Balancing The Scales: How MyNetDiary Makes Health Accessible, Interview With Co-Founder Sergey Oreshko

MyNetDiary was not a calculated business venture. It started with a spreadsheet, trying to help a family member lose weight…” 

Sergey Oreshko, a devoted engineer, did not initially aim to launch a global health initiative. 

His journey began at home, with an objective to aid a family member wrestling with weight loss. 

Sergey and Vasili Smaliak
Sergey Oreshko (right) and Vasili Smaliak (left)

Using his engineering prowess, he built a straightforward spreadsheet to track daily calories – and it was effective.

From this personal achievement, Sergey discerned a broader need: a user-friendly and dependable aid to help navigate the intricate realm of nutrition.


Prioritizing Accessibility: The Free vs. Paid Conundrum

“Our mission is to help everyone… MyNetDiary provides a lot for free, with no tricks. We want everyone to benefit from basic food tracking.” 

This is the guiding principle behind MyNetDiary’s business model. 

While offering premium features for paying customers, it also provides an expansive array of resources that are accessible to everyone, at no cost. 

This is Sergey’s bid to make basic food tracking – a cornerstone of nutrition management – accessible to all, regardless of financial status.

Dedicated to Precision: MyNetDiary’s Quality Above All Approach

“What separates MyNetDiary from other nutrition platforms is our attention to detail and accuracy. When you use MyNetDiary, you know you are getting reliable, verified information, not just generic data,”


MyNetDiary stands out in the crowded wellness landscape, thanks to its unwavering dedication to precision. While other nutrition tracking apps may play loose with unverified food information, Sergey reveals: 

“We have an additional layer of verification for our food database. It’s a major difference and something we take great pride in.”

The quality assurance that MyNetDiary provides empowers its users, enabling them to make health decisions with confidence and accuracy. 

Sergey emphasizes: 

“We are not merely providing data; we are providing verified, accurate data. That’s a distinction that makes a world of difference.”

Sharing the Wealth: API Integration

“We offer our comprehensive food database to other companies via what’s called an API integration…” 

MyNetDiary food database

To put it in simpler terms, an API integration is like a bridge that allows different software applications to communicate and share information with each other. 

In this case, MyNetDiary extends its rich food database to other companies, reinforcing a collective goal of promoting health and wellness across the industry.

A Partnership for Better Health: The Role of Registered Dietitians

“Having Registered Dietitians on our team brings immense value to our app and to our users… They understand the complexity of nutritional needs and offer insights that we can’t get anywhere else,” 

MyNetDiary Registered Dietitians

Bringing onboard Registered Dietitians was not a mere business move for MyNetDiary; it was an effort to enhance user experience and provide more personalized, scientifically-backed assistance. The inclusion of these health professionals adds a level of expertise and credibility to the platform that goes beyond standard nutrition apps.

Their work significantly influences MyNetDiary’s product development and user experience. Sergey expands: 

“Our dietitians work closely with our tech team. They don’t just advise on nutritional facts; they also contribute to designing our app, making it more user-friendly, and ensuring it serves real nutritional needs.”

Beyond Flashy Promises: Choosing Substance Over Hype

“We focused more on building a product and less on marketing….” 

In an industry often driven by flashy promises and quick fixes, MyNetDiary dared to tread a different path. 

Instead of putting resources into flamboyant marketing tactics, Sergey prioritized creating a robust, effective product. 

This decision resonated with users, fostering trust and spurring organic growth through word-of-mouth recommendations.

A Journey of Impact: The Global Reach of MyNetDiary

“We saw 12 million downloads globally and our users lost over 12 million pounds….” 

MyNetDiary User reviews

These numbers are more than just statistics – they represent MyNetDiary’s tangible, global impact. The platform’s efficacy is proven not just through its extensive reach, but through the life-changing results of its users.

Embracing the Future: Keeping Up with the Users’ Evolving Needs

“We are not just about calories; we are about health, wellness, and growth…” 

Sergey stated during our interview. MyNetDiary is a platform that evolves. It’s not static; it grows with its users and adapts to the changing landscape of the wellness industry.

In looking to the future, Sergey noted the potential for AI and machine learning in the field of personal nutrition. 

“We are exploring how AI can be leveraged to provide even more personalized recommendations. Not just tracking what you eat, but understanding patterns, giving advice, even predicting your nutritional needs before you’re aware of them,” 

He revealed. 

This is the sort of innovation that lies ahead for MyNetDiary.

While embracing these advanced technologies, MyNetDiary remains committed to the simplicity and user-friendly nature that has been the hallmark of its success. 

MyNetDiary Team Mixoco

It continues to push the boundaries of personal nutrition, not just to keep up with the industry trends, but with the aim to lead the way in inspiring and empowering individuals around the world.

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