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Recently, I’ve heard people raving about their weight loss success with MyNetDiary. As a Nutrition Coach, I am skeptical about weight loss reviews since just because you can lose weight doesn’t mean you’re doing it in a healthy way.  That’s why I purchased MyNetDiary and tested it for one month to see if it’s a useful tool I can recommend to clients on their weight loss journey. I’m not affiliated with MyNetDiary in any way.

Key Takeaways

Prefer to watch? Our video producer, Janine Collins, summarizes the key benefits and drawbacks of MyNetDiary

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  • MyNetDiary is a very user-friendly calorie-tracking app. It’s simple to log foods and view and understand your nutrition data.
  • It has features like a virtual coach (which gives you personalized nutrition advice) and access to helpful meal plans/recipes to keep you engaged with your nutrition.
  • The free version is likely enough for most people looking to track calories; however, if you want to customize your macronutrient targets, you’ll need the premium version (which is still cheaper than many alternatives).

  • After testing 18+ nutrition apps, my final verdict is that I’d rather use MacroFactor instead for calorie/macro tracking and weight loss goals. You can read my MacroFactor review here.

Overall Rating: 4.0/5

MyNetDiary App


  • A very user-friendly calorie tracking app
  • Endless amounts of recipes
  • It has a “virtual coach”
  • It provides access to an online community monitored by a Registered Dietician


  • The ability to access a like-minded community
  • Provides weekly analysis on overall health
  • Blood glucose tracking for diabetics
  • Access to menus and meal plans for specific diet types
  • Customizing your daily macronutrient targets
  • A meal planner

Best For

  • Anyone who wants to track their food and calorie intake
  • Anyone who wants recipes that come with pre-calculated calories and macros
  • Anyone on a tight budget

Medical Disclaimer: The content of this article is provided for educational insights only. It should not be used as medical guidance. Individuals with a past of disordered eating should refrain from weight loss programs or calorie tracking. For medical advice, consult a certified healthcare professional. If you’re struggling with eating disorders, contact NEDA for assistance.

What Is MyNetDiary?

MyNetDiary is a free mobile app (which can also be used on an iPhone, iPad, or iWatch) that allows you to track what you eat, how much you exercise, and even your medications and water intake.

Essentially, MyNetDiary is a convenient online food diary to help you keep track of your food and exercise when working toward a body composition goal.

  • Want to learn more about the brand? We interviewed the Founder of MyNetDiary, Sergey Oreshko. Read the MyNetDiary Story here.

The app allows you to set a weight goal and holds you accountable for this goal by showing you how quickly you can reach your desired weight based on your daily food and exercise logs. 

MyNetDiary helps you to calculate your calorie intake based on factors such as your height, weight, age, and target weight.

MyNetDiary also boasts an impressive 1 250 000 verified foods in its food library, making it a reliable source when logging your daily meals (which isn’t the case with other apps I’ve tested).

The app makes it easy to log your food by allowing you to scan barcodes, along with saving foods that you log frequently.

The free version of MyNetDiary was more than sufficient for calorie and macro tracking purposes, but there is also an option to upgrade to the premium version (which costs $6.50/ month).

The premium app offers additional features such as customizing macronutrient goals and meal plans/menus for specific diet types (such as keto, low fat, high protein, Mediterranean, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and gluten-free).

MyNetDiary App

MyNetDiary App

A very user-friendly calorie tracking app, providing features like a virtual coach (which gives you personalized nutrition advice) and access to helpful meal plans/recipes to keep you excited and engaged with your nutrition.

My Experience Using MyNetDiary For 1-Month + How It Works

MyNetDiary user experience

I used MyNetDiary for 1 month, and I divided my time between using the free version of the app and the premium version to see what each of them had to offer. 

I was impressed with the free version of the app and personally felt satisfied with what it offered, despite the premium version offering some pretty cool additions that I haven’t seen on any other diet-tracking app.

