35 Noom-Friendly Dessert Ideas (By Nutritionist)

Unlike many restrictive diets that require you to completely cut out sweet treats and desserts, the Noom app allows for certain desserts so you can have your cake, and eat it too!

Noom encourages a healthy and balanced relationship with food even while you are working toward your goals, meaning you don’t have to skip dessert.

In this article, I share 35 Noom friendly dessert recipes to help you satisfy your sweet tooth.

You don’t have to be using Noom to try out these dessert recipes, however if you are curious about the app I recommend checking out my Noom Review to see if it would be a good fit for you.

What Makes a Noom-Friendly Dessert?

The Noom app uses a system which is based on the calorie density, along with the nutrient density of particular food. If you are trying to create a Noom- friendly dessert, the goal would be to use ingredients that are high in nutrients, but lower in calories.

The “green category”, as per Noom, contains foods that are the highest in nutrients and the lowest in calories. Ideally, you are choosing around 50-70% of your food sources from this category.

  • If you want to see a full list of Green foods on the Noom app, check out the following article: Noom Green Food List – The Complete Guide of 110 Foods

Foods that are in the Yellow category also contain some essential nutrients that should be included in a balanced diet. These foods are typically more calorie dense, which is why they should be consumed in slightly smaller quantities compared with Green foods.

And finally, the Red category on Noom is reserved for foods that are the highest in calories but have the least amount of nutrients.

While there is still room for Red foods in a healthy and balanced meal, they should be consumed in moderation, and make up the smallest part of your plate. 

3  Tips for Creating a Green Dessert on Noom 

Opt for Green friendly carbs

While most traditional dessert recipes use ample amounts of refined white flour and sugars, you can easily replace these with other carb sources that fall into the Green category, such as rolled oats, sweet potato, and zucchini.

Making an effort to use these types of carbs as opposed to refined white flour and sugar is a great way to increase not only the fiber content but the vitamin and mineral content of your dessert as well. 

Carbs that contain more fiber are going to digest more slowly and keep your blood sugar more stable, which is a better alternative for your health.

Try using fruit to sweeten your dessert

You can make so many delicious dessert options using fruits that fall under the Green category such as bananas, apples, mangos, berries, peaches, and pears. 

All of these fruits are great options because they provide a sweet flavor, but are relatively low in calories and high in fiber and other vitamins and minerals that are essential for health.

Many of the recipes mentioned in this article utilize fruit as their main source of sweet flavor.

Sneak in some protein

While the protein content of your dessert does not have to be the first priority, sneaking in protein in the form of Greek yogurt or Cottage cheese into your dessert is a great way to make your dessert more filling and Noom-friendly.

35 Noom Desserts

1. Key Lime Pie Coconut Date Balls

These key lime pie balls pack a ton of flavor and use dates as their primary sweetener rather than using processed sugar. The entire recipe only requires 4 ingredients, making it quick and easy.

Although the majority of the ingredients in this recipe fall into the Red category, it is important to note that while each of these ingredients might be higher in calories, they are also whole foods that are extremely nutrient-dense. 

For example, dates are extremely high in fiber, and also contain nutrients such as potassium, selenium, magnesium, calcium and copper. Similarly, unsweetened coconut shavings are high in fiber, healthy fats and nutrients like iron and zinc.

Keeping this in mind, consuming these types of Red foods in moderation can be beneficial in a healthy and balanced diet.

Try the Key Lime Pie Coconut Date Ball Recipes here.

191 Calories per serving

2. Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse

This chocolate mousse is a bit different than traditional chocolate mousse since it utilizes high protein non-fat Greek yogurt and skim milk, both of which are considered Green foods on the Noom app.

Using dark chocolate chips in place of semi-sweet chocolate chips will also help to keep this chocolate mousse Noom-friendly, since dark chocolate chips will have less added sugar.

Find the recipe for the Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse here.

298 calories for half the recipe

3. Skinny Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Treats

These frozen yogurt sandwiches are a healthier spin on an ice-cream sandwich that is not only lower in fat, but also contain strawberries which are a great source of fiber and micronutrients.

