple watch so you can watch the workout videos, listen to music, or perform guided meditations from your watch.

How Do I Cancel My Asana Rebel Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription to Asana Rebel in the app store by managing your subscriptions. It’s important to cancel your subscription before deleting the app because it will still collect payments even if the app is deleted.

How To Contact Asana Rebel?

You can contact Asana Rebel in the app by clicking on the “activity tab” which brings you to your profile, clicking the setting icons in the top right-hand corner, and then selecting “help center”. You can also contact them through their desktop help center.

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Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel App

The app has many great features including challenges, meditations, and music but the app’s nutrition content is lacking and the recipes they provide are exclusively plant-based (a pro for some, a con for others).

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