Can You Mix Whey Protein With Greek Yogurt?

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Many of my nutrition clients will ask me whether Greek yogurt is a good option to mix with whey protein, which is what I want to answer today.

So, can you mix whey protein with Greek yogurt? Mixing Greek yogurt with whey protein is a great way to increase the protein contents of your meal, helping you to hit your daily protein goal and keep you more full and satisfied.

Adding in berries and granola can turn this into a high protein breakfast or snack, which is great for around a workout. 

Not everyone should mix whey protein with greek yogurt though.  It will depend on your fitness and physique goals. 

In this article, I will provide:

  • 3 pros and cons of mixing whey protein with Greek yogurt
  • When it’s best to consume whey protein and Greek yogurt
  • How much Greek yogurt and whey to use and how to best mix it
  • A recipe that includes Greek yogurt and whey protein 

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Benefits of Mixing Whey Protein With Greek Yogurt

Pros vs Cons Mixing Whey Protein With Greek Yogurt

The benefits of mixing whey protein with Greek yogurt are:

  • It keeps you full for longer
  • It makes it easier to hit your daily protein goal
  • It can make a snack or meal 

1. It Keeps You Full for Longer

Greek yogurt adds extra fat and protein to your whey protein, helping keep you full for longer after you eat. This is particularly beneficial for anyone looking to lose body fat.

When you are trying to lose body fat you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning, which can often lead to hunger. You can combat this by including fat and protein in your meals to keep you full for longer after you eat. 

Therefore, mixing your protein powder with Greek yogurt will keep you much more full and satisfied compared to your typical protein shake with milk or water. 

Additionally, many people find chewing food provides more satisfaction and fullness compared to drinking (this is a common sentiment among a lot of my nutrition clients who are trying to lose weight). If this is the case for you, Greek yogurt is a great choice compared to a traditional shake.

2. It Makes It Easier To Hit Your Daily Protein Goal

Greek yogurt and whey protein provide almost double the protein of a protein shake, making it easier to hit your daily protein goals. 

For anyone with physique goals, getting sufficient protein is one of the most important things to do but also one of the most challenging. 

1 scoop of whey protein usually has around 24g of protein.  By adding it to 1 cup of Greek yogurt you get an additional 20g of protein

Adding this into your day as breakfast or a snack is an easy way to pack in a lot of protein making your daily protein goal significantly more attainable. 

3. It Can Make a Meal or Snack

Greek yogurt and protein powder can be combined with some berries and granola to make a high protein meal or snack option that can easily be taken on the go.

While adding a protein shake to your day is a great way to add in protein, it does not provide the fat and carbs to make a filling meal or snack. Drinking a protein shake with water is not a meal replacement.

However, if you can mix the protein with Greek yogurt instead, it can be easily turned into a filling snack or small meal with the addition of a few ingredients.

Top with whatever combination of granola, berries, nuts and seeds fits your particular macro needs. 

Drawback of Mixing Whey Protein With Greek Yogurt

The drawback of mixing whey protein with Greek yogurt is:

  • It’s less portable 

It’s Less Portable

Greek yogurt and whey protein is not as portable as a protein shake mixed with milk or water and therefore may not be the best choice for busy people on the go.

A protein shake is the ultimate on the go protein source. All you need to bring is a scoop of protein powder in a shaker cup then add water when you’re ready to consume.

Greek yogurt and whey make a good option to take with you if you’re going to work or another place where there is refrigeration, but won’t be as portable for things like travel. 

A travel tip I like to give my nutrition clients if Greek yogurt is preferred over a protein shake is to bring protein powder with you when travelling but stop at a grocery store for Greek yogurt once you arrive.

Most grocery stores have individual containers that can be stored in a hotel room mini-fridge and consumed when desired.

How Much Whey Protein Should You Add to Greek Yogurt?

It’s best to mix 1 scoop of protein per cup of Greek yogurt. This will ensure all the whey protein adequately dissolves as well as provide a good level of flavour.

Depending on your brand of protein powder, this will equate to 44-48g of protein.

You can mix less protein powder into your Greek yogurt however be aware you may still be able to taste the tart flavour of Greek yogurt. 

If you want a sweeter flavor, you can increase the whey protein but you may find it doesn’t completely dissolve and the texture is slightly gritty.

  • Mixing Greek yogurt with whey protein and honey is considered a 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio food (click to learn more about what this means and other foods that fall into this category).

Greek Yogurt and Protein Powder: When To Consume

Is Whey Protein and Greek Yogurt Good For Pre-Workout?

Yes, Greek yogurt and whey protein are good before a workout as it’s high in protein and has some carbs.

To give you the most energy, choose a low-fat version and add additional carbs like fruit, granola and/or honey. Sweetened yogurt can also provide a quicker and easier option.

I recommend limiting the whey protein to ½ a scoop, too much protein before a workout will slow down your body’s ability to use the carbs you’re eating for energy.

Is Whey Protein and Greek Yogurt Good For Post-Workout?