This recipe calls for light vanilla yogurt, but if you wanted to keep the sugar content down even more you could replace this with a light plain yogurt. You could also increase the protein content of this recipe by using Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt.

Find the recipe for the Skinny Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Treats here.

96 Calories per serving

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites

These simple and easy banana bites are a great frozen treat to have in your freezer if you are craving something sweet after dinner. This recipe contains both natural peanut butter and coconut oil which are great sources of fat to include in your diet.

This recipe also utilizes dark chocolate chips which are going to be lower in sugar compared to regular semi-sweet chocolate, but still help you satisfy that chocolate craving. These bites are also extremely easy to make and don’t require any baking!

Check out the recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites here.

99 Calories per 2 banana bites

5. Chickpea Cookie Dough

Who doesn’t love to lick the cookie dough spoon when making cookies? With this recipe, you can make yourself an entire serving of cookie dough with healthy whole-food ingredients.

The main component in this recipe is the chickpeas, which are considered to be a Yellow food on Noom, and an amazing source of plant-based protein and fiber. Oat flour is also included in this recipe which provides an additional source of fiber and healthy carbohydrates.

Although almond butter is considered to be a Red food on Noom, it can be included in a healthy diet in moderation since it provides a healthy source of monounsaturated fat.

Find the recipe for Chickpea Cookie Dough here.

137 Calories per serving

6. Healthy Frozen Yogurt Bark

This yogurt bark recipe only contains 3 healthy ingredients, 2 of which are Green foods on Noom. If you choose to opt for Greek yogurt, this is also a great high-protein snack that can double as a dessert.

While this recipe uses raspberries, you could use any berry of your preference (such as blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries). Berries are a great source of antioxidants that can help your body to fight off free radicals and disease.

Try out the Healthy Frozen Yogurt Bark here.

352 calories for the entire recipe

7. The Ultimate 1-Minute Protein Brownie

Making a single-serve protein brownie is the perfect way to indulge in a treat without having to make an entire pan of dessert. This particular recipe utilizes a chocolate protein powder, which adds a boost of protein and flavor without the added sugar.

The recipe also calls for egg whites which are considered a Green food on Noom.

While the recipe allows you to sub the egg whites out for whole eggs or a flax egg, if you want to keep the fat content down in this protein brownie I recommend sticking to the egg whites.

Try out The Ultimate 1-Minute Protein Brownie here.

125 calories per serving.

8. Cinnamon Pecan Sweet Potato Rounds

This unique recipe takes a healthier spin on a sweet potato casserole and has no added sugar. Instead of sugar, the recipe calls for cinnamon which contains only 6 calories per tsp and has anti-inflammatory effects in the body.

Ghee, which is a clarified butter, is also used in this recipe and is a great source of healthy Omega 3 fats. Ghee is a great option for those who are lactose intolerant and do not tolerate regular butter.

Try the Cinnamon Pecan Sweet Potato Rounds here.

280 Calories per serving

9. Sugar-Free Sauteed Apples

This is the perfect dessert that you can try even if you have limited ingredients in the house. This recipe only calls for 4 ingredients, 2 of which are Green, and 2 of which are Red.

The Red ingredients being coconut oil and raisins still provide nutritional benefits in the form of healthy fat and fiber.

When apples are cooked, they release a gut-healing fiber known as pectin which has been shown to repair the intestinal lining, along with reducing inflammation.

Try the recipe for Sugar Free Sauteed Apples here.

153 Calories per serving

10. No Churn Banana Cinnamon Ice Cream

This ice cream is different from the ones that you will find in your local grocery store primarily because it does not have any added refined sugar.

The sweet taste of this ice cream comes from a combination of bananas (a Green food full of fiber and micronutrients) and maple syrup.

This recipe also adds high-protein Greek yogurt which will help to keep your blood sugar stable and you feeling full and satisfied.

Try the recipe for No Churn Banana Cinnamon Ice Cream here.

157 Calories per serving.

11. Chocolate Frozen Raspberries with Yogurt

These chocolate and yogurt-covered raspberries are the perfect bite-sized dessert to keep in your freezer. Using dark chocolate chips in this recipe will help to keep the sugar content of this recipe even lower.

