I Tried Transparent Labs Mass Gainer For 30 Days (Review)

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I was eager to try a full 30-day cycle with Transparent Labs Mass Gainer because it includes high-quality carb sources (like oat and sweet potato flour) compared with other popular gainers that are simply full of sugar.  In fact, with Transparent Labs, there’s no added sugar whatsoever, it’s sweetened with stevia.  But, more on the ingredients later. 

I loved my experience and the results I got from taking Transparent Labs Mass Gainer, and while I plan on continuing to use it, some people may want to skip this product. Below, I’ll share my results, who I recommend taking it, who I recommend not taking it, and how it stacks up with FeastGood’s 8-point criteria for mass gainer.   

Key Takeaways

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  • At $0.71 per 100 calories, Transparent Labs Mass Gainer is towards the higher end of the cost-per-serving range for mass gainer supplements. After analyzing 40+ mass gainer products, the average cost per serving was around $0.53.
  • Despite the higher-than-average cost, Transparent Labs ensures that its product is third-party tested and has minimal added sugars and fillers. Additionally, it includes high-quality ingredients like grass-fed whey, creatine, and the optimal carb-to-protein ratio. For this reason, the price is justified.
  • I would 100% purchase this product again and plan to continue using it during my bulking phases.  I prefer this product over the vegan version; however, if you cannot digest whey or want a vegan option, check out the Transparent Labs Vegan Mass Gainer review I recently did (it’s a great vegan mass gainer product).

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer
Transparent Labs Mass Gainer


  • TL Mass Gainer ensures that you are getting only the best ingredients
  • Transparent Labs includes grass-fed whey concentrate.


  • Clean, Simple Ingredients
  • No added sugars (Only Stevia)
  • Adequate dosage for caloric surplus
  • Fast digesting carbs
  • Mixability with liquid

Best For

  • People who want to know precisely what is in their supplements and mass gainers
  • Anyone looking to increase their caloric intake with nutrients that can directly serve their muscle growth and performance.
  • Anyone looking to place themselves in a slight calorie surplus to gain lean muscle and minimize excessive body fat gains slowly.

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Overview of Transparent Labs Mass Gainer

Overview of Transparent Labs Mass Gainer

Transparent Labs is established as one of the top supplement brands, creating third-party-tested products free of colorings, artificial sweeteners, and unnecessary GMOs.

As a consumer, you are buying a supplement tested by unbiased sources who validate each product’s quality. 

Unlike some of its competitors, TL Mass Gainer ensures that you are getting only the best ingredients, such as grass-fed whey protein and fast-acting clean carb sources (tapioca maltodextrin, oat flour, sweet potato flour, and creatine), without all the additives.

TL Mass Gainer has two flavors (chocolate glaze donut and sweet vanilla). 

  • The chocolate flavor delivers 750 calories, 53 grams of protein, 110g of carbohydrates, and 14 grams of fat per serving. 
  • In contrast, sweet vanilla delivers 730 calories, 51 grams of protein, 106 grams of carbs, and 14 grams of fat (per service, two full scoops). 

Additionally, both flavors deliver 3g of creatine monohydrate and 4-6g of fiber (more on these benefits later)

My Results & Experience

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer user experience

I added this mass gainer into my diet after being in a maintenance phase for a few weeks. I took a whole serving (2 scoops) with water during my workout window (either immediately after training or during). 

My goal was to increase my caloric intake to help me gain lean muscle mass slowly and minimize fat gain. 

To do so, I placed myself in a ~600-calorie surplus daily by swapping my post-workout whey protein shake (which I would drink with food post-workout) with this mass gainer (which I would also drink with food). 

In doing so, I upped my carb intake by ~100 grams and protein ~25 grams more per day compared to my maintenance levels.

My initial thoughts on this product were that I enjoyed the macronutrient breakdown and how it fits my needs. I also loved the mixability, taste, and the fact it delivers creatine and carbohydrates in the same serving. All of these helped me ingest high-quality, clean sources of calories to fuel hard training and recovery.

