Gorilla Mode Nitric Review: A Pump Pre-Workout I FINALLY Love

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Gorilla Mode Nitric is a stimulant-free pre-workout designed to provide the highest doses of ingredients to deliver “next-level pump, strength, and endurance,” according to their website. As one of the most expensive pre-workouts on the market, I put Gorilla Mode Nitric to the test to determine if it’s worth the hefty price tag. 

Key Takeaways

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  • Gorilla Mode Nitric has an attractive cost per serving at first glance, advertising 40 servings at $1.50 per serving.  However, it’s recommended to take two scoops, which doubles to $3.00 and is among the most expensive pre-workouts. For reference, the average cost of pre-workouts is $1.61 per serving.
  • After researching the Gorilla Mode Nitric ingredients, you get clinical doses when using two scoops, i.e., amounts shown through clinical trials to be effective. A single scoop still offers high doses of many pump-enhancing ingredients but falls just shy of clinical doses. 
  • This product contains no caffeine or beta-alanine, making it an appealing option for anyone who works out late in the evening, is sensitive to caffeine, or hates the tingling sensation from pre-workout.  For these use cases, the price tag of Gorilla Mode Nitric is worth it. 
  • I personally loved the pump I got from Gorilla Mode Nitric and would rebuy it.  However, for those who know this is out of budget, check out my review of Transparent Labs Stim-Free, which offers clinically-dosed ingredients for $1.66/serving.

Overall Rating: 2.8/5


  • Gorilla Mode Nitric is designed to provide insane muscle pumps and significant enhancements to strength, and it definitely delivers. 


  • Fantastic muscle pumps
  • Stimulant free
  • Clinically dosed
  • No negative side effects

Best For

  • Anybody who works out late in the evening or is sensitive to/limiting caffeine
  • People who hate the tingly sensation from beta-alanine, which is absent in this formula
  • Individuals looking for the highest dosed product for pump
  • Those with a generous supplement budget

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What Is Gorilla Mode Nitric? 

Gorilla Mode Nitric

Gorilla Mode Nitric is a stimulant-free offering from Gorilla Mind. This pre-workout is among the highest-dosed pre-workouts on the market, offering more than 30g of active ingredients per 2-scoop serving. 

Gorilla Mode Nitric advertises as a 40-serving product, with the recommendation of taking 1-2 scoops 30 minutes before training.

When taking a single scoop, there are adequate doses of ingredients to help support muscle pump, blood flow, endurance, and recovery. However, a single scoop technically falls shy of clinical dose standards for most ingredients. 

A 2 scoop serving of Gorilla Mode Nitric meets or exceeds clinical dose standards providing 10g of citrulline, 5g of creatine monohydrate, 4g of betaine, and 1.5g of agmatine. 

This product is designed to significantly boost nitric oxide production to deliver huge muscle pumps as well as provide enhancements to strength, power, and endurance.

Notably, Gorilla Mode Nitric contains no caffeine and no beta-alanine. 

Beginners will likely find that a half to full scoop serving will provide some slight enhancements to strength, endurance, and muscle pump. Experienced pre-workout users who are looking for a more intense experience will want to opt for 1.5-2 scoops. 

The caveat is that when taking the full 2-scoop serving, the cost per serving reaches $3.00. We analyzed more than 50 pre-workouts and determined that the average cost per serving is around $1.61 and the highest cost per serving we found in any product was $3.00 per serving.

This means that Gorilla Mode Nitric is literally at the most expensive end of cost per serving for commercially available pre-workouts. 

Users looking for the highest dosed option on the market may find the high cost per serving justified. 

My recommendation would be to use ~1.5 scoops instead of the full 2-scoop serving, which still provides clinical doses of the key ingredients mentioned above, but lowers the cost per serving to around $2.00 

Claims vs Reality:  How I Felt After Taking Gorilla Mode Nitric? 

Gorilla Mode Nitric user experience

Gorilla Mode Nitric is designed to provide insane muscle pumps and significant enhancements to strength, and it definitely delivers. 

As a stimulant-free pre-workout, I used this one predominantly for my evening workouts, where I didn’t want to ingest caffeine and disrupt my sleep quality. 

When using Gorilla Mode Nitric, I felt reasonably strong for my big compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench presses, rows/pulls, etc). I didn’t feel “superhuman” strength, but I could hit all of my prescribed sets and reps comfortably. 

