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After nearly two decades in the fitness industry, I’ve tried hundreds of different protein powders (I’ve reviewed many of them here). 

I was excited when one of our YouTube subscribers asked us to review Promix protein because it is a product I hadn’t tried before. 

While it was tricky because Promix only ships protein to the US and UK (I’m from Canada), I got my hands on some and put Promix to the test. 

Overall, I admire Promix’s commitment to transparency, quality, and environmental sustainability, and had really positive experiences with their customer service.

All that being said, there are a few key factors that make it likely that Promix won’t end up in my regular repertoire. 

Key Takeaways

  • Promix Whey Isolate uses exclusively grass-fed whey isolate and provides 30g of protein per 150 calories, putting it as a “good” protein source per our criteria of falling between 75-85% of protein per scoop.
  • Promix Whey Isolate costs $1.33-$1.68 per serving depending on the size, placing it around the average cost of protein powders on the market which we calculated to be around $1.34 per serving.  
  • Among protein powders that use high-quality whey, no artificial ingredients, and have transparent third-party testing, Promix is among the most affordable. 

Honest Review Guarantee from FeastGood: Our testing team purchases each product 100% independently and uses the product for several weeks up to several months before writing a review. Learn more about our review process here.

Overall Rating: 4.1/5

Promix Protein - French Vanilla
Promix Protein - French Vanilla


  • Promix Whey Isolate uses exclusively grass-fed whey isolate and provides 30g of protein per 150 calories.
  • Promix has three total flavor varieties for their isolate protein: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Unflavored.


  • Good mixability
  • Promix advertises as being extremely low in lactose (<1g of lactose per serving)
  • Tested to meet the FDA standard of gluten-free and for heavy metals

Best For

  • Individuals who want to minimize added ingredients in their protein
  • Someone wanting organic ingredients
  • Individuals who want the companies they support to care about environmental sustainability
  • Individuals on a budget
  • Those who prioritize quality over taste
  • People with food allergies or sensitivities

Medical Disclaimer: The material presented in this article aims to offer informational insights. It should not be perceived as medical guidance. The views and writings are not designed for diagnosing, preventing, or treating health issues. Always consult with your physician prior to starting any new dietary or supplement routine.

About Promix, the Company

Everything about Promix just feels “clean”, and we see this from the moment we land on their website with their natural color palette to the scrolling marquee that reads:

“No Glyphosate. No Gums. No Gluten. No Soy. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. No GMOs. No Fillers. No Artificial Anything”. 

The Promix philosophy is “Science Driven. Performance Proven.” and Promix backs this up with fully disclosed testing results and by having some of the most elite athletes as ambassadors to their brand (like Odell Beckham Jr and Lauren Kanski). 

The Promix website also offers a protein calculator to help you determine your daily protein intake requirements. I personally like this feature, because for many consumers it can be difficult to understand how much a protein powder that provides 30g of protein can have in their day. 

I did this test for myself, and put myself in the general population (by their definition: “You go to the gym a few times per week and enjoy a variety of workout types or classes”) and a 5’2 female mesomorph. 

After answering a few more personal questions about my exercise habits and dietary preferences, the Promix algorithm told me I should aim for around 105g of protein per day with a maximum of 37g of protein daily coming from supplements. 

While I personally try to consume closer to my body weight in grams of protein daily for satiety and recovery purposes, I found this calculation to be fairly accurate to what I would prescribe to someone with the goals and activity levels I described.  

What really impressed me was that Promix recommended a maximum daily protein intake from supplements like protein powders. 

As a company who sells protein powder, they obviously stand to gain from people using their products as much as possible so I thought it really spoke to the integrity of the company that they encourage people to get the majority of their protein powder from real food sources instead of supplements. 

Just for fun, I imputed different answers into the protein algorithm (as an experienced, high-performing 6 foot tall male athlete trying to gain muscle) and got 207g of protein daily with a maximum of 73g of protein from supplements daily. 

Try the calculator for yourself here. 

Lastly, Promix displays “1% for the Planet” on their products and website. This is a commitment to environmental sustainability where Promix donates 1% of their sales to a global collective which gives donations to environmental organizations.

Honestly, as a company, there is a LOT about Promix I can get behind, and I am genuinely a massive fan of the brand after diving into their company.

Overview of Promix Isolate Protein Powder 

I specifically reviewed the Promix Isolate, which uses exclusively grass-fed whey isolate. 

