Can You Mix Whey Protein With Eggs? Benefits & How To Do It

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If you are consuming a high-protein diet, both whey protein and eggs are likely daily staples. But can you mix them together to create an easy high-protein meal?

Yes, you can mix whey protein with eggs. If mixing uncooked eggs with whey, use pasteurized egg whites, which is great if you are cutting or eating before a workout.

However, if you want to use whole egg, cook them into a protein pancake. Whole eggs are higher in fat and good for bulking.

With that said, before you start mixing whey protein with eggs, you should know the pros and cons, and how to do it properly for optimal results.

Benefits of Mixing Whey Protein With Eggs

Pros and Cons of Mixing Whey Protein with Eggs

The benefits of mixing whey protein with eggs are:

1. It Will Help You Hit Your Daily Protein Goal

Eggs are high in protein so by combining them with your whey protein, you are creating a high-protein meal or snack that will help you hit your daily protein goal. 

Getting enough protein in your day is a common struggle many of my nutrition clients deal with. My first recommendation is always to try and increase the amount of protein at each meal by adding higher protein items in, like eggs.

Eggs contain 7g of protein each, which can help to boost the protein content of your typical protein shake.

Increasing the protein content of the shake you’re already drinking is an easy way to hit your protein goal without having to add an extra meal or snack to your day.

2.It Will Keep You Full for Longer After Eating

Given eggs’ high protein and fat content, it helps to keep you full for longer after eating, making it easier to stick with your diet. 

One of the biggest reasons people find it difficult to stick with a diet long-term is that they don’t feel full and satisfied after they eat. I don’t know about you but I’m way less likely to reach for a high-calorie snack when I’m feeling satiated after a meal.

Adding protein and fat to your meal will help to give you that full and satisfied feeling for longer after you eat. 

Eggs are a great source of both and will help to create a satisfying meal. Adding meals like this into your day will not only make you feel good after you eat but will also make it much easier to stick to your diet in the long run.

3. It Will Turn Your Whey Protein Into a Meal

Eggs will add extra nutrients and calories to your whey protein, turning it from a snack to a proper meal. 

Many of us are so busy day-to-day that quick high-protein meals are the easiest way to hit our nutrition goals without spending all day in the kitchen. While whey protein is a quick on-the-go snack, since it is primarily protein, it isn’t a good option to replace a meal. 

If you combine your whey protein with eggs, in a recipe such as a protein pancake or protein french toast, you can make a high-protein meal that’s easy and filling.

Eggs add extra calories, including fat, to help keep us full and satisfied as well as a variety of nutrients to create a balanced meal. 

You can also choose to add egg whites or whole eggs into your protein pancakes or french toast recipe to customize your meal to the macronutrients that best fit your goals. 

Drawbacks of Mixing Whey Protein With Eggs

The drawbacks of mixing whey protein with eggs are: 

1. It’s a High-Calorie Way To Consume Whey Protein

Mixing whey protein with eggs adds extra calories, which may not be the best option if you require a low-calorie snack because you’re trying to lose weight. 

While adding eggs to your whey protein will keep you more full and satisfied, it will also add 70 calories to your snack per egg.

While this is great if you want a meal replacement, if you need a quick high-protein snack that’s low in calories, it’s better to pick something lower in calories to mix your whey protein with. 

In a case like that, almond or skim milk would make a better option.

2. You Can’t Mix Whole Eggs Into a Protein Shake

Whole eggs are not pasteurized and therefore need to be cooked prior to eating, therefore it’s not recommended to mix them into a protein shake. 

Eggs are a great way to add additional fat and calories along with your whey protein, however, it’s important that we are cooking whole eggs prior to consuming them.

While pasteurized raw egg whites can be mixed into a protein shake (the ones you get from the carton), the same cannot be done with whole eggs without the risk of salmonella. 

Therefore, we can’t get the same benefit of a quick meal with whole eggs and whey protein as you’ll need to cook your food.

If you are in a rush, protein pancakes and protein french toast can be prepared ahead of time and frozen, then simply pop in the toaster to heat up when you’re ready to eat.

How to Add Protein Powder with Eggs (3 Ways)

3 Ways to Add Protein Powder with Eggs

Three ways to add protein powder with eggs are:

1. Egg Whites Into a Protein Shake

Egg whites contain only protein, so mixing them into a shake with protein powder is a great way to boost the protein of your meal, without adding any extra fat to your meal.

This makes a great option for anyone who finds it difficult to hit their daily protein goal or is trying to lose body fat. 

A protein shake is also really easy to customize to fit your nutritional needs. For example, you add fruit and oats to add extra carbs for around a workout or add in nut butter to boost the calories if you are bulking. 

  • If you want to add egg whites to your protein shake, check out our resource on Drinking Egg Whites.

2. Making a Protein Pancake

Eggs and protein powder can be made into a protein pancake that is a perfect high-protein meal option, especially around a workout.

If you are cutting, I recommend sticking to a lower-calorie recipe that’s 1 egg, 1 scoop of protein powder, and ½ tsp baking powder. 

If you have more calories to work with, opt for also adding in ⅓ cup of oats and ⅓ cup of cottage cheese. 

Use toppings to customize your protein pancake to your nutritional needs, adding fruit and maple syrup is perfect around a workout. If you are looking for a more filling breakfast, nut butter is a good choice. 

3. Making Protein French Toast

Protein french toast, similar to a protein pancake, is an easy high-protein meal option that is easy to customize to your nutrition needs based on the toppings. 

