Ryse Godzilla Pre-Workout Review: It’s A BIG Hitter

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Ryse Godzilla has one of the biggest serving sizes on the market, with nearly 30 grams of active ingredients when taking the whole two-scoop serving. But is more necessarily better? I tested Ryse Godzilla to see if it delivers the “city-crushing pumps, razor-sharp focus, and long-lasting explosive energy” that it promises. 

Key Takeaways

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  • Ryse Godzilla advertises 40 servings, which makes its cost per serving an appealing $1.42 (the market average is $1.60 per serving). Experienced users, however, may want a 2-scoop serving.  This doubles the cost to $2.84 per serving, making it one of the most expensive options on the shelves. 
  • Ryse Godzilla has clinical doses of beta-alanine and betaine in a single scoop serving. When taking a 2-scoop serving, Godzilla also offers clinical doses of citrulline, creatine, and citicoline. This formula will promote strength and pump, which I found true in my workouts.  
  • This product should be reserved for experienced pre-workout users wanting the highest doses for pump, strength, endurance, and mental focus. With 200-400mg of caffeine, it should not be used by those who work at night or are sensitive to caffeine.  Moving forward, I’ll use Godzilla whenever I want to PR in the gym.

Overall Rating: 4.3/5


  • A single scoop of Ryse Godzilla powder with 200mg caffeine, 5.5g citrulline, and clinically effective doses of beta-alanine and betaine can significantly boost energy, pump, strength, and endurance.


  • Clinical doses for all ingredients
  • Patented ingredients
  • Still effective as a single scoop serving
  • No negative side effects

Best For

  • People who work out earlier in the day since this product is very high in caffeine and contains an extended-release caffeine to prolong its effects
  • People who want the highest doses of ingredients to support pump and athletic performance
  • Individuals with a generous supplement budget since a 2-scoop serving is among the most expensive on the market
  • Those who have already tried pre-workout before and are looking for “something more intense”

Medical Disclaimer: The material presented in this article aims to offer informational insights. It should not be perceived as medical guidance. The views and writings are not designed for diagnosing, preventing, or treating health issues. Always consult with your physician prior to starting any new dietary or supplement routine.

What Is Ryse Godzilla?

Ryse Godzilla

Ryse Godzilla is the high-performance counterpart to Ryse Loaded (which I also reviewed).  It contains some of the highest doses of pre-workout ingredients on the market when the full two-scoop serving is taken. 

This product delivers 11g of citrulline, 6.4g of beta-alanine, 5g of betaine, 5g of creatine monohydrate, and 400mg of caffeine per 2 scoop serving. These doses meet or exceed the established clinical doses, resulting in an effective product that delivers its advertised benefits. 

Even a single scoop serving containing 200mg of caffeine, 5.5g of citrulline (just shy of the clinical dose of 6g), and clinical doses of beta-alanine and betaine will significantly enhance energy, pump, strength, and endurance. 

One key feature of Ryse Godzilla is that it contains two different sources of caffeine: Caffeine anhydrous, a quick-acting form of caffeine, and zumXR ® Extended Release Caffeine. This combination provides energy that hits the system quickly, with the extended-release caffeine ensuring that your energy lasts without subsequent crashes. 

Godzilla is available in one size (40/20 servings) and five different flavors: Blue Raspberry, Passion Pineapple, Monsterberry Lime, Blackberry Lemonade, and Strawberry Kiwi. 

Note that Ryse Godzilla has a dairy-based ingredient, Hydrolyzed Casein Tripeptides, and may not be suitable for those with dairy allergies. 

Claims vs Reality:  How I Felt After Taking Ryse Godzilla

Ryse Godzilla user experienced

After my underwhelming experience trying Ryse’s other pre-workout supplement (Ryse Loaded Pre), I wasn’t enthusiastic to try Ryse Godzilla. 

However, I was pleasantly surprised by Ryse Godzilla and consider this an option that I would want to keep on hand for big performance days, like days when I plan on going for a personal best. 

I experimented using a wide range of serving sizes, starting with a half-scoop serving and working up to 1, 1.5, and 2 scoops. 

I didn’t experience any noticeable effect with only a half scoop, and I found my personal sweet spot to be around 1.25-1.5 scoops. 

Using less than the full 2-scoop serving also helped me keep the total cost per serving lower. 