They use organic coconut sugar, organic vanilla/organic coconut, and a small amount of sunflower lecithin (for thickening) as additional ingredients. 

The macronutrient breakdown of Promix vanilla protein is: 

  • Calories: 150
  • Protein: 30g  
  • Carbohydrates: 7g
  • Fat: 0.5g
  • Sugar: 6g

Promix has three total flavor varieties for their isolate protein: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Unflavored. 

The macronutrients vary slightly per flavor, with unflavored having 130 calories and 2g of carbs and chocolate having 160 calories and 9g of carbohydrates. 

Because of this difference in calories and sugar content, the protein percentage (how many calories come from protein) varies also. 

  • Unflavored: 92% protein per scoop (falls into the great category for protein percentage)
  • Vanilla: 80% protein per scoop (falls into the good category for protein percentage)
  • Chocolate: 75% protein per scoop (narrowly stays in the good category for protein percentage)

As per criteria, a “Reasonable” protein percentage is anything that falls between 60 and 74% protein per scoop, with 75-85% being “Good,” and anything above 85% is considered “Excellent.”

Promix Protein - French Vanilla

Promix Whey Isolate

Among protein powders that use high-quality whey, no artificial ingredients, and have transparent third-party testing, Promix is among the most affordable.

Highlights: What I Liked About Promix Protein

Good Mixability

Promix Isolate mixes up easily and completely with very minimal effort when added to water, milk, smoothies, or oatmeal. 

Promix has an earthy-looking texture, which made me believe it would have a gritty texture when mixed. 

Promix Protein powder

I was pleasantly surprised when the product dissolved completely with a very thin texture. 

Easy on the Stomach

Promix advertises as being extremely low in lactose (<1g of lactose per serving) and as someone with a lactose sensitivity, I did not experience any negative side effects from this protein. 

If you have a dairy allergy or significant intolerance, it is still possible that you experience some digestive upset because this is a dairy-based protein powder. 

But, as someone with a mild lactose sensitivity, I didn’t experience any gassiness, bloating, or digestive upset with Promix Isolate. 

High-quality and Transparent Testing

Promix is tested to meet the FDA standard of gluten-free and for heavy metals. All testing is performed by independent third-party labs. 

Not only are the Promix proteins tested, all of the results are publicly displayed online for anyone to see. You can see these results directly on the product page of the website by clicking on the “Testing Data” tab or by scanning the QR code on your product. 

Promix Protein QR code

Note: if you search for the testing data based on the lot number, the letters are case-sensitive. 

Drawbacks: What I Didn’t Like About Promix Protein

Price Varies by Flavor

The cost per serving changes depending on which flavor you buy. Unflavored offers the best value ($1.16-$1.48 per serving) followed by Vanilla ($1.33-$1.68) and Chocolate ($1.48-$1.93).

The reason for this price disparity involves how the products are flavored. 

Each bag weighs the same (either 2.5 lb or 5 lb) and each bag costs the same price. 

The difference is that the unflavored protein powder has no sugar or flavoring added, so each serving that provides 30g of protein weighs a total of 34g. The 2.5lb bag provides approximately 34 servings per bag. 

On the other hand, a serving of vanilla protein which provides 30g of protein weighs 39g. This means that the same 2.5 lb bag which provides 34 servings of unflavored protein only provides 29 servings of vanilla. 

The chocolate flavoring is even heavier (44g) so you only get 26 servings out of the container. 

This may not be a big deal for some individuals, but for those on a tighter budget, the difference between getting 26 servings and 34 servings for the same cost can be a significant one.

Poor Taste

I personally tried the vanilla flavor and I found it to be bland with no discernable vanilla flavor, but it did have an undesirable aftertaste.

I tried using the vanilla protein powder in a variety of ways: in water, in milk, in oatmeal, in cereal, and in smoothies. 

In every case the protein powder didn’t add a noticeable vanilla flavor, but the undesirable aftertaste did shine through. 

I found oatmeal and smoothies to be the most effective ways of masking the flavor of the protein powder. So if you plan on using it with just water, it might not be the most enjoyable experience. 

Variable Protein Percentage

Each flavor has different amounts of sugar added, resulting in differences in carbohydrate content and total calories. This means that each flavor offers up different protein percentages. 

Each flavor has identical protein (30g) and fats (0.5g) per serving. 

