Can You Mix Whey Protein With Collagen? (Yes, Here’s How)

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As collagen becomes more popular in the nutrition world and the benefits become more widely known, many people are looking to understand how they can mix their collagen. 

A common question I get asked from my nutrition clients is can you mix whey protein with collagen, so I decided to answer that question in today’s blog post.

So can you mix whey protein with collagen? Yes, mixing whey with collagen is an easy way to increase your protein and consume the amino acids needed to make collagen into a complete protein. Combining whey and collagen is best for anyone struggling to eat enough protein or calories but is not the most filling choice for someone losing body fat.

With that said, before you start mixing whey protein with collagen, you should know the pros and cons, and how to do it properly for optimal results.

In this article you will learn: 

  • Pros and cons of mixing whey protein with collagen
  • How and when to consume whey protein and collagen
  • Who should and shouldn’t mix whey protein with collagen
  • The best type of protein powder and collagen to mix together

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Benefits of Mixing Whey Protein With Collagen 

Pros vs Cons of Mixing Whey Protein with Collagen

The benefits of mixing whey protein with collagen are:

1. It Makes It Easier To Hit Your Protein Goal

Adding collagen with your whey protein will boost the protein in your shake, making it easier to hit your daily protein goal. 

Most of us know the benefits of consuming protein, but it’s still the macronutrient that most of my clients come to me struggling to hit. My tip is to always try and increase the amount of protein you are consuming at each meal and snack, instead of trying to add in more protein sources.

Adding collagen into your protein shake is a great example of this strategy in action. You can boost your protein shake by 10g, without having to consume anything additional in your day. This can add up quickly, especially if you are having 1 – 2 protein shakes per day.

2. It Makes Your Collagen a Complete Protein

Collagen is not a complete protein on its own, however, when mixed with whey it becomes one providing all the desired muscle-building benefits. 

A complete protein simply means that all 9 essential amino acids, that our body cannot produce on its own, are present. 

In order for a protein source to provide the repair and growth of our muscle tissue, it needs to be a complete protein. Simply put, this means consuming collagen on its own will not provide all of the muscle-building benefits we are looking for in a protein source.

Whey protein is a complete protein so when we consume whey and collagen together, all the required amino acids are present and we are able to unlock these benefits. This is particularly beneficial for someone that is a vegetarian as many plant-based sources are not complete proteins. 

Therefore, mixing whey and collagen is a great way to ensure the protein you are getting from your collagen is contributing to the muscle repair and growth you are looking for.

Drawbacks of Mixing Whey Protein with Collagen

The drawbacks of mixing whey with collagen are:

1. It’s Not a Filling Way To Consume a Large Amount of Protein

A protein shake with whey and collagen will be a large amount of liquid protein, which is not as filling as food making it not as good of a choice for someone that is trying to lose body fat.

When mixing whey protein and collagen you will be consuming 35 – 45+ grams of protein in your shake. While protein is slower to digest, since you are consuming it in liquid form, it will not fill you up for nearly as long as the same amount of protein consumed through meat or dairy.

For anyone looking to lose body fat, it’s important to prioritize food that will fill you up in order to minimize any hunger you might be feeling. Therefore, consuming such a large amount of protein through a shake is likely not the best choice.

This is a great option though for someone that is bulking (looking to put on muscle mass) and is struggling to consume enough calories. Especially given the high volume of meat they are already likely consuming to meet their protein needs.

How To Mix Whey Protein With Collagen

mixing whey protein with collagen, using a ratio of 1-2 scoops of collagen with 1 scoop of whey mixed into 8oz of water or milk of choice

To mix whey protein with collagen, it’s ideal to use a ratio of 1-2 scoops of collagen with 1 scoop of whey mixed into 8oz of water or milk of choice. 

Step 1: Dissolve Whey Completely

When mixing whey with collagen, it’s important to dissolve the whey into your liquid completely first before adding the collagen. 

Step 2: Add Collagen Slowly

When adding collagen, add one scoop at a time and allow it to fully dissolve before adding a second. 

Step 3: Use Shake or Blender

I recommend mixing with a shaker cup or blender, using just a spoon will leave you with a clumpy mess

What Liquid Should You Use To Mix Whey & Collagen?

There is no one best liquid to mix with whey protein and collagen, they will dissolve well in water or milk. Your choice of liquid will impact the consistency of the shake so you want to consider your preference. 

Collagen will make your shake even thicker than just whey so if you enjoy that, I recommend opting for your favourite milk. If you prefer a slightly thinner consistency, water or coconut water is probably your best bet.  