When I first downloaded MyNetDiary, I was asked to enter personal information such as my height, weight, gender, age, and target weight. From there, the app calculated a daily calorie budget for me based on my weight loss goal. 

The app determined that if I ate in a calorie deficit of 1493 calories per day, I would lose around 1lb per week. Because I wanted to lose 10lbs, in around 10 weeks that would put me at my target weight.

Having tracked my calories in the past, and knowing how my body responds, I thought this was accurate based on my body type and size, even though the app did not factor in my activity level.

The app then took me to the dashboard where my calorie count and food log was displayed. I also had the option to log additional things such as my water intake, my exercise, and my daily steps. 

My “calorie budget” was displayed in an apple on the dashboard, and if I was within my calorie budget the apple would turn green. 

MyNetDiary calorie budget

However, if I was getting close to exceeding my calorie budget it would turn yellow, and if I went over my calorie budget it would turn red. I thought this simple feature made the app fun to use (kind of like a game).

In addition, I found the actual process of logging my food and meals to be very easy. If it’s hard to log foods, or the experience is “clunky”, then you’re probably not going to use the app (which has been my experience trying to get my clients to log their food intakes)

I found that the measurements were also easy to edit, and the food database had every single food I needed, right down to the specific brand I was using. 

I had the option to turn on notifications to set meal reminders, which I declined since I like to keep all notifications off on my phone, but thought it might be a helpful feature for someone who forgets to stop and eat.

When I was logging my food, I saw that the app gave each food a “grade” ranging from A-D, based on how healthy the app rated the food. 

MyNetDiary sourdough nutrition - Grade B

The app determines a food’s “grade” based on its food ratings from nutrition experts using information from its nutrition facts panel. The healthier a food is, the higher grade it receives.

As a health coach, I REALLY loved this feature because in the weight loss world I see an emphasis on calories only, and little to no focus on the actual quality of food and the health effect that it can have on your body.

This is not a feature I have seen offered on other calorie tracking apps, but now that I know it exists, I think it should be mandatory in all nutrition tracking apps.

The food grade feature incentivized me to choose foods with a higher food grade versus filling my calories with lower quality foods. 

After I had logged my meals for the day, I was offered an “analysis” of my food log which told me whether or not I was on target for the weight loss the app initially projected.

MyNetDiary breakfast food log analysis

If I was over my calorie budget for the day, the app would notify me that I would likely experience slower weight loss and vice versa.

The app would also let me know whether or not my micronutrient intake (vitamins and minerals) was balanced for the day. 

For example, one day, the app let me know that my sodium intake was higher than recommended, as was my saturated fat and manganese intake). Again, I thought this could be a potentially helpful feature when tracking meals.

One other feature I thought was useful was that I was able to log before and after photos along with my measurement in addition to my weight. 

MyNetDiary dashboard - weight plan

I find it very important to have clients measure their progress with multiple tools since your scale weight might not account for certain changes in body composition and muscle growth.

Now for something negative…  

Unfortunately, I was only able to view my macronutrient intake (protein, carbs, and fat) on a “daily food report”  where my total macro breakdown was listed. 

I didn’t like this, as I think it would be more beneficial to have the macro breakdown of each meal presented in a similar obvious fashion to the calorie content of the meal.

Similarly, I was only able to customize my macros if I paid for the premium version of the app. 

So I upgraded and even when I paid for the premium version I found that the macro breakdown of each meal was not easily accessed.

However, I was able to view the macronutrient breakdown of each food as I was searching and logging with the premium version, which I was not able to do with the free version. 

MyNetDiary premium menus

Overall I found the macro portion of the app a little disappointing, but perhaps something I could get used to.

Once I purchased the premium app, I also gained access to a library of different recipes, meals, and menus under the “virtual coach” tab. 

The “virtual coach” is not a real human where you can ask questions, it’s just a term used by MyNetDiary, which provides some personalization based on the types of foods you’re logging (i.e. like recipes you should try). 

