3 Noom-Friendly Meals At Burger King

Are you following the Noom diet and have a hankering for some Burger King goodness but worried it will derail your weight loss journey? 

Fear not! 

As a fellow Noomer and fast food enthusiast, I know the struggle of balancing a healthier lifestyle with the occasional indulgence.  

While you still need to be mindful of your choices at Burger King, there are a few guilt-free meals you can eat without compromising your Noom diet goals. 

I’ll share 3 options with you below and explain exactly how to customize those orders so you can stay on track with your healthier lifestyle.

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Can You Eat At Burger King On Noom?

Yes, you can eat at Burger King while on Noom because Noom encourages users to be more flexible with their choices by showing them how all foods can fit into their diet. 

One of the things I love about Noom is that Noom provides you with a calorie range to follow, rather than a fixed target.  

By having a calorie range, you can eat at the higher end on days when you feel like you want to splurge on a few extra calories (like eating at Burger King).

However, Burger King is a higher-calorie fast food option compared with other places, so even though you can make the calories fit within your range, it may not be the best choice to eat regularly.  

But, if you’re set on eating at Burger King then you can absolutely make it work.

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How To Eat A Noom-Friendly Burger King Meal?

How to eat a noom-friendly burger king meal?

Here are some tips for eating at Burger King while following Noom: 

Tip #1: Stick To One Beef Patty

If you’re eating at Burger King, then chances are that you’re ordering a burger, so it’s important to understand which burger options are best while on Noom.

Although you may be tempted to order a burger with more than one patty in pursuit of a higher protein meal, this would be a mistake.

The burgers at Burger King have higher fat content than protein content, so you will end up overconsuming fat in an attempt to get enough protein.

For example, one patty has 19 grams of fat (171 calories) and only 13 grams of protein (52 calories).

Fat also happens to have the highest number of calories per gram, so this would be a massive hit to your Noom calorie range. 

For this reason, if you’re ordering a burger, stick to options that only have one beef patty.

Tip #2: Think About What Nutrients Your Meal Has To Offer

When you’re looking at the menu at Burger King and wondering what options would be appropriate, it’s best to look at them in terms of nutrients.

Ideally, your order should have one source of each of the following nutrients:

  • Carbs
  • Fats
  • Protein
  • Fruit or Veg

So if you’re thinking about having nuggets, then consider that nuggets will provide you with some protein (meat), carbs (coating), and fat (oil for frying), so all that is missing is a piece of fruit or veg. 

Adding a side salad with your nuggets would give you a perfectly balanced meal that keeps your calorie intake in check.

Another example would be ordering a Whopper; which is constructed with a beef patty, tomato, onion, iceberg lettuce, dill pickle, sauce, and a sesame seed bun. 

The Whopper has protein (patty), fat (patty), carbs (bun), and some veg. 

To boost the volume of this meal (making it more filling by adding more bulk) without a drastic increase in calories, you could pair it with a side salad.

I wouldn’t order it with fries because fries have carbs and fat and that would put you at 2 fat sources and 2 carb sources, which would skyrocket your calorie intake.

Tip #3: Eat Your Fruit or Veggies First

My last tip is to eat your fruits and veggies first because they will help to fill you up more quickly. 

Eating your veggies first may help you naturally eat less of the higher-calorie foods in your order. 

If you have your salad first, then it may fill you up enough that you can’t comfortably finish your burger, which will help reduce your calorie intake and give you more wiggle room in your calorie range for the rest of the day.

The veggie options at Burger King are very limited, with only salad and applesauce available.

Noom Burger King Meals

The top 3 meals from Burger King while on Noom are:

1. Whopper Meal

Burger King Whopper Meal

Pairing a whopper, Burger King’s signature burger, with a side salad creates the perfect balance between flavor and nutrients.  You could order this combo as a pre workout meal that’s 3+ hours before your workout.

The Whopper has a balance of carbs and protein, which are ideal for providing energy for your workout and encouraging muscle gain. However, it also has a higher fat content, which needs time to digest before working out to prevent digestive discomfort. 

Eating this meal 3+ hours before a workout will give you the nutrients you need to fuel your workout and give your body plenty of time to digest the fat.

The only downside to ordering this meal is that you would have to be intentional about minimizing your consumption of red foods throughout the rest of the day and prioritizing green and yellow foods instead.

This is because, while the meal is still less than 700 calories, it is mostly compromised of red foods.  Noom encourages users to limit their red foods to 25% of their total daily intake.

How To Order It

  • Whopper with a side garden salad.

How This Performs In Noom

  • 686 calories, 17% green foods, 2% yellow foods, 80% red foods (based on approximate ingredient measurements)

Green Foods: Tomato, Lettuce, Pickles, Onion, Garden Side Salad
Yellow Foods: Ketchup
Red Foods: Beef Patty, Mayo, Sesame Seed Bun

2. Chicken Nugget Meal

Burger King Chicken Nugget Meal

The chicken nugget meal is a great option for helping you get more protein while eating out and as a bonus, it is loaded with nutrients from the garden salad.

This Noom-Friendly meal is perfect for when you don’t have much wiggle room in your calorie range because it’s only 300 calories, which is more than half the number of calories than the Whopper Meal.

How To Order It

  • 4-piece chicken nugget, no fries, with a side garden salad

How This Performs In Noom

  • 308 calories, 27% green foods, 0% yellow foods, and 73% red foods

Green Foods: Garden Side Salad
Yellow Foods: N/A
Red Foods: Chicken Nuggets

3. Egg & Cheese English Muffin

Burger King Egg & Cheese English Muffin

If you’re looking for a Noom-Friendly breakfast option from Burger King, then then this is your best bet.

This meal offers carbs, fats, and some protein and micronutrients. 

However, I would recommend prioritizing more protein and nutrients (green foods) at your next meal to ensure you’re getting enough over the course of the day.

Unlike other fast food restaraunts that serve breakfast options all day, Burger King only offers this meal until 10:30am.  

How To Order It

  • Egg & cheese english muffin with a side of applesauce

How This Performs In Noom

  • 428 calories, 9% green foods, 66% yellow foods, 24% red foods

Green Foods: Applesauce
Yellow Foods: English Muffin, Eggs
Red Foods: Cheese

Meals To Avoid At Burger King

The meals to avoid are:

  • Burgers with more than one patty. The beef patties at Burger King are higher in fat than protein, so having more than one would drastically increase your fat and calorie intake.
  • Burger and fry combos. Burgers themselves provide a higher amount of fat and carbs from the patty and the bun, so adding fries which are also high in fats and carbs would increase your calorie intake dramatically.
  • Chicken nugget and fry combos. Chicken nuggets offer protein, carbs, and fats already so pairing them with fries that have a higher amount of carbs and fats is unnecessary, and will increase your calorie intake.
  • Sandwiches with fried chicken, cheese, and bacon. These sandwiches offer 3 different fat sources, and with fat being the highest in calories, it’s not the best order if your goal is to stay within your calorie range.
  • Meals without a protein source. Meals like pancakes, mozza sticks, french toast sticks, and poutine won’t keep you full for long because they lack protein, and are higher in calories because they’re higher in carbs and fats.

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