What Does Cronometer Track? And, What Apps Does It Sync With?

If you’re already using Cronometer or you’re thinking about downloading the app and you’re wondering about the app’s tracking capabilities and device compatibility then I’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

I’ve created a comprehensive list of Cronometer’s key tracking features and the fitness trackers and health apps that it can sync to so that you can take advantage of everything the app has to offer.

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Does Cronometer Track Macros?

Cronometer does track macros (carbs, fats, and protein) and suggests a macro split for you based on the information (age, height, weight, activity level, goal) that is collected from users in the sign-up process. 

Cronometer dashboard
Cronometer track macros

The recommendations are more accurate than many other nutrition apps I’ve tested.

You can also edit your macro targets if you’re particular about your macronutrient split or if you’re working with a coach who recommends something different than Cronometer.

Does Cronometer Track Water?

Cronometer does track your water intake based on the water content of the foods you eat and the water that you log into your food diary. 

Cronometer Track Water

There is no separate function for water intake so users wanting to track their water intake in Cronometer can simply log water in the food database.

You can see your total water intake for the day on your daily report. 

You can click on “water” in your daily report to set your own water target; the only downside is that you have to input your target in grams which is a little inconvenient as most people are familiar with cups or liters.

Does Cronometer Track Sugar?

Cronometer does track your sugar intake, which you can see in your daily report summary under carbohydrates.

Cronometer track sugar

You can set specific goals for your “daily target” and “max threshold” consumption of sugar by clicking on “sugars” in your daily report.

Some people may think that their “net carb” total equates to their sugar intake because net carbs don’t include fiber, but your net carb total would still include starches so it wouldn’t be an accurate depiction of your sugar intake.

Does Cronometer Track Micronutrients?

Cronometer does track micronutrients.  In fact, it is the best nutrition-tracking app on the market for those interested in tracking micronutrients (vitamins & minerals). 

Cronometer track micronutrients

Cronometer has 82 different micronutrients that you can track that come with preset targets; however, you can also set your targets if you have a specific goal in mind.

The micronutrient tracking capabilities are great for preventing and addressing nutrient deficiencies.

Does Cronometer Track Steps?

Cronometer itself doesn’t track steps but it can sync with many different health apps or fitness tracks that can track your steps. 

Syncing your steps with Cronometer allows you to have all your health metrics in one app.

The steps that are shared with Cronometer can be used to estimate how many calories you burned so that Cronometer can determine how many calories to add back to your daily intake (if your goal is to maintain or gain weight). 

They could also be used to estimate how many calories from steps are contributing to a calorie deficit (if your goal is weight loss).

Does Cronometer Track Exercise?

You can track exercise in Cronometer by selecting the activity that you participated in and indicating how long you engaged in the activity. Based on this input, Cronometer will estimate how many calories you burned.

Cronometer track exercise

You can also track your exercise using a health app or fitness tracker that is synced with Cronometer.

If you have a fitness tracker like a Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple Watch then it would be more valuable to track your activity with your tracker which will provide more in-depth information about your heart rate.

If you don’t have a fitness tracker then you’re better off tracking your exercise in the Cronometer app because it would be the same as a health app (i.e. Samsung Health or Apple Health).

Does Cronometer Track Weight?

Cronometer does track weight along with many other body biometrics like body fat percentage, muscle mass, and circumference measurements. These are valuable biometrics for users to monitor their progress. 

Cronometer track weight

I think it’s important for nutrition tracking apps to have weight tracking and circumference measurements because oftentimes you think you’re not progressing because the scale isn’t changing even though your measurements are changing and you look different.

Does Cronometer Track Net Carbs?

Cronometer does track net carbs so it would work well for those who are following a keto diet. In fact, cronometer’s default setting is to track net carbs rather than total carbs.

Cronometer track net carbs

As with all the macronutrient targets in cronometer, you can adjust your net carb intake to make it more specific to your goals if you’re unhappy with the target that cronometer has set for you.

Does Cronometer Sync With Apple Watch?

Cronometer syncs with apple watch through the apple health app. In syncing with the Apple Watch, Cronometer receives information about your steps, exercise activity, and sleep. 

The main benefits of syncing your Apple Watch with Cronometer are that you have all your health metrics in one place and you know how many calories you’re burning per day.

Does Cronometer Sync With Apple Health?

Cronometer does sync with Apple Health, which you can use to track your steps and exercise if you have your phone with you throughout the day. 

You can also use apple health through an apple watch which would give more accurate step and exercise tracking due to its heart rate monitoring.

Does Cronometer Sync With Garmin?

Cronometer does sync with Garmin and can import your body weight, body fat percentage, sleep, activity, and heart rate. 

Cronometer connecting apps and devices
Cronometer sync with Garmin

The information collected from a Garmin watch and synced to Cronometer can help to keep all your health metrics in one place. 

This allows you to monitor progress more easily and to make more educated decisions about next steps to ensure you’re on track for your health and wellness goals.

Does Cronometer Sync With Fitbit?

Cronometer does sync with Fitbit and can import your body weight, body fat percentage, sleep, activity, heart rate, and food calories. 

Cronometer sync with Fitbit

Fitbit’s app has calorie tracking capabilities, which you could use if you prefer the Fitbit interface.

That said,  I don’t think Fitbit’s food logging capabilities come anywhere close to Cronometer’s capabilities. 

For this reason, I would recommend tracking your food in Cronometer and using your Fitbit to track everything else.

Does Cronometer Sync With Strava?

Cronometer does sync with Strava to import any activity that you log into the strava app. 

Cronometer sync with Strava

Cronometer would use this information to store exercise data for you to reference later on, or it could estimate the number of calories you burned through activity and add those back to your daily intake.

For those with the goal of losing weight, it’s best not to add the calories burned back to your intake because you will want those calories burned to help create a calorie deficit to make weight loss easier.

For those who want to maintain or gain weight, you will want the calories burned through activity added back to your intake to make maintaining or gaining easier.

Does Cronometer Sync Phone With Computer?

Cronometer data that you log into the app on your phone will sync to your computer if you’re also using the desktop version of Cronometer. 

This is a feature that many users enjoy because if your phone is dead or you don’t have your phone on you, you can use the desktop version to stay up to date on your food tracking.

Does Cronometer Sync With Google Fit?

Cronometer does sync with Google Fit, which is ideal for those who are using a fitness tracker, like a Galaxy Watch, that syncs with Google Fit. 

Cronometer sync with Google Fit

Otherwise, a Galaxy Watch wouldn’t be able to sync with Cronometer so this is a valuable asset for those who have one.

Google Fit can share your steps and exercise activity with Cronometer to keep your activity and food logging all in one app.

Does Cronometer Sync With Samsung Health?

Cronometer does sync with Samsung Health to record activity and health biometrics like body weight, body fat percentage, and heart rate. 

Cronometer sync with samsung health

This is ideal for those with Android phones who want to track their activity through Samsung Health but have it linked to Cronometer for ease of use.

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