Not only that but using Greek yogurt is a great way to add in Green food to this recipe and boost the protein content.

Try the Chocolate Frozen Raspberries with Yogurt here.

90 Calories per serving (4 raspberries)

12. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Healthy Frozen Yogurt

This frozen yogurt is the ultimate Noom-friendly dessert since its main ingredient is plain Greek yogurt, a high-protein Green food.

The recipe also uses all-natural peanut butter, which is a healthy source of monounsaturated fat that will help make this dessert even more filling. 

There is only a small amount of sugar in this recipe in the form of honey, which also contains nutrients like iron, zinc, and potassium.

Try the recipe for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Healthy Frozen Yogurt here

252 Calories per serving.

13.  Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

This cheesecake recipe is a great option if you have a dairy intolerance since this dessert is made from 100% plant-based ingredients.

This recipe also contains no added refined white sugar and is sweetened by ingredients such as strawberries, dates, and a small amount of maple syrup.

Healthy nuts like pecans and cashews are also used in this recipe which not only provides a healthy source of fat but a good amount of protein and fiber as well.

Try the Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake Bites here.

226 Calories per serving

14. Best Ever Healthy Zucchini Brownies

This brownie recipe is so good, you would never know that one of the main ingredients involved is zucchini. Believe it or not, zucchini can be used in many different types of baking, which helps to boost the fiber and micronutrient content of your dessert.

Cacao powder is another primary ingredient in these brownies. Cacao powder is a fantastic source of fiber and even provides a bit of protein while also giving your dessert a chocolate flavor.

Cacao is actually more nutrient dense than traditional cocoa powder, making it a great option in your Noom-friendly dessert.

Try the recipe for the Best Ever Healthy Zucchini Brownies here.

125 Calories per serving

15. Healthy Zucchini Oatmeal Cookies

Speaking of zucchini, these tasty cookies combine Green ingredients such as oats, bananas, and of course zucchini to make a healthy and enjoyable dessert.

The other aspect of this recipe that makes it a Noom-friendly dessert is that it only uses a small amount of added sugar in the form of maple syrup, and there is actually no added refined white sugar in this recipe. In fact, 5 of the major ingredients in this recipe are Green foods on Noom.

Try the Healthy Zucchini Oatmeal Cookies Recipe here.

142 Calories per serving

16.  2 Minute Microwave Cinnamon Apples Dessert

This recipe is another great option for when you are craving something sweet after dinner and you have minimal ingredients on hand.

This recipe is meant to be a faster and healthier version of apple crisp, and while you have the option of topping your apples with sugar, you can choose cinnamon instead to keep the sugar content lower.

This recipe also allows the option to top your cinnamon apples with ice cream. If you want to keep this dessert very Noom-friendly, I would suggest skipping the ice cream and using a non-fat Greek yogurt instead, since this is a high-protein Green food.

Try the 2-Minute Microwave Cinnamon Apples Dessert Recipe here.

300 Calories per serving

17. Healthy Carrot Cake

This carrot cake is healthier than traditional recipes because it not only uses honey in place of refined sugar but also uses whole wheat flour instead of white flour.

Whole wheat flour typically contains more vitamins, minerals, and fiber compared to white flour.

This recipe also packs in a whopping 2 cups of carrots and also uses high-protein Greek yogurt, which helps to keep this a Noom-friendly dessert.

Check out the Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe here.

256 Calories per serving

18. Three Ingredient Raspberry Peach Nice Cream

If you are craving ice cream but you want to keep your dessert dairy-free and Noom-friendly, this “nice cream” is a great option and only requires 3 ingredients.

I highly recommend keeping a variety of frozen fruit in your freezer (especially frozen bananas) for instances where you want a Noom friendly dessert.

This recipe is 100% Green since it is made entirely of fruit that is low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Try the Three Ingredient Raspberry Peach Nice Cream recipe here.

83 Calories per serving

19. Froyo Berry Bites

These frozen yogurt berry bites are surprisingly simple to make and contain an impressive 7 grams of protein per serving.

The recipe calls for crushed almonds as an alternative for a crumb base, which makes it a gluten-friendly option for anyone who wishes to avoid wheat and gluten-containing products.

