Greg Nuckols: The Accidental Entrepreneur Who Grew A Nutrition App To 75k+ Subscribers (MacroFactor)

In the world of fitness and nutrition, Greg Nuckols, one of the Co-Founders of MacroFactor, is a respected figure. 

A self-proclaimed generalist with a passion for knowledge, Greg’s path to entrepreneurship was as unexpected as it was successful. 

Greg Nuckols

“I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur as much as someone who is a bad employee,” he says with a laugh. “Most of my ventures have happened almost by accident.”

Cultivating a Community from a Personal Blog

Greg’s first venture was a personal blog, later rebranded to Stronger by Science. His dedication to his work and his audience was evident from the start. “I enjoy responding to comments, answering questions, and helping people out,” he says.

MacroFactor Nutrition App

Greg’s philosophy on the value of time, treating everyone’s time as equally valuable, further strengthened his bond with his audience. He believes that if he can answer a question in less time than it would take someone else to figure it out, it’s worth his time to provide that answer.

For instance, Greg shares, “If it takes me 5 minutes to answer a question that would take someone else 3 hours to research, I think it’s a good use of my time to provide that answer.” 

This approach not only demonstrates his humility and authenticity but also fosters a strong sense of community among his followers. They know they can rely on Greg for accurate, helpful information, which in turn builds trust and loyalty.

This philosophy extends beyond just answering questions. It’s a guiding principle that informs how Greg interacts with his audience, designs his products, and runs his businesses. It’s about recognizing the inherent value in each interaction and striving to make the most of every moment. 

This is a key part of what makes MacroFactor and Greg’s other ventures so successful and respected in the fitness and nutrition community.

The Emergence of MacroFactor

What started as a spreadsheet to track nutrition eventually evolved into a full-fledged app. 

Greg was approached by Cory Davis, a software developer and early spreadsheet adopter. Cory saw potential in the spreadsheet and proposed building an app that improved upon it.

Greg, not being a technical person, asked Cory to build an alpha version of the app first. Cory, along with another developer, Rebecca Kekelishvili, built the alpha version of the app and showed it to Greg. Impressed by their work, Greg agreed to go into business with them.

MacroFactor Nutrition App dashboard

Greg’s Wife, Lyndsey Nuckols, with a strong background in digital marketing also joined the founding team.  

With both the tech and marketing side taken care of, everyone was able to come together and take Greg’s original idea and turn it into a functional and efficient app.

“I’m incredibly lucky to work with such a talented and dedicated team,” he says. “They’re the ones who turn my ideas into reality and make MacroFactor what it is today.”

Swift Success: MacroFactor’s Market Impact

MacroFactor's Market Impact

MacroFactor’s success was swift and significant. 

“We’re closing in on 75,000 paying subscribers,” Greg shares with transparency. “We’re adding about 6-7000 net new subscribers per month”

Personalization at Its Best

MacroFactor stands out in the crowded nutrition app market with its unique coaching algorithms. 

These algorithms are designed to provide personalized nutrition guidance that adapts to the user’s progress and feedback. “Our coaching algorithms provide a unique value to our users,” Greg says. “They’re designed to learn from the user’s input and adjust their recommendations accordingly.”

For instance, if a user reports consistent weight loss that’s faster than their set goal, the algorithm will recognize this and adjust their recommended calorie intake to slow down the weight loss to a healthier pace.

This level of personalization and adaptability is what sets MacroFactor apart. It’s not just a tool for tracking macros; it’s a virtual coach that guides users toward their fitness and nutrition goals.

Continuous Improvement: User Feedback Fuels Enhancement

Greg and his team are committed to continuous improvement. They’re always looking for ways to enhance the algorithms and provide even more value to their users. They believe in the power of their community and understand that their users are the best source of insights for enhancing the product.

“We’ve made our product roadmap public, and people can provide feedback on it. We also have a feature request system in the app where users can suggest new features and vote on them,” Greg shares. This level of openness to feedback is a testament to MacroFactor’s user-centric approach.

But they don’t stop there. They also actively seek out feedback through various channels. “We’re always listening to our users, whether it’s through emails, social media, or our customer support,” Greg says. “We take all this feedback and use it to inform our product development.”

This commitment to user feedback and continuous improvement has not only driven the evolution of MacroFactor but also attracted the attention of key players in the fitness industry. One such individual is Jeff Nippard.

Partnering for Success: The Collaboration with Jeff Nippard

Greg reveals, “Jeff Nippard, the first alpha tester of MacroFactor, will soon be coming on as a partner in the business.” 

If you don’t know Jeff, he’s a fitness YouTuber with almost 4 million subscribers known for making the science of fitness accessible to a mainstream audience. Jeff’s influence in the fitness community and his commitment to evidence-based fitness advice align perfectly with MacroFactor’s mission. 

His partnership with MacroFactor not only validates the app’s value but also promises to bring a wealth of knowledge and visibility to the platform.

Future Plans

As MacroFactor continues to grow, Greg and his team have pondered what the future might hold. 

MacroFactor Future Plans

Greg discusses the potential of building products that don’t just help individuals with their nutrition, but businesses, like gyms, to facilitate better nutrition with their clientele. Greg explains, “That is a direction we want to go. But ultimately for it to be an excellent service (for gyms), I think it needs to be an excellent consumer-facing app first.”

While they have considered the long-term vision for MacroFactor, Greg admits that their focus remains on the immediate future. “Most of our focus just stays on the next release, where are we gonna be next month, next quarter, or like maybe next year. That’s about as far into the future as we put much thought into,” he says.

However, they are not ruling out the possibility of diversifying their product offerings. Greg shares, “We have plans to also do a training app as well at some point.” This indicates a willingness to explore new avenues and continue to innovate in the fitness and nutrition space.

With a clear focus on their users, a commitment to continuous improvement, and plans for future growth, MacroFactor is poised to continue its impressive trajectory in the fitness and nutrition industry.

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