The unflavored protein has 2g of carbs providing a total of 130 calories, making it 92% protein per scoop. With the highest protein percentage and the lowest cost per serving, the unflavored protein is the front runner for value.

Vanilla, which has 7g of carbs and 150 calories, provides 80% protein per scoop. This makes it the middle of the road option for value.

Chocolate comes in last place all around for value being the most expensive per scoop and having the lowest total protein percentage. With  9g of sugar and 160 calories, the Chocolate flavor provides 75% protein per scoop. 

This is not a characteristic that is unique to Promix. 

It is normal to see some variability in protein percentage since different types of flavoring can have variable calorie content. For example, Transparent Labs has a protein percentage that falls between 75% and 93% depending on the flavor. 

The reason that I think this is more significant with Promix is because the chocolate flavor is also the most expensive of the three flavors by a significant margin. (Transparent Labs on the other hand costs the same per serving, no matter which flavor you buy).

This means that the Promix chocolate flavor offers the lowest protein percentage but the highest cost, combining to make it the worst value by far.

Not Set Up for International Distribution

Currently, Promix only ships within the United States and to the UK. If you are a resident outside these countries, you likely will not have access to Promix. 

As a resident outside of these countries, even Amazon would not deliver the Promix protein to me. 

It’s for this key reason that Promix will not become a regular use product for me. 

If you do live in the US or UK, there are a lot of fast and convenient shipping options for you, and I found that the communication from Promix while the product was in transit was really clear and comprehensive. 

How Does Promix Grass-Fed Whey Isolate Stack Up Against Our Criteria For Whey Protein

At FeastGood, we have eight key criteria for assessing whey protein powders.  Here’s how Promix Grass-Fed Whey Isolate stacked up:

Nutrition Label Transparency 

Our rating: 5/5

The Promix label was clean, easy to read, and clearly stated all pertinent nutrition and ingredient information. 

I found the overall transparency of Promix to be really impressive. 

The nutrition facts panel clearly states how many servings are in each bag,  so even though each flavor has a different total number of servings, it doesn’t come off as misleading. 

The packaging is very easy to read and provides a QR code to take you directly to the third party testing results. 

Fat Content Transparency 

Our rating: 5/5

Promix Isolate has 0.5g of total fat with no trans fat or saturated fat, which is clearly identified on the nutrition label.

Effective Ingredients 

Our rating: 5/5

Promix uses grass-fed whey isolate, sugar, single sourced natural flavors, and sunflower lecithin in its formula. This basic formula provides a gluten-free, soy-free, and virtually lactose-free formula suitable for many individuals. 

Promix uses independent third party testing labs to ensure the quality and purity of their protein powders. 

Furthermore, they also pay close attention to other ingredients involved in their manufacturing like the materials used in their packaging and how it impacts their carbon footprint. 

The bags that they pack their protein in use 67% less carbon when compared to plastic/rigid packaging of the same volume. 

Protein Percent of Calories

Our rating: 4/5

Promix provides 30g of protein per serving, which is fantastic. Most whey protein powders usually have between 20 and 27g per serving. 

However, as discussed above, the protein percentage per scoop varies significantly from flavor to flavor. 

If your ultimate goal is to increase your protein intake, then the fact that Promix provides 30 total grams of protein per serving may be the most important factor and protein percentage doesn’t matter. 

If you are trying to maintain a calorie deficit or are trying to maintain a low carbohydrate diet, then the additional calories and carbs found in the vanilla and chocolate flavors may be a deterrent. 


Our rating: 2/5

I purchased the French Vanilla flavor, but I found it to be quite bland with a gross aftertaste. 

I didn’t get an opportunity to try the chocolate flavor, but I assume based on my personal experience that it’s likely to be the best option. 

After testing the vanilla, if I were to re-order Promix protein I would probably just invest in the unflavored one and add my own flavoring to it, which is what I ended up wanting to do with the vanilla flavor anyways. 

That being said, if you are a consumer who finds that most protein powders available are way too sweet, there’s a good chance that this might actually be a good option for you. 


Our rating: 5/5

Promix dissolves easily and does not have a chalky texture.

There was no residue left over and no product that settled at the bottom of my shaker.

Texture (Thick or Thin)

Our rating: Thin

Promix mixed up very thin, which is typical of whey isolates.

I found that I wanted to use less water than recommended because when I mixed Promix with the recommended 12-16oz of water, the shake was too thin and flavorless. 

I found my personal sweet spot to be closer to 8oz of water per 2 scoop serving. 