There are some digestive side effects worth mentioning because not only did I experience them, but several customer reviews on Amazon also experienced similar side effects. 

I did not experience intense stomach discomfort and urgent bathroom trips as I did with Gorilla Mode, but I did have to consistently go to the bathroom 60-90 minutes after taking Ryse Godzilla. 

I wouldn’t describe these trips to the bathroom as urgent, but it happened every time regardless of whether I took 1 scoop or 2. Some customer reviews mentioned experiencing more severe stomach discomfort. 

Regarding increasing strength and performance, I was impressed with Ryse Godzilla. The energy that it provided did not make me feel buzzy or euphoric like some other pre-workouts have, but I felt incredibly strong. 

At one point in my workouts, I stopped twice to double and triple-check the weight on the pinstack because I thought I had made a mistake and set the weight too low. 

With a very high dose of beta-alanine (3.2 to 6.4g), I expected to be scratching my face off from the tingling. But I found the overall tingly effect from Ryse Godzilla to be surprisingly subtle. My face and ears got slightly uncomfortable at the beginning of my workouts, but it subsided quickly and was never so intense that I found it distracting. 

While Ryse Godzilla might be too pricey for many users to justify using the full 2 scoop serving for every single workout, I do think that a single scoop serving will still provide a good energy and performance boost at a more reasonable cost. 

If you plan to integrate this pre-workout into your routine, I recommend using 1-1.5 scoops for day-to-day use and saving the full 2-soop serving when you really need it.

Ryse Godzilla Pre-Workout

Ryse Godzilla has clinical doses of beta-alanine and betaine in a single scoop serving. When taking a 2-scoop serving, Godzilla also offers clinical doses of citrulline, creatine, and citicoline.

Ryse Godzilla Ingredients 

Ingredients of Ryse Godzilla Pre workout

The ingredients here are listed per 1 scoop serving.

*Items indicated with an * contain a clinical dose when a 2 scoop serving is taken

A quick note about the ingredients: online, there are slightly different formulas based on the flavor. I am unsure if this is just outdated labels for some or done deliberately. 

For example, The Monsterberry Lime, Strawberry Kiwi, and Blackberry Lemonade ingredients show choline bitartrate instead of the patented Cognizin® found in Pineapple and Blue Raspberry. 

Mosterberry Lime, Strawberry Kiwi, and Blackberry Lemonade also have an additional ingredient called Thinkamine,™ which is not found in the pineapple. 

Overall, regardless of which flavor you have I anticipate that the overall experience will be the same. 

The ingredients listed below are what is found in the specific flavor that I tested, Passion Pineapple. 

IngredientDoseClinical Effective DoseMeets Clinical Dosing Standards
L-Citrulline5500 mg6000-8000 mgx*
Beta Alanine3200 mg3000-6000 mg
Betaine Anhydrous2500 mg2500 mg
Creatine Monohydrate2500 mg3000-5000mgx*
Cognizin ®250 mg250-500 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous175 mgn/an/a
VasoDrive-AP ®150 mg150 mg
Theobromine100 mgn/an/a
zumXR ®25 mgn/an/a


Citrulline is an amino acid most commonly sought after for its pump-enhancing effect. 

Aside from the aesthetic muscle pump that comes from this enhanced blood flow, supplementing with citrulline may also help delay fatigue, increase strength and endurance, and improve recovery. 

More research is needed to prove the benefits of citrulline as a performance-enhancing ingredient definitively, but so far, the ideal dose appears to be 6-8g taken approximately one hour before exercise. 

One scoop of Godzilla contains 5.5g of citrulline from 2 sources (L-Citrulline and Citrulline Nitrate). While this technically falls just shy of clinical dose standards, the combination of the two will still have a positive effect on nitric oxide levels in the body. 

A 2-scoop serving of Godzilla contains 11g of citrulline, well above the clinical dose recommendation. 


Beta-alanine is an amino acid that plays a role in the synthesis of carnosine in the body. 

Carnosine is a molecule that acts as a buffer in the body, helping to buffer the hydrogen ions that can build up in the muscles and cause fatigue. 

As a result, supplementing with beta-alanine can help increase the time to fatigue, allowing you to work out for more extended periods of time. 

