Can You Mix MCT Oil With Apple Cider Vinegar? (Pros & Cons)

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Both MCT oil and apple cider vinegar have unique individual benefits, which may leave you wondering whether you can mix them together.

Can you mix MCT oil with apple cider vinegar? You can mix MCT oil and apple cider vinegar. They don’t interact negatively when mixed and they can be added typically to drinks so you’re able to enjoy the benefits of both in one supplement. However, they’re unlikely to mix well as liquids so having them in a powder or capsule is another option to try. 

If you’re going to mix these two supplements together, there’s some recommendations that need to be considered before doing so, which I’ll discuss below. 

I’ll also explain: 

  • The benefits & drawbacks of mixing MCT oil with apple cider vinegar
  • How to properly mix MCT oil with apple cider vinegar
  • The best time to consume MCT oil with apple cider vinegar
  • Who should & should not mix MCT oil with apple cider vinegar

Benefits of Mixing MCT Oil With Apple Cider Vinegar

Pros vs Cons of Mixing MCT Oil With Apple Cider Vinegar

Opting to mix your MCT oil and apple cider vinegar provides you with a supplement that has the combined benefits of each. Mixing them together won’t necessarily enhance their benefits though. 

Apple cider vinegar has been connected to:

  • Anecdotal reports of it it helping with digestion
  • Helping managing your blood sugar levels
  • Helping you feel fuller and eat less
  • Anecdotal reports of it helping with heartburn

MCT oil has been connected to:

  • Providing you with fast energy to fuel high intensity exercise
  • Helping you feel fuller for longer
  • Helping you feel more alert

The potential benefit of having these two liquids together though is your MCT oil will help dilute the apple cider vinegar and minimise it causing any potential damage to your throat or lung. This is because apple cider vinegar is pretty harsh taking it alone due to its acidity.  

Each of these supplements could have a place in supporting you to reach your goals, but they don’t need to be combined in order for you to experience those benefits.If you are into being efficient and not fussed on taste then mixing these two supplements is certainly an option for you.

Drawbacks of Mixing MCT Oil With Apple Cider Vinegar

MCT oil and vinegar are liquids that are unlikely to mix well together, even with vigorous shaking or stirring, oil and vinegar will want to separate. This can make for an unpleasant drink. 

If you are mixing these supplements as liquids, consider the following:

  • For it to be palatable and mixed, you probably need to consume it fairly quickly. Otherwise it will separate and you’ll be swallowing a big mouth full of oil followed by a vinegar chaser. 
  • You may need to give more thought to how you’re mixing it, as it may be more palatable as part of a smoothie, with more ingredients to assist in keeping it mixed together. 
  • Apple cider vinegar could interact with medications, particularly diabetes medications.
  • When MCT oil is consumed in quantities above the maximum daily amount of 7 tablespoons it can cause gastrointestinal upset.
  • There are reported cases of apple cider vinegar causing low potassium, throat burns and skin burns. However, there has been no specific research into these claims.The throat burns were in relation to children using apple cider vinegar and the skin burns related to people trying to use apple cider vinegar to treat skin issues. 

By mixing these liquids you may experience compounded side effects. While they don’t counteract one another, having them at the same time won’t be a good mix if you are susceptible to stomach sensitivities or are managing other medical conditions. 

If you are looking to introduce apple cider vinegar with your MCT oil supplement, have a chat with your doctor to ensure it won’t be harmful. Alternatively, contact us and one of our Registered Dieticians will be happy to assist with any questions you may have. 

How To Mix MCT Oil With Apple Cider Vinegar

how to mix mct oil with apple cider vinegar

Mixing MCT oil with apple cider vinegar requires you to get a bit more creative. If you are wanting to give it a go, try:

Liquid Option

  • Incorporating it as part of a smoothie. Include your MCT oil and apple cider vinegar as part of smoothie with more of your favourite ingredients, this will help bind the ingredients together more and make for a more pleasant drink. 

A typical serving of MCT oil of 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon along with a standard serving of 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into your smoothie of choice, is a good starting point then you can adjust ratios to taste. 

  • Making into a salad dressing. Oil and vinegar are salad dressing staples, so level up your dressing with a 1 part MCT oil to 2 part apple cider vinegar dressing. Mix this up and drizzle over a salad or vegetable dish and breathe some new life into your meal. 

Pill Option

  • As a separate alternative altogether, if you aren’t keen on adding apple cider vinegar to your MCT oil in liquid form, you could opt for a vitamin option. 

Capsules of apple cider vinegar that include powdered MCT oil are available or both supplements can be purchased in powder forms to give more versatility and texture to how you consume them. 

MCT Oil & Apple Cider Vinegar: Best Time To Consume

mct oil & apple cider vinegar best time to consume

While no specific research exists around the best time to have your MCT oil with apple cider vinegar, the best times seem to be either:

  • First thing in the morning. Mixing apple cider vinegar into your MCT oil will assist managing your appetite during a fasted period while still giving yourself some energy to start your day. 
  • Before or with a meal. Coupling your MCT oil with apple cider vinegar may help assist you in managing your hunger cues and feeling fuller. 

Given the acidity level of vinegar, avoid consuming it prior to a training session as it may not sit well in your stomach and cause some discomfort when you are trying to train. 

Who Should Mix MCT Oil With Apple Cider Vinegar?

Mixing your MCT oil with apple cider vinegar could be worthwhile considering if you are in a dieting phase and looking to cut weight, because both supplements work to suppress your appetite, which works to reduce your overall daily calorie consumption so you can remain in an energy deficit. 

Who SHOULD NOT Mix MCT Oil With Apple Cider Vinegar?

If you are managing medical conditions like diabetes or dealing with low potassium levels, incorporating apple cider vinegar into your MCT oil is something you should discuss with a professional. 

Apple cider vinegar can interfere with medications, so be sure to check it is safe before you are incorporating it into your daily regime. 

There are many MCT oil supplements available which make it hard to know what the best one is. Opt for an MCT oil with high potency and quality and ingredients. 

This MCT oil is a great option, produced by Bulletproof, who are market leaders in producing reputable MCT oil products and backed by thousands of reviews. 

Bulletproof MCT oil

Using MCT oil can support your fat loss goals while providing you with an efficient energy source

When you’re talking about apple cider vinegar it is hard to pass this one

This is a long standing and reputable apple cider vinegar, produced using organic ingredients. A daily serving of apple cider vinegar will work to support weight management goals, manage blood sugar levels and promote a healthy immune system. 

Final Thoughts

MCT oil and apple cider vinegar can work together, but you should certainly consider how your palate will respond and whether you have any medical conditions to be mindful of. There isn’t an inherent benefit to combining these supplements, so while you can mix them, you probably don’t need to. 

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