Our rating: 2/5

Promix uses exclusively whey isolate, a fast digesting protein. With few total calories I found this product didn’t keep me full more than an hour or two when taken on its own.  

I tried mixing Promix into milk and drinking it or using it in my cereal to prolong satiety which did help a bit but not much. 

If you want to get more satiety or fullness from your Promix protein, consider adding it to oatmeal or greek yogurt, or adding it to a smoothie with fruits and veggies. 

The added food volume and fibre will increase your feelings of satiety. 

Who Is Promix Whey Isolate For? 

Promix Whey Isolate is a suitable option for:

  • Individuals who want to minimize added ingredients in their protein: The unflavored protein uses only whey isolate and sunflower lecithin (for mixability). The flavored add cocoa/vanilla and organic coconut sugar, fair trade organic cocoa.  
  • Someone wanting organic ingredients: Promix prioritizes quality, all the way down to the type of flavoring they use. They use organic fair trade cocoa, organic vanilla, and organic coconut sugar in their flavored proteins. 
  • Individuals who want the companies they support to care about environmental sustainability: Promix packages their protein powder into bags to reduce their carbon footprint and donates 1% of their earnings to a foundation which provides financial assistance to environmental charities. 
  • Individuals on a budget: Considering the high quality and testing, Promix is available for as little as $1.11 per serving with the Subscribe and Save feature, bringing it well below the average cost of whey protein.
  • Those who prioritize quality over taste: Promix is far from the best tasting protein I’ve tested, but I would be willing to find ways to incorporate it into my day (by adding fruit, nut butters, etc) because of its high quality
  • People with food allergies or sensitivities: Promix is soy-free and gluten-free, and contains very small amounts of lactose meaning that even individuals with lactose sensitivities may be able to enjoy this protein without negative side effects. 

Who Shouldn’t Take Promix Whey Isolate?

Promix Whey Isolate is not for: 

  • Anyone who is vegan or has a known milk allergy
  • Anyone looking for a lot of flavor variety
  • Someone whose priority is a great tasting product 
  • Somebody looking for a meal replacement or protein powder to keep them full for several hours 

Promix Customer Reviews

Promix Whey Isolate comes very highly recommended on the Promix website, which is typical because individuals shopping directly from a company website are more likely to already be bought into the brand. 

It has a 4.92 rating based on 190 reviews which isn’t a massive sample size (amazon for example has more than 1300 reviews) but it does still give us insight into what people think of the Promix isolate. 

One thing that was nice to see on the Promix website is that reviews have been left as recently as 2 days ago (at the time this article is being written). Oftentimes I have come across company websites whose review sections appear to have not been updated for years, rendering most of the reviews obsolete. 

On Amazon, Promix Isolate has a rating that I think would be more in line with what the general population would feel about it if they had grabbed it from a store shelf. 

Amazon users rate Promix with at 4.2 out of 5 stars, with only 66% giving it a 5 star rating and 23% rating it at 3 stars or lower. 

Across the board, customers love the high quality of Promix and how simple and clean the formula is. Customers also praise the good digestibility of the Promix Isolate (which I also experienced). 

One thing that remains true with every single protein powder I have tried, there are individuals who absolutely LOVE the taste, and those who think it’s the worst product they’ve ever tasted. 

What I will say is if you are looking for a sweet, dessert like protein powder then this isn’t the one for you. On the other hand, if you find most protein powders to be too sweet and difficult to drink, then you might like the more mild taste of Promix. 

For the record, the vanilla flavor got the most negative flavor reviews out of the three, and the chocolate flavor was almost always the flavor that got positive reviews. 

Ultimately, your decision to buy this protein will come down to your priorities. If you want a high quality product with minimal ingredients, then you might be willing to forego the potentially poor taste of Promix. 

Promix Promotions & Discounts

Promix offers a Subscribe & Save feature that allows you to save 10% on your order with free shipping. 

You can set your delivery frequency to be every 1, 2, or 3 months. The Subscribe & Save also guarantees delivery even when products sell out online, VIP access to exclusive product drops, and the ability to gift or swap items. 

You can pause or cancel your order anytime. 

Military, First Responders, Medical Staff, Nurses, and Teachers get a 10% instant discount online when you submit proper identification. 

Where To Buy Promix Protein? 

To ensure easy shipping and returns, the best place to buy Promix will be directly from the Promix website. Customer reviews praised the great customer service that Promix provided when necessary, which is an intangible plus! 