For me, the most value I got was from the menus and recipes. I could choose a full day of recipes, and have it automatically tracked into my food log.

MyNetDiary premium recipe

While I like to make my own recipes, I think this is an amazing feature for anyone who struggles with new healthy meal ideas that are within their calorie budget. 

The recipes I tried were simple and easy to make and did not require strange ingredients that you normally wouldn’t have around the house.  The meals also had a ton of variety. 

For example, just one of the premium menus had a full 7 days of different meals (3 meals and 2 snacks).

There were so many different recipes offered on MyNetDiary Premium that I don’t think you would ever run out of meal ideas. Even just scrolling through the different recipes inspired different meal ideas that I could try. 

While you could choose a meal plan that was specific to a particular diet (such as keto, vegan, or Mediterranean) I chose to stick with meal plans and menus that simply followed my caloric and macronutrient requirements.

I had the option to log my week’s meals into a meal planner, however, this was not a feature that I used, as I find it much easier to log my meals one day at a time.

Key Takeaway: Overall, I found I mostly used the app for tracking my calorie and food intake but found it helped give me different recipes and meal ideas.

Being someone that pays attention to macronutrients, I wish that they were displayed in a more obvious way, but other than that, I enjoyed my experience with the app. 

What I Liked About MyNetDiary

Pros vs Cons of using MyNetDiary
  • Easy To Log:  The app remembered the foods I logged frequently, and I could even log foods using a voice-enabled option, which is great if you don’t feel like typing.  
  • Log Measurements: I found it really easy to log my body measurements, and I could even choose which body parts I wanted to measure. I was also able to set targets for each body measurement so I could visually see what I was working toward.
  • Calorie Target Display: This feature made it easy for me to stay motivated with sticking to my calorie budget, and I really liked how the color of the calorie target display would change if I was getting closer/ further away from my goal.
  • Having a “Food Grade”:  While I could eat any food I wanted so long as it fit my calorie budget, this feature motivated me to eat more foods that were higher quality.  
  • Endless Amounts of Recipes: According to MyNetDiary, the app boasts over 370,000 different recipes in its database, making it virtually impossible to run out of different tasty meal ideas.
  • Cost Effective: I personally thought that for all of the information that you received when paying for the premium version of the app, that it was well worth the cost per month, and you could even save a bit more money by signing up for the year subscription

What I Didn’t Like

  • Macro Breakdown for Meal Not Easily Accessed: I really disliked the fact that the macronutrient breakdown for each meal was not displayed in the same bold fashion as the calorie breakdown. I also didn’t love that I could only customize my macros if I was a premium subscriber.
  • Macro Breakdown for Each Food Only Available on Premium App: I personally think that this is a feature that needs to be offered on the free version of the app, since it is normally a basic function on any other calorie/ macro tracking app that I have used.

Key Features & Benefits

Some key features and benefits that I noticed about MyNetDiary that makes it different from other calorie counting apps on the market are:

  • The ability to access a like-minded community: MyNetDiary gives you the ability to connect with other users in an online community, which can be very beneficial when working toward a fitness goal.
  • Provides weekly analysis on overall health: the app provides you with personal feedback on your weekly intake of nutrients such as iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and calcium. It will also provide notice if you are eating too much or too little of a particular nutrient
  • Blood glucose tracking for diabetics: The premium version of MyNetDiary allows you to track important factors such as your blood glucose, insulin, and other medication. It will also provide personalized charts and reports if you want to closely track carbs while managing ailments like pre diabetes or diabetes.
  • Access to menus and meal plans for specific diet types: Many people will fail when embarking on a new type of diet simply because they run out of meal ideas to make, so this is a very helpful feature.
  • No ads: While this might not seem important, I have found it very annoying in the past while using other dieting apps when ads pop up every 2 seconds, this did not happen on MyNetDiary.
  • Customizing your daily macronutrient targets: While this is only available for premium subscribers, if you are getting serious about your diet and hitting your body composition goal, it’s likely a worthwhile feature for you.
  • A meal planner: This cool feature allows you to type in your weekly menu in advance so that you know you are going to be on track all week.
  • Autopilot weight target: This premium feature can be really helpful, since it will automatically change your calorie/ macro targets as your weight changes. This could really help you from hitting plateaus where you aren’t making progress, since your calorie requirements will shift as your weight shifts.
  • A weekly analysis: This provides you with personalized feedback on your weekly food log along with tips to help you eat better and inform you of any nutrient deficiencies.
  • Step bonus: This allows you to log your daily steps which will contribute to your calorie deficit (only if you want it to, you can also choose not to allow your exercise or steps to alter your calorie budget, which is what I did personally). 