I trained six times a week and followed an upper 1 (chest, calves, arms), upper 2 (back, shoulders), and lower body split. I trained each workout twice per week. I performed heavy barbell compound exercises (conventional deadlift, front squat, bench press, shoulder press) in the 4-8 rep range and then mainly did dumbbells, cables, and machines in the 6-15 rep range.

Over 30 days, I found that my tolerance for higher-volume workouts (more sets, reps, and loads) increased, and I could progress most loads and reps every week. I also felt fuller (my muscles felt more pumped and complete). 

Lastly, my body weight increased by 3 lbs in 4 weeks, which was subtle yet significant progress.  It’s important to note that people new to bulking will likely see faster weight gain compared with someone like me who has been training for almost 20 years.  

I did not feel any less lean and felt more muscular (which could be attributed to having slowly gained weight instead of gaining weight too rapidly).

Ultimately, I feel that the shake provided me with an easy, accessible way to increase my carb and protein intake around workouts and place myself in a slight yet significant calorie surplus to help nudge lean muscle growth and minimize excessive body fat gains.

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer

At $0.71 per 100 calories, Transparent Labs Mass Gainer is towards the higher end of the cost-per-serving range for mass gainer supplements. After analyzing 40+ mass gainer products, the average cost per serving was around $0.53.


Transparent Labs Mass Gainer Ingredients

Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate

Transparent Labs includes grass-fed whey concentrate.  

Concentrate has slightly more carbs than isolate, which is what you want in a mass gainer.  

When it comes to being grass-fed, grass-fed whey protein is not higher in protein than regular whey protein, and it does not give you any special benefits.

The only benefit, which many people might care about, is that the production of whey protein aligns more with sustainable and ethical farming practices. 

Tapioca Maltodextrin, Oat Flour, and Sweet Potato Flour

The unique blend of these three different carbohydrates provides clean, easily digestible energy. 

Ideally, to increase lean muscle, you want to increase your carb intake to 3-7 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. This allows you to increase muscle glycogen stores to train harder and single muscle growth. 

Fast-activating carbs after workouts have also been shown to help with muscle recovery by decreasing muscle soreness. This makes it easier to get back into the gym sooner and train more (which is key when looking to gain mass).

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is a potent energy source used by muscle tissue that has been shown to increase strength, power output, and performance.

According to this study in the Journal of Nutrition and Health, creatine users saw a 5% greater increase in upper body muscle mass development over eight weeks than non-users (7.1% vs 2.1%). 

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer has included 3g of creatine monohydrate per serving of the mass gainer, which is on track with the recommended dosage for most people (3-5g per day).

Note: For best results, you should take creatine daily. I personally took one full serving of this mass gainer daily (even on rest days). However, if you choose not to take the mass gainer daily, I recommend also supplementing with creatine monohydrate on days you need to get creatine in (and aren’t doing the mass gainer shake).

No Added Sugars (Only Stevia)

Both Transparent Labs Mass Gainer flavors note that they do not include any added sugars or artificial flavors. The primary substance used to sweeten the powder is stevia, which has been shown to be anti-hypertensive, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects and improvement of kidney function. 

I prefer this not because I fear sugar but because I don’t want or need additional calories and carbs here (since this already delivers high amounts of maltodextrin, which is great for post-workout). 

Highlights: What I Liked

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer benefits

Clean, Simple Ingredients

When I use supplements, I prioritize clean ingredients. 

Many supplement companies add fillers like fats, sugars, and other ingredients not backed by science to either charge more or add more calories to the diet (with no added benefits). I want to make sure all the calories I consume are precisely what my body needs and can use to help me gain lean mass. 

This is why I like TL Mass Gainers. They are straightforward in their approach, delivering carbs, protein, creatine, and minimal healthy fats. The basics, done right, are all you need.

Adequate Dosage for Caloric Surplus

When your goal is to gain weight, you need to be in a calorie surplus. 

Most people, however, eat low-quality sources of calories, do not track their intakes, and overconsume calories as a whole. This results in excessive body fat gain and no more muscle mass than if you ate properly.

TL mass gainers deliver ~750 calories, 50g of protein, and over 100 grams of muscle-building carbohydrates, which is nearly the exact amount of calories most people need to be in excess of to gain muscle mass and minimize fat gain.

