Can You Dry Scoop Protein? (A Registered Dietician Answers)

A trend is seen on TikTok where people dry scoop their protein powders.

What Is Dry Scooping?

Dry scooping, which comes across more like a “challenge,” makes people grab one scoop of protein powder and try to swallow it.

Some people drink a sip of water to help the powder go down easier, but most often, it’s consumed without water.

Why do people dry scoop, and is it more or less effective than consuming it with water?

Are There Benefits To Dry Scooping Protein Powder?

Pros vs Cons of Dry Scooping Whey Protein

One suggested reason why people dry scoop their protein powder, is because they believe it might increase the rate of protein absorption within the body. 

However, there is no scientific research to back up this claim. 

There are two other reasons cited for dry scooping protein:

1. You Don’t Have Access to a Shaker Cup or Liquid 

Imagine you run to the gym and forget to pack your shaker. If you don’t have a place to mix your protein shake, eating it straight out of the tub might be convenient. 

Ultimately, you get the same nutritional value (as long as you don’t cough it up, as I’ll explain below). 

2. You’re in a Bulking Phase and Don’t Want to Fill Your Stomach up With Water

For some people in a bulking phase where they are eating many calories, it might be easier to dry scoop protein powder to prevent adding too much liquid (volume) into your stomach. 

For example, if it’s close to bedtime and you still need 1000 calories, taking 3-4 protein shakes might add too much liquid to your stomach. 

Hence, having dry scoops of protein powder might make it easier. 

That way, you leave room in your stomach for other calories necessary to reach your caloric surplus.  

Should You Dry Scoop? My Recommendation

With both of the scenarios above, I’m suggesting you can dry scoop your protein because you’re in a pinch.  

You’ve either forgotten your shaker, or you’ve had a day of eating where you’re left with a ton of calories to consume in a short period. 

Both of these situations are not ideal; in reality, it’s because of poor nutritional planning.  So yes, dry scoop if you need to, but I wouldn’t recommend it regularly.  

Let’s now talk about the side effects of dry scooping.

Is It Safe To Dry Scoop Whey Protein? (2 Side Effects)

There are a couple of side effects from dry scooping protein powder. 

1. Increased Risk of Choking

When you add a powdered supplement straight into your mouth without any liquid, there is a chance that you might choke. 

If you don’t end up choking, at a minimum, your airways will be irritated, and you’ll likely spend a lot of time trying to cough out the powder.  

In addition to increased irritation of your airways, there is another consequence of coughing…

2. Increased Wastage

As seen in some of the dry scooping videos on TikTok, the reaction is the same when someone grabs a scoop of protein powder and places it into their mouth. They start coughing.

When you cough, you expel some of the product out of your mouth. This means that you waste more product and probably do not get the intended grams of protein in the end.

Since you cannot calculate how many grams you end up coughing, you might be decreasing your protein consumption unnecessarily.

So, Is It Better To Dry Scoop or Not? What Should You Do?

At the end of the day, dry scooping won’t provide any additional benefits to you.

If you do decide to dry scoop protein powder, make sure that you do it in small doses instead of one big scoop. That way, you reduce the risk of choking and increasing wastage.

If your reason for dry scooping protein is that you’re looking to prevent adding too much liquid to your stomach, then check out my following tips that don’t involve the risks of dry scooping. 

Other Ways To Mix Protein Powder Without Water

Other ways to mix protein powder without water

Add It To Jello

If you like adding powdered milk to your jello, switch it to your protein shake next time. 

Make some sugar-free lemon jello and add some vanilla protein powder to have an amazing lemon pie snack that is low in calories and only contains protein.

Have It In Your Oatmeal

The next time you make oatmeal, add a scoop of protein powder to increase the protein content in your meal. 

Opt for the chocolate protein powder to create a chocolate goodness meal. Add some nuts and flaxseeds to increase the healthy fat intake.

Make It Into An Energy Ball

Another great way of having protein powder is by making it into an energy ball. 

This is made by mixing oatmeal, honey, sugar-free chocolate chips, protein powder, and dates. Mix it up in a food processor until it has a smooth texture. Grab some of the mix and make them into balls. 

The benefit of making these is that you can freeze them and have them anytime.

If you want to make them at home, check this energy-ball recipe out. 

Protein Pancakes

Like with oatmeal, you can add a scoop of protein to your pancake mix to make delicious protein pancakes. 

The problem with pancakes is that they are low in protein and very high in carbs. By adding the scoop of protein, you help balance out the meal.

Check this recipe out for the most amazing protein pancakes you will ever make, or check out my article on Can You Mix Whey Protein With Eggs for a couple more protein pancake recipes. 

Make It Into a Sauce

Finally, making it a sauce is one of my favorite ways of consuming protein powder

If you want chocolate sauce, mix one scoop of chocolate protein powder with just two tablespoons of water. You can add more or less water until you get the desired consistency. Add it to your ice creams or on top of strawberries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Bad to Dry Scoop Protein Powder?

As long as it is not a pre-workout that you are dry scooping, there is no risk in taking protein powder out of the jar and consuming it. However, if you take a large scoop, you could choke, resulting in coughing and irritating your airways.  

What Is the Point of Dry Scooping Protein Powder?

The point of dry scooping protein powder is to get all of the protein powder in one take without adding too much liquid to your stomach. If you don’t fill your stomach up with liquid, you don’t feel full and can eat more calories —a beneficial attribute for those in a weight gain phase. 

Is It More Effective to Dry Scoop Protein Powder?

Dry scooping protein is the same effectiveness as drinking it with a liquid.  However, some people who end up coughing will waste grams of protein by spitting it out. If you are going to dry scoop protein powder, do it in small portions, 1tbs at a time.

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