To see the full benefits of beta-alanine, it should be taken daily over the longer term (more than 2 weeks) at a dose of 3-6g daily. After the two-week period, a maintenance phase of 1.2g daily is sufficient. 

A single scoop of Godzilla contains 3.2g of beta-alanine, meeting clinical dose standards. 

Beta-alanine can come with the side effect of skin tingling, called paresthesia. Due to the high dose of beta-alanine in Godzilla (3.2 to 6.4g), this product may cause uncomfortable levels of paresthesia. 

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine helps with liver function and helps to make carnitine in the body, a substance that helps convert fat to energy. 

Research on betaine as an ergogenic aid has provided mixed results, but it does show promise for improving strength and power output

Betaine has also been shown to have a positive effect on body composition by increasing lean mass and reducing fat mass in active adults. 

To see its full benefit, betaine should be taken daily over a several week period at a dose of 2.5g per day. 

Ryse Godzilla contains exactly 2.5g of betaine per scoop, meeting clinical dose standards. 

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine plays a key role in one of the primary energy systems used during strength and power-based activities like weightlifting or sprinting. 

By supplementing with creatine and having a higher concentration of creatine in your body, you have more potential energy stored, improving strength and power output. 

For optimal results, creatine should be taken over the long term at 3-5g daily. The performance-boosting effects of creatine will become most apparent after about 4 weeks of consistent supplementation. 

A single scoop of Godzilla falls just shy of clinical dose standards, with 2.5g of creatine monohydrate. A 2-scoop serving, however, perfectly meets clinical dose standards. 

Cognizin ® 

Cognizin ® is a patented form of citicoline. Citicoline is a chemical naturally produced in the body and plays a role in brain health. 

Cognizin ® has been shown to support brain energy, increase mental focus, improve motor speed, and enhance memory. 

This ingredient is a great way to increase energy and mental focus during your pre-workout without additional stimulants. 

The studies using Cognizin have used doses ranging between 250mg and 500mg of Cognizin ®  daily. While both doses showed improvements, results were significantly higher for motor speed with the 500mg dose. 

Ryse Godzilla contains 250mg of Cognizin® per scoop, meeting clinical dose standards. 

Caffeine (2 sources)

Caffeine is a stimulant that speeds up the central nervous system. This results in an increase in mood, alertness, and can delay the time to exhaustion. 

Ryse Godzilla contains 2 different types of caffeine: caffeine anhydrous and zumXR ® Extended Release Caffeine. 

Caffeine anhydrous is a faster-acting caffeine that hits the system quickly, reaching peak levels within 30-60 minutes. 

zumXR ® Extended Release Caffeine was added to the Godzilla formula to provide a long-lasting energy and prevent a post-workout crash after the caffeine anhydrous wears off. 

There is no set clinical dose for caffeine since individual responses can vary greatly. 

The FDA outlines a safe upper limit of 400mg daily, whereby caffeine is generally considered safe to consume up to that daily dose. 

Ryse Godzilla contains 200mg of caffeine per scoop, meaning a 2-scoop serving contains the FDA’s known safe limit of 400mg daily. 

If you take 2 scoops of Ryse Godzilla, I recommend not consuming other sources of caffeine in your day. I also recommend starting with a single or half-scoop serving to assess your personal tolerance first. 


VasoDrive-AP ® is a patented ingredient designed to promote blood flow and increase vascularity. 

The specific mechanisms through which VasoDrive-AP ® works in the body are pretty complicated, the important thing to note is that it has been clinically proven to:

  • Support glucose utilization
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Support cognitive function
  • Improve recovery
  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Provide a good intra-workout pump
Ryse Godzilla pump, energy and strength

A clinical dose of 150mg has been shown effective in studies specifically pertaining to blood pressure, but more definitive research is needed to know the best dose for improving workout performance. 

Ryse Godzilla contains 150mg of VasoDrive-AP per scoop, which is the same dose that has been shown effective in the existing clinical trials. 


Theobromine is in the same class of stimulants as caffeine

While it is similar to caffeine, theobromine offers a longer-lasting, calmer energy without the traditional spike and crash that can be experienced from other sources of caffeine. 

Theobromine will provide the same benefits as caffeine, including increased cardiovascular and strength performance and boosted cognitive function. 

There isn’t a lot of research looking at theobromine alone as an ergogenic aid, and not enough to establish a clinical dose. 