This also allows you to create an account and earn points on your purchases or take advantage of the Subscribe % Save option. 

You can also find Promix Isolate on, but some users did report that their products came damaged when purchased from Amazon and it can be more difficult to return products to Amazon when compared to the Promix website. 

Promix Alternatives?

Transparent Labs Grass-Fed Whey

Promix has many attractive qualities, including transparent third-party testing, high-quality ingredients, and the use of no artificial flavors or colors. 

If that sounds appealing for you, but you want a product that is available in more flavor varieties then I suggest trying Transparent Labs. 

Both proteins are incredibly similar in their quality standards, and have similar protein content (Transparent Labs has 28g of protein per scoop).

Transparent Labs costs between $1.73 and $2.00 per serving, making it more expensive than the Promix Isolate Unflavored and Vanilla flavors, but on par with Promix Chocolate. 

Transparent Labs does not use any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors but comes in 15 different flavor varieties including an unflavored one. 

Like Promix, Transparent Labs is Gluten-Free and Non-GMO.

Lastly, Transparent Labs has an additional sport certification, Informed Sport and Informed Protein, which certify the products as safe for use by elite athletes. 

You can find the results of all of this testing on the Transparent Labs website.

Transparent Labs offers the the ideal option for somebody who wants both quality and variety in their protein powder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Promix Protein Made? 

Promix Whey Isolate is manufactured in the USA and proudly uses 94% North American Ingredients.

What Is Promix’s Shipping Policy? 

Promix offers free shipping on subscription orders and orders over $90. Standard shipping is $8.99. Currently, Promix only ships to the USA and the UK. All international sales are final and do not include free shipping.

What Is Promix’s Return Policy? 

Promix offers a 90 day Money-Back guarantee (when you purchase directly from Promix). If you are unsatisfied with a full-priced item you purchased, you can return it within 90 days of the order date. You will be refunded to the original payment form, less 10% for a shipping and restocking fee.

Is Promix Third Party Tested? 

Promix is independently third party tested with all of the results publicly available online or by scanning the QR code on your bag of protein. 

Is Promix Protein Good For Weight Loss? 

Promix is a low calorie product that can be a great way to increase protein and support a low calorie diet. It can also help you recover from exercise to support your body composition goals. On its own, there are no specific ingredients in Promix that will contribute to weight loss.  

Is Promix Keto Friendly? 

The Unflavored Promix Whey Isolate is low sugar and keto friendly. The chocolate and vanilla flavors have higher amounts of sugar and may not fit into a keto diet.

Is Promix Gluten Free? 

Promix Whey Isolate is gluten free and tested to guarantee that it is gluten free. 

What Are The Best Ways To Mix Promix Protein? 

Protein mixes up very easily into water, milk, or other liquids like juice and coffee. I found the negative taste shone through too much with water or milk so I added my protein powder to smoothies and oatmeal with fruit added.

What Flavors Are Available For Promix Isolate Protein? 

Currently, Promix Protein is available in Unflavored, French Vanilla, and Dutch Chocolate flavors. 

Does Promix Make You Gain Weight? 

Promix is fairly low calorie (130-160 cals per serving) and high in protein (30g). This combination makes it unlikely to contribute to weight gain. As a high quality isolate, it can be good for workout recovery which can support muscle growth and body composition goals in a calorie surplus diet. 

Can you use Promix Protein as A Meal Replacement? 

Promix Isolate is not a good option for a meal replacement on its own, since it is a lower calorie and fast digesting protein. For added satiety, you can add Promix Isolate to smoothies, yogurt, or oatmeal. 

When Is The Best Time To Take Promix?

Promix is suitable for any time of day, but whey isolates are especially beneficial when taken after workouts for muscle recovery. Enjoy Promix as a snack, part of a meal, or any time of day where extra protein might be desired. 

How To Contact Promix

The Promix Contact Us page takes you to a flow chart where you can select options based on your issue or enquiry (e.g. General Support, Order Support, Shipping Questions, Return/Refund/Exchange, etc). 

Once you select your issue, it asks you to provide your name and e-mail address before taking you to a third box to describe your issue and submit your query. 

After some digging, I was able to find the following contact info on the company’s Accessibility Page: 

Phone: (352) 221-9623


I could not find any customer service hours information for Promix. 

Keep social with Promix on Instagram (where they are most active), Facebook, and TikTok.

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