While other main gainers deliver more calories, I find that more is not always better. A more moderate increase in calories above maintenance levels may result in slower weight gain over the same period (same amount of lean muscle growth), but less fat accumulation than diets that are too high in calories (even during a bulk).

Fast Digesting Carbs

Ingesting carbs during and/or immediately after a workout is great for muscle growth and recovery. 

Not only did TL include ample protein and creatine to support growth, but they also delivered high amounts of fast-acting carbs to restore muscle glycogen (energy stores) to improve recovery between sessions.

Mixability with Liquid

It can be very difficult for a mass gainer to mix well with water, especially ones that do not use fillers like fats and emulsifiers. TL mass gainer mixed beautifully with water in a shaker and came out velvety smooth after 20-30 seconds of intense shaking.

I will say, that depending on your shaker size (mine was 20oz), you may need to do one scoop, shake, and then add another scoop and shake to get the full serving. It is a lot of powder at once if you have a small shaker, but nonetheless it comes out great.

Drawbacks: What I Didn’t Like

There was only one notable drawback.  

Sweet Vanilla Tasted Off

I bought and tested both flavors and for whatever reason, I was not a fan of the vanilla flavor. It reminded me of buttered popcorn flavor (odd, I know) regardless of what it was mixed with (water, milk, almond milk).

That said, most vanilla protein powders miss the mark for me, except for the ones that pump artificial sweeteners into the mix (which defeats the purpose of seeking out something with clean ingredients).

This, however, is not a deal breaker for me, and even if I only had access to the sweet vanilla flavor (which I will be honest, I prefer chocolate powders across the board), I would still drink it because the macros and the product itself are top notch.

Key Criteria: How Does It Stack Up?

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer key criteria

Nutrition Label Transparency

Our rating: 5/5

Transparent Labs delivers the highest level of nutrition label transparency. The labeling is crystal clear and does not include any “top secret proprietary blends.”

As a lifter who has tried a lot of different mass gainers and whey supplements, I found it very reassuring to know exactly what was in my shakes.

Quality Ingredients

Our rating: 5/5

Again, Transparent Labs delivered on its promise of including only the cleanest sources of protein and carbohydrates to fuel weight gain. 

The ingredient list is short, and all the words are easily pronounced (which tells you the ingredient wasn’t named as if it was created in a lab under a microscope). I really appreciate how it isnt full of sugar and that the primary sources of carbohydrates are from sweet potato, tapioca, and oats. The addition of creatine monohydrate is also a nice touch.

Protein Percent of Calories

Our rating: 5/5

Protein accounts for nearly 30% of the total calories in this mass gainer (51-53 grams of protein per serving), which is the exact ratio you should strive for in a mass gainer.  Many other gainers have less than 25% protein.

Carbs account for the other 65% of total calories (and fats are the last 5%). This mass gainer supplies enough protein and carbs to replenish glycogen stores post-training to help you during your mass-gaining phase.

Carb-to-Protein Ratio

Our rating: 4/5

I would have loved to see the carb-to-protein ratio be  3:1. However, this product was roughly 2:1. Of course, this is not a deal breaker, as it still delivers high amounts of both. As long as you are tracking your overall calorie and macronutrient intake across the day, you will be fine.

Research suggests that a 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio is the ideal ratio to optimize muscle glycogen recovery post workouts. You can boost your carb intake more post-workout to hit that ratio by using milk or adding other carbohydrates.


Our rating: 4.5/5

I rated the Chocolate Glaze Donut a 5/5 and the Sweet Vanilla a 4/5, with an every score of ~ 4.5.

The CGD flavor was sweet, velvety, and mixed well. The vanilla flavor was a slight miss for me. However, I am not a huge fan of vanilla shakes, so I cannot fault this one too much (it was one of the more tolerable vanilla shakes I have had).

Both flavors mixed great with water and had a smooth, velvety texture. 


Our rating: 5/5

I am once again impressed with this mass gainer’s mixability, especially since it does not include any artificial emulsifiers.