These froyo berry bites call for either strawberries or raspberries, but you could even use blueberries if you wanted to switch up the flavor.

Try the Froyo Berry Bites Recipe here.

128 Calories per serving

20. Healthy Apple Nachos

If you didn’t think that apples could be nachos, think again. This recipe uses healthy whole-food ingredients to create a unique and tasty dessert.

Using chopped apples as your “chips”, your nacho toppings include ingredients like shredded coconut, dairy-free dark chocolate chips, natural nut butter, slivered almonds, cinnamon, and lemon juice.

The entire recipe can serve 2 people and contains an impressive 7 grams of fiber which will help you to feel full afterward.

Try the Healthy Apple Nachos Recipe here.

357 Calories per serving.

21. Baked Pears with Cinnamon Honey

While this recipe might seem simple, it is packed with flavor all while being a Noom-friendly option. Pears are a fruit that falls under the Green category on Noom and is full of fiber and other nutrients essential to a healthy diet.

Although the coconut oil in these baked pears is considered to be a Red food, it is healthy to consume in moderation and contains fatty acids that are good for your cognitive function, along with skin and nail health.

Try the Baked Pears with Cinnamon Honey Recipe here.

211 Calories per serving

22. Cinnamon Bananas

Bananas are an incredibly healthy and versatile fruit that can be used in a variety of different Noom-friendly dessert recipes.

They contain many different nutrients such as potassium and B vitamins and are relatively inexpensive, which makes them a great staple food in your grocery haul.

This particular recipe only calls for 5 ingredients and is quite low in calories, making it a great option if you are in a calorie deficit but are craving something sweet.

Try the recipe for Cinnamon Bananas here.

73 calories per serving

23. Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

These chocolate banana pops are a great alternative to a traditional popsicle or ice cream bar and make a perfect treat to have ready in your freezer in the Summertime.

If you decide to use good quality dark chocolate chips as your dipping chocolate, then this recipe actually contains zero added sugar, making it a very Noom-friendly dessert.

The topping used for the banana pops in this recipe is crushed peanuts, but you could experiment with other toppings such as crushed almonds, or unsweetened coconut shavings.

Try the Chocolate Covered Banana Pops Recipe here.

179 Calories per serving

24. Peanut Butter Protein Cake Bars

This tasty cake bar recipe does not have any added sugar and utilizes egg whites and oat flour, both of which are considered to be Green foods on Noom.

The recipe also adds an extra boost of protein with a peanut butter-flavored protein powder.

Although protein powders are considered to be a Red food on the Noom app, they can be incredibly effective at increasing the protein content and flavor of a recipe without adding unnecessary sugar.

Try the Peanut Butter Protein Cake Bars Recipe here.

106 Calories per serving

25. Crustless Banana Cream Pie

This simple banana cream pie recipe only calls for 4 different ingredients, 2 of which are Green foods on Noom (bananas and non-fat plain Greek yogurt).

The recipe also utilizes a sugar-free pudding mix, which is a great option if you are trying to keep the sugar content lower in your diet.

Check out the Crustless Banana Cream Pie Recipe here.

124 Calories per serving

26.Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites

These cookie dough bites are similar to the chickpea cookie dough recipe shared earlier, except these cookie dough bites are baked. The only added sugar in this recipe is ¼ cup of honey, making it a Noom-friendly dessert.

Chickpeas are a great alternative in baking if you don’t want to use traditional flour, since chickpeas are a great source of plant-based protein and packed with fiber.

Try the Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites recipe here.

238 calories per serving (1 cookie dough bite)

27. Skinny Greek Yogurt Lemon Bars

These lemon bars make a great Noom-friendly dessert because they use Greek yogurt as the main ingredient of the top layer of the bar.

The recipe also uses stevia, a natural zero-calorie sweetener that is a great alternative to regular sugar if you are watching your intake.

This recipe also calls for a gluten-free baking flour for the base of the cake, which makes it an excellent option if you are avoiding wheat products.

Try the Skinny Greek Yogurt Lemon Bars recipe here.