Godzilla provides 100mg of theobromine per scoop. This dose is likely to work well with the 200mg of caffeine to provide an excellent boost to energy and performance without a crash. 

Highlights: What I Like About Ryse Godzilla

Pros vs Cons of Ryse Godzilla Pre workout

Clinical Doses For All Ingredients

When you take a 2-scoop serving, Ryse Godzilla provides clinical doses for every single ingredient that it uses which have clinical doses established. 

Some ingredients like caffeine and theobromine don’t have clinical doses established since how people feel and tolerate them is very individualized. 

For all of the ingredients that do have clinical doses established or at least some volume of research behind them, Ryse Godzilla meets or exceeds those doses. 

Patented Ingredients

Patented ingredients have typically undergone high-quality research trials to prove their safety and effectiveness. This is an extra reassurance that your product will provide the results that it advertises. 

Ryse Godzilla uses several patented ingredients in its formula, including NO3-T® (Citrulline nitrate), Cognizin® (citicoline), VasoDrive-AP® (Hydrolyzed casein), and zumXR® (extended release caffeine). 

This combination helps you experience the pump, mental focus, and long-lasting energy that Ryse Godzilla promises.

Still Effective As A Single Scoop Serving

While experienced pre-workout users and those looking for the most intense experience may opt for a full 2 scoops of Ryse Godzilla, a single scoop of Ryse Godzilla will still enhance strength, energy, endurance, pump, and mental focus. 

Individuals with a more generous supplement budget and/or people looking for the most intense pre-workout experience may do the 2 scoop serving to get some of the highest doses of pump, strength, and energy ingredients on the market. 

For individuals on a tighter budget, or those who want to minimize their total caffeine intake, a single scoop of Ryse Godzilla still contains high enough doses of high-quality ingredients to power you through some intense workouts. 

Drawbacks What I Did Not Like About  Ryse Godzilla

Can Get Expensive If You Take The 2 Scoop Serving

When taking two full scoops of Ryse Godzilla, the cost per serving is around $2.84.  This makes a 2-scoop serving of Ryse Godzilla among the most expensive options on the market. 

My professional opinion is that you shouldn’t use a 2 scoop serving of Ryse Godzilla for every single workout, anyway. 

To avoid building up a tolerance to caffeine too quickly and put less stress on your wallet, I recommend using 1 to 1 ¼ scoops for most of your workouts. Save the 2 scoop serving only for special occasions like aiming for a big personal best, before a photoshoot when you want the maximum pump, or days where you feel like you need the pick me up. 

If you go this route, Ryse Godzilla will cost you only $1.42-$1.77 per serving, hovering closer to the average cost of pre-workout, which is $1.60. 

May Make You Have To Go To The Bathroom

I did not experience nausea or extreme discomfort with Ryse Godzilla, even with the whole 2 scoop serving. I did experience having to use the bathroom within 60-90 minutes of taking this pre-workout, even with just a single scoop serving. 

With some products I tested, like Gorilla Mode, I experienced more severe digestive upset and very urgent trips to the bathroom. 

Ryse Godzilla didn’t provide an experience nearly as uncomfortable, but I did have to make sure that I had access to a bathroom after taking this pre-workout.

Very High Caffeine

A full 2 scoops of Ryse Godzilla contains 400mg of caffeine, which is the exact safe upper limit that the FDA recommends. This limits its use for many individuals and should not be taken in the evening.

Since Ryse contains the full FDA limit per 2 scoop serving, it would not be recommended to consume any other caffeine sources throughout your day like coffee, tea, or energy drinks. 

For me personally, this is a deal breaker since having a morning coffee is ritualistic for me. 

Furthermore, due to the high caffeine content, this is not a product that should be taken in the evening or within 5 hours of bedtime – especially with the extended-release caffeine. This product would likely disrupt your sleep quality. 

How Does  Ryse Godzilla Stack Up Against Our Criteria For Pre Workouts

Ryse Godzilla Pre workout


Our rating: 3/5

With a single scoop serving, Ryse Godzilla provides excellent value for its ingredients. A 2-scoop serving, however, is among the most expensive pre-workouts available on the market. Regarding value, it just depends on how you plan on using it.


