12 Low-Calorie Drinks At Tim Hortons, Picked By Nutritionist

With an ever-growing menu at Tim Hortons, it can be overwhelming to find a beverage to order that will help to keep you within your daily calorie target.  

To help make ordering from Tim Hortons easier, I’ve compiled a list of 12 low-calorie options for you to choose from.

I’ll also share my top tips for customizing your order to reduce your calories even further.

The 6 Lowest Calorie Hot Beverages At Tim Hortons

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For those who want to switch up their regular brewed coffee, there are 6 other hot beverages from Tim Hortons that are low enough in calories to fit within your daily calorie allotment. 

Each of the following options has less than 175 calories per serving unless marked with an “*”.

1. Tea

Tim Hortons Tea

All sizes and flavors of tea from Tim Hortons are calorie-free, making them the perfect option for those who want to sip on a warm drink without increasing their calorie intake. 

You can choose from steeped tea or specialty bagged tea flavors including Chai, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Honey Lemon, Peppermint, Orange Pekoe, and English Breakfast.

2. Americano

Tim Hortons Americano

If you prefer the flavor of espresso over brewed coffee, give an Americano a try. Americanos are a great low-calorie option when you need a caffeine boost.

The calorie counts for Americanos without milk/cream or sugar are as follows:


To customize your Americano, choose from the add-ins listed above (including dairy, sweeteners, or flavor shots).

3. Cappuccino

Tim Hortons Cappuccino

Choosing a cappuccino made from milk foam, steamed milk, and espresso is a lower-calorie option compared to the classic french vanilla and english toffee flavors we’ve known and loved so much.  

By default, cappuccinos are made with 2% milk but you can ask for skim milk instead to reduce the calorie content of your drink.

If you want a flavored cappuccino then ask for half a serving of a flavor shot, which would only increase the calorie content of your drink by 36 to 44 calories (depending on the flavor).

SizeCals using skim milkCals using 2% milk

4. Latte

Tim Hortons Latte

A latte is another great option, made with espresso, steamed 2% milk, and the option to add flavor shots. 

Swap out the 2% milk for skim milk to reduce the calories of your latte further to have more calories to put towards a yummy flavor shot.

SizeCals using skim milkCals using 2% milk

5. Coffee Mocha

Tim Hortons Coffee Mocha

If you’re a chocolate lover, then Tim Hortons Coffee Mocha is a great option, even if you want to reduce your calorie intake. 

A coffee mocha is half coffee and half hot chocolate, so if you’re like me and love a coffee and chocolate combination, then this is the drink for you! And best of all, it can help keep you within your calorie budget.


6. London Fog

Tim Hortons London Fog

Dress up your Earl Grey tea with some steamed milk for a special treat when you don’t feel like drinking coffee. London fog tea lattes are made with 2% milk but can be ordered with skim milk to reduce the calories further.

SizeCals using skim milkCals using 2% milk

The 6 Lowest Calorie Cold Beverages At Tim Hortons

The list of cold beverages at Tim Hortons is expanding, and there are now 6 options to choose from for those wanting a low-calorie beverage.

1. Original Cold Brew (0 calories)

Tim Hortons Original Cold Brew

The original cold brew at Tim Hortons has zero calories per serving, making it a great calorie-free option for those needing a caffeine boost.  

You can customize your cold brew with dairy, sweetener, or flavor shots to tailor it to your preferences while still keeping the calorie content relatively low.

2. Classic Lemonade 

Tim Hortons Classic Lemonade 

If you are looking for a refreshing, thirst-quenching option without caffeine that is also low in calories, then give the lemonade a try.  

Note: Tim Hortons lemonade is only available in small and medium sizes.


3. Iced Latte

Tim Hortons Iced Latte

If you’re in the mood for a cold coffee drink, then try an iced latte rather than a hot latte.

Although it’s made with 2% milk, you can ask to switch it to skim to save on calories, or to chocolate milk to add more flavor.

If you’re choosing chocolate milk rather than 2% or skim, then I suggest skipping the flavor shots to keep this drink low in calories.

If you’re choosing an iced latte made with 2% or skim, then you may want to add a half or full-serving flavor shot to make it more enjoyable.

SizeCals using skim milkCals using 2% milkCals using chocolate milk

4. Iced Coffee

Tim Hortons Iced Coffee

An iced coffee from Tim Hortons is made with brewed coffee, ice, and base. The base is a combination of cream and liquid cane sugar, which gives their iced coffee its flavor.

To save on calories you can order your iced coffee without the base and drink it black, or order a “light iced coffee” which uses milk instead of cream with liquid cane sugar.

SizeIced Coffee (no base)Light Iced Coffee (milk+cane sugar)Regular Iced Coffee (base - cream + cane sugar)

5. Iced Tea Quencher

Tim Hortons Iced Tea Quencher

Looking for something to quench your thirst for fewer calories? The Real Fruit Quenchers are great options, particularly the Iced Tea flavor. 

The iced tea flavor is the lowest in calories, so I recommend sticking with the iced tea over other flavor options (Peach, Strawberry Watermelon, and Passionfruit Tea Lemonade).