149 Calories per serving

28. Best Ever Apple Pie Cheesecake

This healthy apple pie cheesecake is not only high in protein, but it is also incredibly easy to make and requires no baking.

The high protein content in this recipe comes from the low-fat cottage cheese which is a Green food on the Noom app. It is very high in protein, so when it is combined with a high-fiber fruit like apples will create a very filling and satisfying dessert.

Try the Best Ever Apple Pie Cheesecake recipe here.

95 Calories per serving

29. Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream

Not only is this chocolate ice cream a healthier Noom-friendly option, but it’s also a great non-dairy alternative for anyone who does not tolerate dairy products.

Yet again, the star of the show in this recipe is frozen bananas, which can make a delicious and creamy “ice cream” without the use of any dairy or cream. This ice cream recipe also contains no added sugar, with all of the sweetness coming from the bananas.

This particular recipe calls for cocoa powder, but you could also sub this out for cacao powder, which is the raw version of cocoa and has a higher antioxidant content,

Try the Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream recipe here.

317 Calories per serving

30. Peanut Butter Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt Bark

Yogurt bark is a great dessert recipe to make if you prefer no-bake recipes, and this particular recipe uses high-protein Greek yogurt, which makes it a great option for a Noom-friendly dessert.

The recipe also has optional toppings such as banana, graham crackers and chopped nuts. If you want to make this recipe as Green friendly as possible, stick with banana as a topping since it is lower in calories and high in nutrients.

Try the Peanut Butter Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt Bark recipe here.

122 calories per serving

31. Chickpea Blondies

I have shared multiple different ways to use chickpeas in your dessert recipes, and these chickpea blondies are yet another way that you can utilize this high protein, high fiber legume.

These blondies use a combination of chickpeas and oat flour, and since oats are a Green food on the Noom app these are a better option than blondies made with traditional white flour.

There is no added processed white sugar in this recipe, but rather the dessert calls for maple syrup.

Although maple syrup is still high in sugar and should be consumed in moderation, it also contains vitamins and minerals such as zinc, manganese, iron, copper, and calcium, which can’t be found in white sugar.

Try the recipe for Chickpea Blondies here.

125 Calories per serving

32. Healthy Cinnamon Apple Cupcakes

If you are looking for a healthier version of a cupcake recipe, look no further. This particular cinnamon apple cupcake uses healthy ingredients such as non-fat Greek yogurt, skim milk, egg whites, and stevia instead of white sugar.

This recipe gives you the option of using either gluten-free four or whole wheat flour, which makes it versatile depending on your dietary preferences. Of course, the recipe also calls for apples, which is a great way to sneak a serving of fruit into your dessert.

Try the recipe for healthy Cinnamon Apple Cupcakes here.

294 Calories per serving

33.  Sour Candy Frozen Grapes

There’s no need for processed candy that is high in sugar and additives when you can make these sour candy frozen grapes.

This recipe is incredibly simple and only calls for 3 ingredients: grapes, monk fruit sweetener, and lime juice. Monk fruit sweetener is a good alternative to regular sugar and contains zero calories.

Try the recipe for Sour Candy Frozen Grapes here.

67 Calories per serving

34. Watermelon Sorbet

What’s more refreshing than watermelon on a hot sunny day? This delicious sorbet contains only watermelon, lemon juice, and honey. It is super simple to make and only has a prep time of about 5 minutes.

The recipe does suggest an option of adding coconut milk to the recipe if you want to add a bit more fat content and a different flavor to the dessert. Doing so would still leave this sorbet as a dairy-free option.

Try the recipe for Watermelon Sorbet here.

168 Calories per serving

35. Best 5 Minute Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Craving chocolate pudding? Believe it or not, you can make a delicious and creamy chocolate pudding using avocados as your main ingredient.

This recipe also calls for cocoa powder in order to get that chocolate flavor, and again this can be substituted for cacao powder if you are wanting to increase the number of nutrients and antioxidants in your dessert.

The only sugar that is added to this chocolate pudding is a small amount of maple syrup, which is a more nutrient-dense sweetener option compared to regular white sugar.

Try the Best 5 Minute Avocado Chocolate Pudding Recipe here.

288 Calories per serving

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