Where I really noticed a difference from Gorilla Mode Nitric was during my accessory or isolation exercises (glute bridges, bicep curls, tricep extensions, isolating shoulder exercises, etc). I really loved the aesthetic muscle pump I got from this pre-workout. 

The few times I did try it for my morning workouts (I typically work out at 6 a.m.), I found that I was missing the energizing/cognitive boosting effects that come from caffeinated pre-workouts. 

While I did get a good strength boost from Gorilla Mode Nitric, for me personally, the mental fatigue from being up early overshadowed the performance benefits from the pre-workout. 

I found the taste tolerable (I had Firefly Lemonade specifically), but this pre-workout has a very gritty texture that had a negative overall impact on how enjoyable this was to drink. This grittiness is especially noticeable with a 2-scoop serving. 

You can reduce the grittiness of this pre-workout by mixing it with a high volume of water. The company recommends using 16 oz or 2 cups of water for 1-2 scoops of pre-workout. Personally, this is way too much water for me to drink before a workout, so I would typically mix it with 8-10 oz (approx 1 cup) of water and deal with the gritty texture. 

When testing Gorilla Mode’s high stimulant counterpart (simply called Gorilla Mode), I experienced some extremely uncomfortable digestive side effects (read my Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout review here). 

I did not experience any negative side effects from Gorilla Mode Nitric. 

While Gorilla Mode Nitric comes at a high price point and may be out of budget for a lot of people, I do think it is an excellent option for individuals who work out in the evening, are sensitive to caffeine, or are choosing to limit their caffeine intake.

Gorilla Mode Nitric

This product is designed to significantly boost nitric oxide production to deliver huge muscle pumps as well as provide enhancements to strength, power, and endurance.

Gorilla Mode Nitric Ingredients 

Gorilla Mode Nitric Ingredients

The ingredients here are listed per 2-scoop serving, which is required to hit clinical doses. 

IngredientDoseClinical Effective DoseMeets Clinical Dosing Standards
L-Citrulline10 000 mg6000-8000 mg
Creatine Monohydrate5000 mg3000-5000 mg
Betaine Anhydrous4000 mg2500 mg
GlycerPump4000 mgn/an/a
Malic Acid3000 mgn/an/a
Agmatine Sulfate1500 mgn/an/a
Nitrosigine®1500 mg1500 mg
Sodium Nitrate1500 mgn/an/a
VasoDrive-AP®254 mg150mg


Citrulline is an amino acid that boosts nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide helps to dilate blood vessels and can improve blood flow to the heart and muscles. 

Many users like nitric oxide boosters for their ability to deliver an aesthetically pleasing muscle pump. 

Where exercise performance is concerned, supplementing with citrulline may help delay fatigue, increase endurance and strength, and enhance recovery. 

While more research is needed, the optimal dose of citrulline for increasing athletic performance appears to be 6000-8000 mg. 

Two scoops of Gorilla Mode Nitric contain 10,000 mg of citrulline, exceeding clinical dose standards. A single scoop contains 5000 mg, falling just shy of clinical dose standards. 

Creatine Monohydrate

Supplementing with creatine can provide significant enhancements to short-duration, high-intensity exercises like sprinting, powerlifting, and weight lifting. 

To see the full-strength benefits of creatine supplementation, it should be taken daily (even on days when you are not working out) at a dose of 3-5g daily

After about 4 weeks of supplementation, creatine levels will be fully saturated in the body allowing you to experience its full benefit. 

To saturate the body quicker, you might choose to do a loading phase whereby you take 20-25g daily for 5-7 days, followed by the 3-5g daily maintenance dose afterwards. 

While a single scoop of Gorilla Mode Nitric falls just shy of clinical dose standards (offering 2.5g), you can get a sufficient dose of creatine monohydrate from 1.5 to 2 scoops which would provide 3.75 to 5g of creatine). 

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine is a compound that plays a role in the manufacturing of carnitine in the body (a substance that converts fat into energy). 

Betaine supplementation shows some promise for increasing strength and power, but there is very limited research to support that so far. There is, however, some research showing that betaine can help improve body composition by reducing fat mass and increasing lean mass in active adults. 

Betaine should be taken daily at a dose of 2.5g daily. 

A single scoop serving of Gorilla Mode Nitric falls just shy of this dose, offering 2g of betaine. A 2 scoop serving exceeds clinical dose standards providing 4g of betaine. 