What Other Customers Think

After having my own experience with MyNetDiary, I wasn’t surprised to see that the app had a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from about 50 000 ratings on Google.

Similarly, in the Apple app store, MyNetDiary boasted 4.4 out of 5 stars from around 130 000 reviews. Not only that, but the app has over 1 million downloads! 

On various different review sites on the internet I found that the comments were overwhelmingly positive, and many had stated that MyNetDiary had contributed to their weight loss success.

I noticed that many people were boasting about what the app helped them with in addition to tracking calories, saying that “it helped me so many different parts of my healthy lifestyle and not just calories.”  I agreed with this, since I found the app to provide ample information on food quality, and not just quantity. 

Others simply said it was “the best food tracking app that I have ever used”. I would agree that in terms of calorie tracking, this app is superior to many that I have used in the past simply because it is so user friendly. 

Others also said that “it’s easy to use and it provides lots of helpful information”.  I also found that the app not only provided helpful information on the nutrient content of certain foods, but it also gave you access to insightful blogs about a variety of nutrition topics. 

For example, I liked this blog about “What are Macronutrients”, which I could directly access on the app.  

After looking at the countless positive online reviews for MyNetDiary, I had a difficult time finding anyone with negative feedback about the app. 

How Much Does MyNetDiary Cost?

The basic features of setting your calorie target and logging your meals and exercise are free when you use the MyNetDiary app. 

If you choose to upgrade to the premium version MyNetDiary, it costs $6.50 USD per month, or you can save with a yearly membership for $43.66 USD.

Is MyNetDiary Premium Worth It?

The MyNetDiary premium version is worth it so you can customize your macronutrient target, and access the weekly analysis of your meals, as well as the meal plans and recipes. 

At only $6.50USD per month, MyNetDiary is less than its competitors and offers a more extensive feature set.  

With that said, if you just want to track your calorie intake and keep a log of your food, then the free version is enough. 

Who Should Use MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary would be a great app for:

  • Anyone who wants to track their food and calorie intake- This could vary from people who simply want to keep track of their daily meals, to those who are seriously counting calories to reach a particular body composition goal.
  • Anyone who wants recipes that come with pre-calculated calories and macros- Recipes that already have their calorie and macro content per serving could prove to be extremely valuable, especially since you can log it directly into your food diary for the day from the app.
  • Anyone on a tight budget- Hiring a trainer or a nutrition coach can be pricey, and isn’t an option for everyone. WIth MyNetDiary, you could receive accountability and a structured plan to follow by following the prompts on the app,along with joining the online community, which only costs $6.50 USD/ month.

Who Should NOT Use MyNetDiary

On the other hand, MyNetDiary might NOT be the app for you if:

  • You struggle with obsessive thoughts around tracking your food: If you have trouble tracking your meals and calories without developing an unhealthy, obsessive relationship with food, then MyNetDiary is not for you, since this is the main component that the app offers.
  • You track your macros more than your calories: If you pay more attention to your daily macronutrient intake as opposed to your calorie intake, then there are likely better apps out there for you, since MyNetDiary’s main focus is on calories, with macro targets not quite as easily accessed.
  • If you struggle to be accountable with yourself: If you have a weight loss goal, but you know that you struggle to hold yourself accountable, then you might be better off making the investment in a health/ nutrition coach that can check in on you and hold you accountable.