Yes, Greek yogurt and whey protein are good after a workout as it’s a good source of protein and has some carbs. 

Just like your pre-workout nutrition, to optimize your recovery, make sure you choose a low-fat yogurt and add in some additional carbs such as granola or berries. 

Protein after a workout is crucial for the muscle repair and recovery needed to add muscle mass. Given this, it’s best to go with a whole scoop of protein powder to ensure you are getting a sufficient amount.

Is Whey Protein and Greek Yogurt Good For Breakfast?

Yes, whey protein and Greek yogurt make for a great breakfast as the additional carbs and fat will keep you satiated until lunch. 

Anyone that struggles with a mid-morning energy crash is likely consuming a high carb breakfast. If we can instead, opt for a breakfast option that includes fat and protein we can keep ourselves full at satiated, and not reach for those high-calorie snacks. 

A higher fat Greek yogurt option is best along with some fruit and granola to add carbohydrates for energy. This is an easy breakfast option to bring with you to work if you find you aren’t super hungry right when you wake up.

Is Whey Protein and Greek Yogurt Good Before Bed?

Whey protein and greek yogurt are good after dinner as a sweet treat or way to get in any protein left in your macros. It may not be the best option if you’re looking to lose weight as consuming those calories during the day will be more satisfying.

Many of my nutrition clients come to me with a ton of protein left to eat at the end of each day but very minimal fat and carbs. When that’s the case, I also recommend they mix protein powder with Greek yogurt to make a sweet treat.

This is especially helpful for those bulking where you are already eating a ton of meat and want something more appetizing. 

If you are trying to lose weight, you may want to consider adding this in as a snack during the day. Consuming more of your food during the day will help with keeping you satisfied and able to stick to your diet long term. 

Quick tip, place your Greek yogurt and protein powder in the freezer for a half-hour to an hour to make a frozen yogurt treat. 

Who Should Mix Whey Protein With Greek Yogurt?

  • If you have physique goals: If you are looking to lose weight, consuming protein is important to ensure you are retaining muscle as well as keeping you full and satisfied. If you are looking to maintain or bulk, protein is important to assist in muscle growth. 
  • If you are a vegetarian: Greek yogurt and protein powder are also great for vegetarians as it’s some of the best ways to consume protein without significant additional fat and carbohydrates.

Who SHOULD NOT Mix Whey Protein With Greek Yogurt?

These cases are more extreme and don’t generally apply to the general gym go-er looking to improve their physique:

  • If you struggle with eating enough food during an extreme bulking phase: Greek yogurt will be more filling than a traditional protein shake since it’s a food that you are chewing. Using liquid calories, like a protein shake, is a much less filling option to consume protein and calories. I recommend trying to mix it with whole milk as a way to sneak in even more additional calories. 
  • If you are in an extreme deficit: Like many competitive bodybuilders close to a competition, you may need to stick with protein powder and water as it’s the least calories. For the best taste, mix in a blender with some ice.

Will Protein Powder Dissolve in Greek Yogurt? And, How Do You Mix It?

Protein powder will dissolve in Greek yogurt. It is relatively easy to do with a spoon and some vigorous stirring. 

Yes, protein powder will dissolve in Greek yogurt. It is relatively easy to do with a spoon and some vigorous stirring. 

The key is to add the protein powder in about ¼ scoop at a time. Stir until that is completely dissolved before adding another ¼ scoop. 

Best Types of Protein Powder To Mix With Greek Yogurt

A whey protein isolate is best to mix with Greek yogurt as it will mix in the best as well as provide the best taste and macros. I recommend Legion Whey+ Isolate.

I recommend a whey isolate instead of a whey concentrate because a whey isolate has a better macro profile. 

Whey isolate is a more filtered form of whey protein compared to a whey concentrate, meaning it has the most protein and least carbs and fat per scoop. It also is lactose-free making it much better digestively. 

If you are looking for a more affordable whey isolate, my recommendations are Signature 100% Whey Isolate and MyProtein Impact Whey Isolate.

Whey Protein & Greek Yogurt Recipe: Greek Yogurt Parfait

Whey Protein And Greek Yogurt Parfait Recipe

This Greek Yogurt parfait is an easy breakfast or snack that can be taken on the go to work or school. Reduce the nuts and seeds in half if you are eating before or after a workout.


  • ¾ cup 2% Greek yogurt
  • ½ scoop vanilla whey isolate
  • ½ cup (75g) blueberries
  • ¼ cup high protein granola
  • 2 tbsp (14g) pumpkin seeds
  • 2 tbsp (14g) slivered almonds


  1. Combine the protein powder and Greek yogurt, mixing well until completely dissolved
  1. Add half the yogurt mixture into a bowl. Sprinkle half of the nuts, seeds and berries on top.
  1. Add the remaining yogurt mixture on top. Top with remaining ingredients. 
  1. I recommend using vanilla protein powder in order to make it taste the best.

This recipe makes 1 serving with 440 calories, 40g protein, 27g carbs, 21g fat. 

What Else Can You Mix Whey Protein With?

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