GlycerPump™ (Glycerol)

Glycerol is a compound that accumulates in body fluids and can increase the total volume of water in the body. 

Most of the glycerol research is in hyperhydration for elite/endurance athletes. Since dehydration (fluid loss equal to 2% or more of your body weight) can cause decreased athletic performance, hyperhydration with glycerol can prevent that. 

Recently, glycerol has gained popularity among the general lifting population for its muscle pump effects. 

The clinical dose for hyperhydration involves very high doses of glycerol (1.2g/kg of body weight, which is more than 90g of glycerol for a 175lb individual). This requires dedicated effort, consuming it slowly over a 60-minute period and stopping 30 minutes before exercise. 

This dose of glycerol is considerably higher than you will find in a commercially available pre-workout which usually features doses of 1 to 4 g. 

There is not enough research to have a clinically established dose for glycerol in smaller doses like those found in pre-workout. 

Gorilla Mode Nitric contains a high dose of glycerol compared to other pre-workouts on the market, offering 2g of GlycerPump™ per scoop. This will likely work well with the citrulline and agmatine in Gorilla Mode Nitric to deliver a good muscle pump. 

Malic Acid

Malic Acid is an organic compound commonly used in the food industry to enhance the flavors of items like juice and soft drinks. 

Malic acid can stimulate the production of ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate, the body’s energy molecule. As such, it’s theorized that supplementing with malic acid can stave off fatigue and increase endurance.

While there is not a significant body of research on humans, there was a study done on trained cyclists where a pre-workout drink containing malic acid did improve endurance and reduce fatigue. 

There is currently insufficient research to establish an effective clinical dose of malic acid. 

Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain and can stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone. 

As a neurotransmitter, agmatine is thought to be able to improve mental focus and mood. Because of its effects on the Leuteinizing hormone, agmatine supplementation may positively impact testosterone levels contributing to enhanced exercise performance and muscle growth. 

There is not enough research done on humans to establish a safe clinical dose. It is currently estimated to be between 1.6 and 6.4 mg/kg of body weight daily. 

For a 175lb individual, this works out to be between 125 and 500mg. 

Gorilla Mode Nitric contains 750mg of agmatine per scoop (1500mg in 2 scoops), far exceeding clinical dose standards. 

Nitrosigine ® 

Nitrosigine® is a patented ingredient made from arginine engineered to increase nitric oxide production in the body. 

Alongside its nitric oxide boosting effects, Nitrosigine ® has been shown to improve working memory and cognitive function in adults. 

The company that manufactures Nitrosigine®, Nutrition21, states that Nitrosigine® has been used in more than 30 different studies. While the majority of these studies are inaccessible, you can find an infographic summarizing the results of these studies here. 

A clinical dose of 1.5g of Nitrosigine® is recommended. Two scoops of Gorilla Mode NItric would provide the 1.5g clinical dose. 

Sodium Nitrate

Sodium Nitrate is a chemical compound commonly used as a preservative in cured meats like bacon or deli meat. 

Sodium Nitrate specifically does not have a significant volume of research behind it, but nitrates in general, like those naturally found in foods like beetroot, are converted to nitric oxide in the body. 

As discussed in regard to citrulline, the benefits of higher nitric oxide production include increased strength, endurance, power, and recovery

There is currently not enough evidence done on nitrates in powder form or sodium nitrate specifically to be able to establish a clinical dose. 

It’s my professional opinion that the 1500mg of sodium nitrate per 2-scoop serving of Gorilla Mode will work with the other nitric oxide boosters to support athletic performance. 

VasoDrive-AP ® 

Like the Nitrosigine ® mentioned above, VasoDrive-AP ® is a patented formula for improving blood flow. 

There are a lot of steps involved in how VasoDrive-AP ® works, but the key function is that it inhibits an enzyme that constricts blood vessels. This results in vasodilation and enhanced blood flow. 

The key benefits of VasoDrive-AP ® include:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Improves recovery
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Intra-workout pump 

From the limited available research, doses of VasoDrive-AP ® used a dose of 150mg daily. This is similar to the dose found in Gorilla Mode Nitric, which has 127mg per scoop or 254mg per 2 scoop serving.