Sign Up for MyNetDiary

The process of signing up for MyNetDiary only takes a few minutes. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Appstore on your phone and download MyNetDiary

2. Click into the app, and enter your height, weight, gender, age, and target weight when prompted by the app

3. The app will then give you a daily calorie budget based on the information above, and you can begin using the app.

4. To upgrade to premium, click the “premium” tab in the top right-hand corner, and subscribe from your app store

MyNetDiary Alternatives

I’ve tested 18+ nutrition apps (click to check out the full list). Based on my experience, here are some top 2 alternatives:

1. MacroFactor


If you don’t think that MyNetDiary is for you, a great alternative is the MacroFactor app, since it is also primarily a calorie and macro tracking app.

Unlike MyNetDiary, MacroFactor focuses primarily on tracking your macronutrients instead of your calories, which might be a better fit for you and your goals. 

The app also boasts the largest food database on the market that have been verified by a registered dietician. This is an extremely important feature, since the accuracy of the foods that you are logging could make or break your success.

You can also have the app adjust your calorie and macro targets for you (a great option if you aren’t sure how to do it), or you have the option to do it yourself. This makes it a great app for both beginner and advanced dieters.

Use the link below and enter the code FEASTGOOD when signing up to get an extra week on your free trial (2 weeks total). You can cancel anytime before your trial ends without being charged.

2. MyFitnessPal


Another alternative to MyNetDiary is the MyFitnessPal app, which offers both a free and premium version, and is primarily a calorie and macro tracking app.

MyFitnessPal displays both the calorie and macronutrients of your meals in an obvious fashion, making it a potentially better option compared to MyNetDiary if you want to have your macros easily accessible.

Unlike MyNetDiary, MyFitnessPal also allows you to customize your macro targets in the free version of the app. However, if you want to upgrade to the premium version of MyFitnessPal, it is much more expensive at around $20.50 USD per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MyNetDiary Good for Weight Loss?

MyNetDiary can be a great tool for weight loss since it allows you to track your food and meals and log your total calorie intake.

Not only that, but MyNetDiary can help you to calculate an appropriate calorie deficit by using your personal stats like your height, weight, age, activity level, and ideal weight target.

Is MyNetDiary Free?

While the most basic version of the MyNetDiary app where you can log your daily calories is free, you can pay for a premium version of the app to access additional features that you might find helpful as well.

In particular, the premium version of MyNetDiary allows you to customize your daily macronutrient targets.

Is MyNetDiary Compatible with Apple Watch?

Yes, the MyNetDiary is compatible with your Apple Watch, making it even easier to stick to your plan. With MyNetDiary, you can log your meals, water intake, and weight into your watch.

Your apple watch can also give you reminders to eat your meals through the MyNetDiary app.

Is MyNetDiary Accurate

According to MyNetDiary, the app’s food database is more reliable and accurate than other competing apps on the market, since the 1 250 000 different foods in its database have been professionally entered and verified, with less incidence of food duplicates that are not accurate.

How Do I Cancel My MyNetDiary Subscription?

If you wish to cancel your MyNetDiary subscription, the process is quite simple. First, go into your iPhone settings, then click into your iCloud subscriptions. Once there, find your MyNetDiary subscription, and opt to cancel.

You can cancel at any time without penalty from the app.

How To Contact MyNetDiary

The most efficient way to contact MyNetDiary is through email. You can email by clicking the support tab in your MyNetDiary app, or simply by emailing the support team at

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MyNetDiary App

MyNetDiary App

A very user-friendly calorie tracking app, providing features like a virtual coach (which gives you personalized nutrition advice) and access to helpful meal plans/recipes to keep you excited and engaged with your nutrition.

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