Our rating: 4/5

Ryse Godzilla is not the best-tasting product on the market, but considering the high volume of ingredients, which can taste naturally very bitter or sour, I think they’ve done a great job making this product taste the best it can.


Our rating: 4/5

Ryse Godzilla dissolves almost entirely with minimal effort, whether one or two scoops are used when using the recommended 6-8 oz of water per scoop. 

Even when using less water than recommended, Godzilla maintains a good texture to drink. 

Typically, with high-dose pre-workouts like this one, it is common for them to have a gritty texture. Ryse has done a great job of matching high doses of ingredients with a pleasant drinking experience. 


Our rating: 5/5

Ryse Godzilla provides a combination of stimulants, nootropics, and ingredients known to boost physical stamina to provide a complete mental and physical energy boost. 

Aside from the caffeine, which ranges from 200mg-400mg per serving, Ryse Godzilla also contains ingredients known to boost mental focus and alertness (e.g. citicoline) as well as endurance and physical stamina (e.g. beta-alanine). 


Our rating: 5/5

Ryse Godzilla offers some of the highest doses of pump ingredients found in pre-workout, including 11g of citrulline (per 2-scoop serving) with support from VasoDrive-AP®. 

The combination of the two ingredients mentioned above works together to provide an intense muscle pump. 


Our rating: 5/5

Ryse Godzilla provides high doses of ingredients that increase strength, like creatine monohydrate and betaine. 

Other support ingredients like nitric oxide boosters, beta-alanine, and caffeine help delay the time to fatigue, providing physical strength and stamina to push through your workouts. 

The positive effect on strength and power was where I found Ryse Godzilla shone for me. 

Who Should Take  Ryse Godzilla? 

 Ryse Godzilla is for: 

  • People who work out earlier in the day since this product is very high in caffeine and contains an extended-release caffeine to prolong its effects
  • People who want the highest doses of ingredients to support pump and athletic performance
  • Individuals with a generous supplement budget since a 2-scoop serving is among the most expensive on the market
  • Those who have already tried pre-workout before and are looking for “something more intense”

Who Should Not Take  Ryse Godzilla? 

I would not recommend Ryse Godzilla for:

  • Anyone sensitive to caffeine
  • Anyone who works out later in the day or in the evening (the high caffeine content and extended-release caffeine are likely to impact sleep quality)
  • Someone trying pre-workout for the first time (unless you start with a half or single-scoop serving). 
  • Anyone with a dairy allergy (this product contains milk)

What Are Other Customers Saying About Ryse Godzilla? 

Ryse’s Godzilla pre-workout is highly rated at 4.9/5 on their site with nearly 2500 reviews, and a lower 4.3/5 on Amazon from 1660 reviews. 

The absence of 1 or 2 star reviews on Ryse’s site compared to Amazon’s 10% low ratings raises questions. 

Taste is subjective, with mixed opinions evident on Amazon. 

flavor reviews on amazon

Most Amazon reviews still commend its energy boost and focus, despite some reporting nausea and the product’s high price. 

One-star reviews were mainly about shipping issues and potential side effects like queasiness. 

As mentioned, it’s best to start with a smaller dose to assess tolerance.

Ryse Godzilla Alternatives

Transparent Labs Bulk

Transparent Labs Bulk

If you’re put off by Ryse Godzilla’s cost, artificial sweeteners, or milk content, Transparent Labs Bulk is a high-quality, cost-effective substitute. 

Bulk is third-party verified, free from artificial additives, and offers clinical doses of key performance ingredients like citrulline and beta-alanine, minus creatine found in Ryse Godzilla. It includes caffeine and nootropics for sustained energy and focus, costing $1.66 per serving. 

Available in 12 flavors, Bulk caters to a range of taste preferences with sour and sweet options.

Ryse Pump Daddy

For those who prefer Ryse Godzilla’s benefits but avoid caffeine for evening workouts or due to sensitivity, Ryse’s Pump Daddy is a stimulant-free alternative. 

It matches Godzilla in citrulline, beta-alanine, and creatine content, with a comparable betaine dose and more VasoDrive-AP® for enhanced nitric oxide production and muscle pump. 

Pump Daddy suits those avoiding stimulants and is available in three flavors: Freedom Rocks, Blue Raspberry, and Candy Watermelon, priced at $1.42 per serving. 

Milk-allergic individuals may consider Transparent Labs’ stimulant-free pre-workout as an option.