Highlights: What I Like About Gorilla Mode Nitric

Gorilla Mode Nitric pros vs cons

Fantastic Muscle Pumps

Gorilla Mode Nitric is one of the most highly dosed pump pre-workouts on the market, with nearly 20g of pump-enhancing ingredients per 2-scoop serving. 

The combination of high doses of citrulline, glycerol, malic acid, Nitrosigine®, Sodium Nitrate, and VasoDrive-AP® all but guarantee increased nitric oxide production in your body, resulting in a fantastic muscle pump. 

Stimulant Free

With no caffeine or stimulants, this pre-workout is suitable for anybody who works out later in the day or chooses to avoid caffeine. 

For those who want a slight energy boost on top of their muscle pump, it is possible to easily add caffeine via a caffeine tablet or combine one scoop of Gorilla Mode Nitric with a scoop of the classic Gorilla Mode

BulkSupplements Caffeine Capsules

Clinically Dosed 

When taking a 2-scoop serving, Gorilla Mode Nitric contains a clinical dose for all 5 ingredients for which clinical doses have been established. 

Having clinical doses means that the doses used within the product have been researched with evidence proving them effective. 

Using clinical doses helps ensure you see the desired benefits (e.g. pump, strength, endurance) that your pre-workout promises. 

No Negative Side Effects

I did not experience any negative side effects commonly associated with high-dose pre-workouts like upset stomach, headache, jitteriness, or anxiety. 

Of course, everyone responds differently to different ingredients and products so I recommend starting with a ½ scoop and single scoop serving before jumping right into the 2 scoop serving. 

Drawbacks What I Did Not Like About Gorilla Mode Nitric

Gritty texture 

The high doses of ingredients come with the tradeoff of having a very gritty texture, even when mixed with a high volume of water. This may be off-putting for some users. 

Gorilla Mode Nitric does address this head-on, with the following image on their website:

Gorilla Gritty texture 

Incredibly Expensive

Of all the pre-workouts I’ve tested, the highest cost per serving was $3.00, making Gorilla Mode Nitric among the most expensive options on the market. 

Experienced pre-workout users or those looking for clinical doses will want a 2-scoop serving. 

How Does Gorilla Mode Nitric Stack Up Against Our Criteria For Pre Workouts

Gorilla Mode Nitric pre-workout


Our rating: 1/5

If you want clinical doses, you need 2 scoops, which makes it the most expensive pre-workout on the market.  Unfortunately, that means I have to give it a 1/5 in this category.  


Our rating: 3/5

The taste of Gorilla Mode Nitric was fine, though not spectacular. The gritty texture took away from the good taste. 

Personally, despite its 3/5 rating, I don’t think taste should decide whether you buy a pre-workout or not.   


Our rating: 1/5

Due to the high number of ingredients and high doses of those ingredients, Gorilla Mode Nitric doesn’t dissolve entirely and has a gritty texture. 

While a gritty product does not take away from the quality or effectiveness of the pre-workout, it can be a deal-breaker for people sensitive to texture. 


Our rating: 3/5

Gorilla Mode Nitric provides a reasonable boost to physical energy and endurance via the amino acids that provide increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. 

As a stimulant-free pre-workout, this product isn’t designed to deliver a quick-hitting, buzzy energy the way that a caffeinated pre-workout does. 

That being said, the ingredients found in Gorilla Mode Nitric will provide enhancements to nitric oxide production, which can boost strength, endurance, and physical stamina. 

One thing that I did feel was lacking in Nitric that we’ve seen in other stimulant-free products like Transparent Labs Stim Free and Legion Pulse Stim Free is the addition of nootropics like Alpha-GPC.

These nootropics can provide an increase to mental focus, alertness, mood, and energy without having any stimulatory effects. 


Our rating: 5/5

If you are looking for the most highly-dosed pump-enhancing pre-workouts available on the market, Gorilla Mode Nitric is among them. 

This pre-workout is clinically dosed with 6 specific ingredients known to increase nitric oxide production. 


Our rating: 4/5

Increases in nitric oxide production can enhance blood flow, which can help support strength and recovery. These ingredients, paired with a clinical dose of creatine monohydrate and betaine, deliver a pre-workout that increases strength. 

Since creatine monohydrate requires a loading phase (several weeks of consistent use), if this is your first time using creatine, then it’s likely that you will see more significant increases in strength with more prolonged use. 