Usually, shakes that don’t have emulsifiers can clump or settle toward the bottom of the shaker after a few moments. However, this one held its smooth texture for a while, making it a very pleasurable experience. I honesty would even go as far as stating I don’t think I could tell the difference between this and one that uses artificial emulsifiers (in the context of mixability), which is a serious win for TL Mass Gainers.


Our rating: 5/5

The goal of a mass gainer is to deliver calories and nutrients and NOT keep you full. This product worked great, as I was able to drink it during/after a workout (on the way home from the gym) and still eat again 30 minutes after I showered up.

I usually have a pretty good appetite, but it’s amazing to consume 750 calories quickly and not feel full or bloated right after (and then eat another full meal). That is what is needed if you struggle to gain mass (because you can’t eat enough).


Our rating: 3/5

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer costs $0.71 per 100 calories, which is 34% above the median price for other mass gainers (~ $0.53 per serving).

Despite its higher-than-average cost, I find it very easy to justify the price, given that it delivers almost perfect scores across every test. 

While you can certainly opt for other supplements at a cheaper price point (and still get some great value and results), I personally am willing to pay 10-20% more to ensure I am not ingesting questionable ingredients.

Who is Transparent Labs Mass Gainer For?

Transparent Labs Lean Mass Gainer is an excellent option for: 

  • People who want to know precisely what is in their supplements and mass gainers
  • Anyone looking to increase their caloric intake with nutrients that can directly serve their muscle growth and performance.
  • Anyone looking to place themselves in a slight calorie surplus to gain lean muscle and minimize excessive body fat gains slowly.

Who Should NOT Take Transparent Labs Mass Gainers?

You should pass on Transparent Labs Mass Gainers if:

  • You consume enough calories, protein, carbs, and creatine to fuel weight gain and muscle growth.

Customer Reviews

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer is sold on their website and has 861 reviews! The average rating is 4.45 out of 5 stars. 76% of all reviews were 5 stars, 8% were 4 stars, and the remaining 16% were 3 stars or less. Super impressive.

Transparent Labs does sell other products on Amazon and Vitamin Shoppe, however, this specific product is not available (can only be purchased on the Transparent Labs website).

The majority of negative reviews related to delivery issues (dented tubs, lost shipments, never shipped). Some users also claimed the whey left them feeling bloated, while others said it tasted too sweet.

Some 3 and 4-star reviews said overall they loved the macronutrient breakdown and the clean ingredients (non-GMOs or artificial flavors), but wished that the serving size wasn’t so large (didn’t fit in their shakers) and also wanted some other flavors than the ones offered.

The 76% of reviewers (over 650 people) who gave the product 5 stars raved about the macro breakdown and clean ingredient list. Many of the reviewers also said that, given that it is so clean and does not include seed oils, added sugars, and other additives, they really liked how the product tasted and made them feel (no bloating).

Where To Buy

You can purchase Transparent Labs Mass Gainer on their website. Some of their other products are also available on Amazon (protein powders). 

You can also purchase Transparent Labs Vegan Mass Gainer at Vitamin Shoppes and other retailers (search this locator to find a store near you).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Transparent Labs Vegan Mass Gainer Made?

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer is made in the United States. 

What Is Transparent Lab’s Shipping Policy?

According to their shipping policy on their website, Transparent Labs claims that orders placed Sunday through Thursday are shipped on the following business day that the order was received. All orders placed Friday through Saturday will ship on the following Monday.

Standard Shipping is the default shipping method (5-7 business days for Domestic orders and 14-21 working days for International orders). 

What Is Transparent Lab’s Return Policy?

According to their website, Transparent Labs offers a full refund or store credit for the item’s value within 30 days of delivery if you are unsatisfied with your product.

You can notify customer support at support@transparentlabs.com that you want a refund or store credit for your item.

Is Transparent Labs Vegan Mass Gainer Gluten Free?

Yes, this product is 100% gluten-free.

Are there any side effects?

Personally, I found no slide effects from the Transparent Labs Mass Gainer. I understand that some individuals may have a tough time digesting whey, which in that case they could opt to try th vegan option which uses pea protein isolate.

How To Contact Transparent Labs?

You can contact Transparent Labs by email at support@transparentlabs.com or by phone at 1-866-324-9557. They also have a virtual chat line on their website.


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