SizeIced Tea Quencher Calories

6. Vanilla Cream Cold Brew

Tim Hortons Vanilla Cream Cold Brew

If you want to take your cold brew to the next level when it comes to flavor, then try Tim Hortons Vanilla Cream Cold Brew.

Both small and medium sizes of this drink come in at less than 175 calories regardless of whether you choose to have it with 2% milk or skim.

However, if you’re opting for a large-size vanilla cream cold brew then I recommend ordering it with skim milk to keep the calories in check.

SizeVanilla Cold Brew ordered with skim milk (calories)Regular Vanilla Cold Brew (cream) (calories)

Customizing Brewed Coffee At Tim Hortons To Be Low Calorie

Tim Hortons

When ordering a brewed coffee at Tim Hortons there are many ways to customize your beverage. 

Below, you will find the calories listed for each option including dairy, sweeteners, and flavor shots. This will allow you to customize your beverage based on your caloric goals and taste preferences.

Black Coffee

Black coffee is very low in calories, so if your goal is to consume fewer calories, then opt for black coffee. All 3 blends from Tims (original, dark roast, and decaf) have the same number of calories per serving.


Dairy & Non-Dairy Add-Ins 

If you aren’t a fan of black coffee, do not worry; you can still enjoy your coffee with some dairy or non-dairy options for very few calories. If you’re going for the least amount of calories, then go for almond milk over other creamy options.

Note: The calories listed below do not include the calories for the brewed black coffee and the amount of dairy added is the same no matter what size of brewed coffee you order. 

Dairy/Non-Dairy OptionCalories for 0.5 servingCalories for 1 serving
Silk Almond Beverage2.55
Skim Milk6.513
Chobani Oat Beverage1326

Sweeteners Add-Ins 

If you prefer a sweeter coffee then here are two options to pick from. For a lower-calorie coffee choose sweetener or ask for half a serving of sugar.

SweetenersCalories for 0.5 servingCalories for 1 serving

Flavor Shot Add-Ins 

If you’re someone who loves flavored coffee, then flavor shots are the way to go. Although adding flavor shots will increase the number of calories in your beverage, they are a better alternative to drinks that have a ton of sugar.

For example, a Medium-sized coffee with a half serving of french vanilla syrup is 40 calories whereas a medium french vanilla cappuccino has 330 calories. 

Flavor ShotsCalories for 0.5 servingCalories for 1 serving
French Vanilla Syrup3672
Vanilla Syrup3774
Chocolate Syrup37.575
Caramel Syrup4488

Tips for Ordering Low-Calorie Beverage Options at Tim Hortons

Tips for ordering low-calorie beverage options at Tim Hortons

My top 3 tips for reducing your calorie intake from beverages at Tim Hortons are:

1. Keep It Simple

Keeping your drinks simple by avoiding multiple flavor shots and whipped cream will help you reduce the calorie content of your beverages at Tim Hortons.

Skipping the whipped cream will save you approximately 80 calories.

I also recommend sticking to drinks with only one flavor shot because drinks with multiple flavor shots will have significantly more calories. Tim’s flavor shots have an average of 77 calories per serving.

For example, you would be better off ordering a Mocha Latte that has 225 calories than a Caramel Mocha Latte that has 313 calories.

Keeping it simple helps to keep the ingredients to a minimum, which can reduce your calorie intake and help you stay on track with your goal.

2. Choose Milk Instead of Cream

Choosing milk instead of cream is another strategy for decreasing your calorie intake because swapping skim milk for cream can save you around 58 calories per serving. 

If you’re wanting a bit more creaminess than skim milk can offer, try 2% milk instead, which will still reduce your calories by around 45 calories per serving compared to cream.

For example, rather than ordering a double double coffee with 239 calories, you could order a coffee with 2 milk and 2 sugar for 160 calories, or 2 skim milk and 2 sugar for 127 calories.

3. Order Your Drink “Half-Sweet” Or Opt For A Sweetener

If you’re ordering a drink that is sweetened from Tim Hortons, then I recommend asking for it to be “half sweet”, meaning that they only make it half as sweet as they normally would. 

For example, a regular Caramel Iced Latte has 232 calories, but a Caramel Iced Latte made half-sweet has 188 calories.

Another option is to choose a zero-calorie sweetener rather than sugar. One serving of sugar (1 packet) has 26 calories, so switching to a sweetener would help to reduce your calories by 26. 

Drinks To Avoid At Tim Hortons

If you are looking for a low-calorie drink option at Tim Hortons, then here are the drink options to steer clear of.  

Note: All calories listed below are based on ordering a Medium sized drink.

  • French Vanilla (326 calories)
  • White Hot Chocolate (324 calories)
  • Pumpkin Spice Iced Capp (500 calories)
  • Redeye Iced Capp (315 calories)
  • Mocha Iced Capp (500 calories)
  • Vanilla Creamy Chill (516 calories)

Not only are these drinks higher in calories, but they are also more challenging to customize to decrease their calorie content.

Other Low-Calorie Fast Food Drink Options

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