No need to drastically change your French toast recipe, just add ½ scoop of protein powder to your egg mixture and cook as usual. 

This has the added benefit of adding sweetness to your French toast without needing extra sugar, great for anyone on a lower-calorie diet.

How Many Eggs Should You Add To Whey Protein?

The number of eggs you add to protein powder will depend a bit on what you are making, however, generally, 1 egg per scoop of protein powder is a good ratio. 

Given that whole eggs are a thicker consistency, to combine with protein powder, you want to first whisk your eggs in a small bowl then slowly add in the protein powder while continuing to whisk. 

This will keep the protein powder from getting clumpy while still ensuring it is adequately dissolved.

Using a blender would also work, however, you want to make sure you are only blending until mixed, otherwise, you will find your liquid gets too frothy. 

Eggs & Protein Powder: When To Consume 

When to Consume Eggs and Protein Powder

Is Whey Protein & Eggs Good For Pre-Workout? 

Yes, eggs and whey protein are a good way to add protein to your pre-workout meal.  However, before a workout, it’s best to stick with egg whites and ensure you are including carbs along with your meal. 

Whole eggs contain fat, which we want to limit pre-workout. Therefore, egg whites make a better option for mixing with whey protein before a workout. If you are consuming whole eggs, limit it to one along with some extra egg whites. 

Is Whey Protein & Eggs Good For Post-Workout?

Yes, eggs and whey protein are high-quality protein sources, that when combined with a carb source, will aid in muscle repair and recovery post-workout. 

After a workout, we want to focus on getting a high-quality protein and carb source so that our muscles can repair and grow.

Eggs and whey protein provide a great protein source but, just like pre-workout, we need to ensure we are pairing it with a carb source as well.

Whole eggs after a workout are a great choice but we want to stick to 3 or less as we don’t want too much fat in our post-workout meal. Too much fat will interfere with our body’s ability to digest and utilize the carbs and protein for muscle recovery. 

Is Whey Protein & Eggs Good For Breakfast?

Yes, eggs and whey protein are a filling high protein breakfast option that will keep you satiated for longer periods of time compared with other breakfast choices (like high-sugar cereal or fruit). 

This is especially important during a weight loss phase because if you can avoid that mid-morning hunger crash, you won’t be reaching for a mid-morning snack, which is usually quite high in calories. 

Starting your day with a satisfying breakfast, like whey protein and eggs, can be the key to making it easier to stick to your day’s calories.

Is Whey Protein & Eggs Good Before Bed? 

Eggs and whey protein are not the best options before bed as a meal that heavy is likely to interfere with your sleep. 

Consuming a meal high in protein and fat, such as whey and eggs, will take our body a few hours to digest. If we consume this right before bed, our body is focused on digestion making it difficult to fall asleep.

We also want to be getting the majority of our calories during the day when our body needs the energy to function. Therefore, eggs and whey before bed is not a great option.

Who Should Mix Whey Protein with Eggs?

Mixing eggs with whey protein is a good protein source for anyone bulking, cutting or maintaining body weight.

Mixing eggs with whey protein is a good protein source for anyone bulking, cutting or maintaining body weight. If you are cutting, egg whites are likely the best option while those that are bulking or maintaining weight should opt for whole eggs.

Eggs and whey protein are great for just about everyone as you can choose the type of eggs based on your goals. Egg whites are low in calories and just protein, making them a great option for anyone cutting or looking for a lighter snack. 

If you are bulking or maintaining, whole eggs are a better choice as the fat will create a higher-calorie meal that is more filling.

You can also choose which type of eggs you consume based on the macros you need in a certain meal (whether that’s more protein, carbs, or fats). 

For most recipes, you can switch back and forth easily between whole eggs and egg whites.  If you track your fat intake, and need more, use whole eggs. 

If you are exceeding your fat intake for the day, then simply use egg whites for a fat-free protein source. 

Who SHOULD NOT Mix Whey Protein With Eggs?

You should not mix whey protein with eggs if you are in an extreme calorie deficit and need the lowest calorie protein option. 

While mixing eggs and whey protein is a great option for most, this may not be the case if you are in an extreme calorie deficit such as a bodybuilder closer to competition.

In this case, you are likely to need to mix whey protein with the lowest calorie option, which would be water.

If you are a casual gym-goer, however, this is likely not the case and you can just opt for the type of eggs (egg whites or whole eggs) that best fit your goals. 

Best Type of Protein to Mix with Eggs

Around a workout, it’s best to mix a whey isolate with eggs for quick digestion.  My recommendation is Legion Whey+

Legion Whey+

For other times during the day, Legion Casien+ is my recommendation as it’s slower digesting and will keep you full for longer after consuming.

Legion Casien+

You may be wondering why I don’t recommend vegan protein. Vegan protein has a chalky taste and texture that doesn’t mix very well with eggs.  If you are vegan, I would consider mixing your protein with something other than eggs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we eat eggs after taking whey protein?

Post-workout, I recommend waiting 1 hour after taking whey to consume eggs. Eggs are high in fat, which will slow down the digestion process slowing down our body’s ability to use the whey protein post-workout for muscle recovery.

If this isn’t around a workout, consuming eggs after whey is not an issue.

Can you put egg whites in a protein shake?

Yes, egg whites are a great way to boost the protein in your protein shake. They are also flavorless which is a benefit if you don’t like the taste of egg whites.

Make sure you are purchasing pasteurized egg whites however to ensure you don’t get sick since you are consuming the whites raw.

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