Are There Any Promos or Discounts For Ryse Godzilla? 

The easiest way to save money on Ryse products is to use their Stack and Save feature. 

When ordering directly from Ryse, you can save 10% off your order if you buy two items simultaneously, 15% off your order if you order 3 items, and 20% off for ordering four items. These can be four of the same item or four different items. 

This does, however, come with the tradeoff of having to put up more money upfront.

Ryse has a Rewards Page on its website that is not yet active, but it will offer a rewards program similar to others on the market where you earn points by shopping online and can redeem those points for supplements and swag. 

If you are a brand fan, it’s worth subscribing to their newsletter to be the first to know when sales and promotions go live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ryse Godzilla The Best Pre Workout?

Ryse Godzilla is one of the highest-dosed pre-workouts on the market with clinical doses of ingredients to support pump, strength, endurance, energy, and mental focus. The high cost per serving or high caffeine content may be limiting factors for some people. 

Is Ryse Godzilla Third Party Tested? 

Ryse states that they test their ingredients multiple times but doesn’t give any indication about when this testing occurs, and whether the product is tested once all of the ingredients have been combined. We don’t know if this testing is in-house or by an independent third party. 

Is Ryse Godzilla Good For Weight Loss? 

Ryse Godzilla does contain high levels of stimulants as well as an ingredient called betaine which was shown to have positive benefits on body composition with prolonged use. This product is not specially formulated for fat loss but being able to push through more intense workouts can help accelerate your results. 

Is Ryse Godzilla Safe For Women? 

Ryse Godzilla is safe for use by women but should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.

How Much Caffeine Does Ryse Godzilla Have? 

Ryse Godzilla has 200mg of caffeine per scoop, coming from 175mg of caffeine anhydrous and 25mg from an extended-release caffeine. This provides a more prolonged energy, up to 6 hours with no crash.  

Does Ryse Godzilla Have Creatine? 

 Ryse Godzilla contains 2.5g of creatine monohydrate per scoop. As such, the two scoop serving contains a full clinical dose of 5g of creatine. 

How Long Does Ryse Godzilla Last For? 

Ryse Godzilla contains a few different types of stimulants to provide an energy that hits quickly and slowly tapers off, lasting up to six hours with no crash. 

Does Ryse Godzilla Need To Be Cycled? 

Due to the high volume of ingredients and stimulants, I recommend cycling Ryse Godzilla to avoid building up a tolerance to this product. Once you stop noticing the energizing effects of Godzilla, I recommend taking ~2 weeks off of pre-workout to help reset your tolerance.  You can avoid building up a tolerance by not using Ryse Godzilla for every workout.

Will Ryse Godzilla Make Me Jittery?

Ryse Godzilla contains 200-400mg of caffeine per serving which may cause jitteriness or anxiety for some individuals. I recommend starting with a half scoop serving to assess your personal tolerance before moving up to the full scoop or 2 scoop serving. 

What Flavors Are Available For Ryse Godzilla? 

Ryse Godzilla is available in 5 different flavors: Blue Raspberry, Passion Pineapple, Godzilla Monsterberry Lime, Blackberry Lemonade, and Strawberry Kiwi. 

Where Is Ryse Godzilla Made? 

Ryse Godzilla is proudly made in the USA using ingredients of both domestic and international origin. Ryse Up Sports Nutrition has their head office located in Frisco, Texas. 

What Is Ryse’s Shipping Policy? 

Domestic shipping is free with a $150 purchase. Ryse intends to ship all orders within 1-3 business days, with shipping times typically around 3 to 7 days. Note that processing and shipping times may be extended during new product launches, big promotions, or holiday seasons. 

What Is Ryse’s Return Policy? 

Ryse will accept returns purchased directly from Ryse within 30 days of shipment with proof of purchase. Ryse will not process returns through third party retailers. Returns and exchanges will be processed once the returned item(s) are sent back to Ryse. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. 

How To Contact Ryse? 

For general inquiries, you can reach out to Ryse via the contact form on their website

You can also contact Ryse via e-mail at info@rysesupps.com or at 1-888-RYSEUP1. Customer service hours are listed as weekdays from 9am to 5pm CST. 

Ryse is also active on social media and can be found on Facebook, X(Twitter), TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.


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