Gorilla Mode Nitric Preworkout

Who Should Take Gorilla Mode Nitric? 

 Gorilla Mode Nitric is for: 

  • Anybody who works out late in the evening or is sensitive to/limiting caffeine
  • People who hate the tingly sensation from beta-alanine, which is absent in this formula
  • Individuals looking for the highest dosed product for pump 
  • Those with a generous supplement budget

Who Should Not Take Gorilla Mode Nitric? 

I would not recommend Gorilla Mode Nitric for:

  • Anyone who is looking for a product that mixes up entirely 
  • Anyone who is looking for a high-stim formula that increases energy and mental focus
  • Anyone on a restrictive budget

What Other Customers Are Saying About Gorilla Mode Nitric 

Gorilla Mode Nitric boasts a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on the Gorilla Mind website, based on just over 1700 reviews. I tried to find reviews on other retailer sites like Amazon and Nutri Cartel, but each website only had 10 and 9 reviews, respectively, making them unreliable sample sizes. 

1491 out of 1746 reviewers gave Gorilla Mode Nitric a 5/5 star rating, with only 91 total reviews giving the product 3 stars or fewer. 

Reviewers for Gorilla Mode Nitric praise its great muscle pumps and love it for the fact that it causes no adverse side effects like jitteriness or stomach distress. 

Customers also notice better overall performance and recovery when taking Gorilla Mode Nitric. 

Based on reviews, the top flavors appear to be Tigers Blood, Krush, and Fruit Punch. 

To find out what people disliked about Gorilla Mode Nitric, I browsed the one and two-star reviews. 

Many reviewers commented that they “felt nothing.” This is a fair complaint, but also not surprising. There are no ingredients here that elicit feelings like caffeine for an energy boost, nootropics for mental focus, or beta-alanine, which causes a tingling sensation. 

As such, this isn’t a pre-workout designed to “kick in” like many others do. Its effects are more subtle and will become evident as you progress through your lift. 

Other common complaints were in regard to the taste and poor mixability of the product. 

Gorilla Mode Nitric Alternatives?

Transparent Labs Stim-Free

Transparent Labs Stim Free

There are several stimulant-free pre-workouts available on the market, and Transparent Labs has created one of my absolute favorites. 

Transparent Labs Stim-Free offers many similar ingredients to Gorilla Mode Nitric, including citrulline, betaine, and tyrosine. TL Stim-Free also has clinical doses of beta-alanine, ElevATP ® and taurine, three ingredients to support endurance, energy production,  and strength respectively. 

Unlike Gorilla Mode Nitric, Transparent Labs Stim-Free uses huperzine to help boost mental focus while remaining stimulant-free. 

Transparent Labs also has some unique features, including being free of artificial sweeteners and colors and having a special certification that makes this product safe for drug-tested athletes. 

Perhaps most appealing is that a single scoop of Transparent Labs Stim-Free offers clinical doses of its ingredients at only $1.66 per serving. 

If you are looking for a well-rounded caffeine-free pre-workout that will enhance energy, strength, pump, and mental focus at a reasonable price, this one is absolutely worth a try. 

Read my detailed experience trying Transparent Labs Stim Free. 

Gorilla Mode

If you’ve come across this article but you are more interested in a caffeinated, mental focus-enhancing pre-workout then you might consider Gorilla Mode from the same company that brings you Gorilla Mode Nitric. 

Gorilla Mode costs slightly less than Gorilla Mode Nitric, but is still towards the top of the charts at $2.50 per 2 scoop serving. Like Gorilla Mode Nitric, Gorilla Mode requires a 2-scoop serving to achieve clinical doses of key performance-enhancing ingredients. 

Gorilla Mode has removed the Nitrosigine®, Sodium Nitrate, and VasoDrive-AP® and in its place offers caffeine, tyrosine, kanna, Eria Jarensis, and Huperzine to boost energy and mental focus. 

In my personal experience using Gorilla Mode, I did notice reasonable energy, pump, and strength, but I also experienced some negative gastrointestinal side effects. I’d skip on Gorilla Mode if you are prone to a sensitive stomach. 

Gorilla Mode is available in the same 15 flavors as Gorilla Mode Nitric and in a 40 scoop container. 

Read more about my experience using Gorilla Mode here. 

Are There Any Promos or Discounts For Gorilla Mode Nitric? 

When you first arrive on the Gorilla Mind website, a pop-up appears offering a 10% discount of your first order. This also signs you up to their VIP program, where you are the first to know about new product launches and get some exclusive deals. 

Gorilla Mind offers a discount if you buy three tubs at one time. This discount saves you approximately 9% off of the regular price. 

Thirdly, Gorilla Mind offers a Subscribe & Save feature on their website, which allows you to save 10% off your order and they will auto-ship your products every 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks. 

For Gorilla Mind fans, there is a rewards program that allows you to earn points when you place orders through their website. There are additional points for completing tasks like following them on social media, and special points on your birthday. 

You can find full details about the reward program and how to earn and redeem your points here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gorilla Mode Nitric The Best Pre Workout?

Gorilla Mode Nitric is one of the highest dosed stimulant-free pre-workouts on the market for enhancing pump. It provides moderate enhancements to strength, but doesn’t provide energy or mental focus. 

Is Gorilla Mode Nitric Third Party Tested? 

Gorilla Mode third party tests all of the ingredients used in their products. You can see the results of these tests here. There is no indication that the product is tested an additional time once the ingredients have been combined. 

Is Gorilla Mode Nitric Good For Weight Loss? 

Gorilla Mode Nitric can help make your workouts more effective which could accelerate your weight loss results when combined with diet and exercise. Betaine, an ingredient found in Gorilla Mode Nitric, can support improvements to body composition but this product is unlikely to cause weight loss on its own. 

Is Gorilla Mode Nitric Safe For Women? 

Gorilla Mode Nitric is safe for use by women, but should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. 

How Much Caffeine Does Gorilla Mode Nitric Have? 

Gorilla Mode Nitric is completely caffeine-free. 

Does Gorilla Mode Nitric Have Creatine? 

Gorilla Mode Nitric contains creatine monohydrate. A single scoop of Nitric has 2.5g of caffeine, with 2 scoops providing a full clinical dose of 5g. 

How Long Does Gorilla Mode Nitric Last For? 

The pump-enhancing effects of Gorilla Mode Nitric last for between 90 and 120 minutes. Because there are no caffeine or stimulants, there is no crash afterwards. 

Does Gorilla Mode Nitric Need To Be Cycled? 

Gorilla Mode Nitric does not contain any stimulants or ingredients that you can build up a tolerance to. As such, it does not need to be cycled. It also makes a great alternative if you are cycling off of your caffeinated pre-workout. 

Will Gorilla Mode Nitric Make Me Jittery?

Gorilla Mode Nitric does not contain and caffeine or stimulants and should not cause any jitteriness, anxiety, or heart palpitations. 

What Flavors Are Available For Gorilla Mode Nitric? 

Gorilla Mode Nitric is available in 15 different flavors including Volcano Burst, Fruit Punch, Firefly Lemonade, Krush, Blackberry Lemonade, Watermelon, Bombsicle, Cotton Candy Grape, Pina Colada, Lemon Lime, Black Cherry, Tiger’s Blood, Mojito, Jungle Juice, and Strawberry Kiwi. Find a description of each flavor here.

Where Is Gorilla Mode Nitric Made? 

Gorilla Mode Nitric is proudly made in the USA in a GMP-compliant facility. 

What Is Gorilla Mind’s Shipping Policy? 

Gorilla Mind offers free shipping on orders over $150 ($215 for international buyers). Most orders ship within 1-2 business days with shipping times varying from 1 to 7 business days. Tracking numbers are provided for your order. 

What Is Gorilla Mind’s Return Policy? 

Return or refund requests must be submitted within 30 days of receiving your product. Your item needs to be unused and proof of purchase is required. Contact support@gorillamind.com to start the return process. There are no returns on sale items, gift cards, or items purchased through third party retailers. 

How To Contact Gorilla Mind? 

For general inquiries, reach out to Gorilla Mind through the contact form on their webpage. 

For questions about your order or to initiate a return or exchange, contact support@gorillamind.com

Otherwise, find Gorilla Mind active on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X(Twitter), and Youtube.


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  • Proven Doses: Ingredients Dosed To Clinical Standards
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  • Well-Rounded: Excellent for Pump, Energy, & Strength


  • Proven Doses: Ingredients Dosed To Clinical Standards
  • Great Value: 17% Cheaper Than Other Simliar Formulas
  • Well-Rounded: Excellent for Pump, Energy, & Strength

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