Will Protein Powder Dissolve in Collagen? 

Protein powder and collagen will dissolve when added to a liquid. It’s best to add 1 scoop of whey, 1-2 scoops of collage and 8oz of water for best results. 

Dissolve whey into the liquid first, followed by collagen adding 1 scoop at a time. I recommend using a shaker bottle or blender for best results. 

How Many Scoops of Collagen Should You Mix With Whey?

Whether you add 1 or 2 scoops will primarily depend on your goals: 

  • If you are having trouble consuming sufficient protein or calories in your day, I recommend adding in two scoops. 
  • If you are cutting and find hitting your protein is not an issue, I recommend sticking to one scoop.

Collagen and Protein Powder: Best Time To Consume

Collagen and whey protein is best consumed after a workout, it is a fast-digesting protein source that is optimal to promote recovery and growth.

For anyone with physique goals, consuming enough protein is important, particularly after a workout. Consuming a high-quality protein source after working out will start the recovery process, which is required for the muscle repair and growth you are after.

Whey and collagen is the perfect post-workout protein as it’s quick digesting and easy to take on the go. I recommend bringing it to the gym with you in a shaker bottle and consuming it on your way home.  

Whey and collagen can also be used for an easy high protein snack on the go. Just make sure you are adding in fats with your shake to help keep you full longer. Mixing it with whole milk or having a handful of nuts are great options. 

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Does The Collagen Interfere With Protein Absorption?

No, collagen does not interfere with protein absorption. On the contrary, collagen provides additional protein into your meal increasing the benefits you’re already getting.

Collagen is not a complete protein, meaning it does not contain all 9 essential amino acids. This means when consumed on its own, it will not provide all the muscle-building benefits most people are looking for when consuming protein. 

However, if you can pair collagen with a complete protein source, such as meat, dairy or whey protein, you will create a complete protein. 

This means, not only does collagen not interfere with protein absorption but it actually adds additional protein to your meal improving the benefits you are already experiencing such as muscle repair and increased fullness.

Who Should Mix Whey Protein with Collagen?

anyone having trouble getting enough protein or calories into their day would benefit from mixing collagen with their whey protein

Anyone that is having trouble getting enough protein or calories into their day would benefit from mixing collagen with their whey protein.  

Also, consider the following types of people: 

Someone Who Is Bulking

Adding collagen into your protein shake is an easy way to boost the protein by 10-20g, perfect for anyone struggling to get enough protein in their day. 

This is particularly helpful for someone bulking where protein requirements are typically quite high. Collagen can be a more palatable way to consume protein, especially when you are already consuming a high volume of meat.

Someone Who Is Cutting

For someone cutting, this won’t be the most filling form of protein. However, if you are not going to consume the protein through another source, mixing collagen with whey to increase your intake is still beneficial. 

Someone Who Experiences Joint Pain

Collagen has some other benefits, with the most relevant to athletes being a reduction in joint pain. If you are experiencing joint pain, adding collagen into your whey protein would also provide additional benefits. 

Who SHOULD NOT Mix Whey Protein with Collagen?

Mixing whey protein with collagen is not a filling way to consume protein and therefore isn’t the best option for someone looking to reduce body fat.

When you’re looking to lose weight, you are eating fewer calories than what you consume, which often leads to some hunger. Prioritizing higher volume foods is a great way to reduce this hunger. Collagen and whey, while a good source of protein, is liquid and low in volume so you’re more likely to find yourself hungry sooner after consuming.

For those that are cutting, I recommend sticking to only 1 scoop of collagen and 1 scoop of whey protein in your day and consuming it post-workout. Ensure you are consuming it along with a whole food source of fat and carbs, such as oatmeal and nut butter, as this will also help keep you full and satisfied for longer. 

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Best Types of Protein and Collagen To Mix Together

best types of protein and collagen to mix together

The best whey protein and collagen to mix together is Legion Whey+ protein and CB Supplements collagen

Legion Whey Protein Powder

When considering a protein powder to mix with collagen, it’s important to pick one with sufficient amino acids to create a complete protein with the collagen. Legion Whey+ has 5.6g of amino acids making it a great choice. It’s also lactose-free and sweetened with stevia making it the best option digestively. 

When choosing collagen, you want to choose a brand that has multiple types of collagen to get the benefits each collagen type offers.  CB Supplements collagen has all five types, making it the best option. It’s also free of sweeteners, making it digestively a good choice.

Both the whey and collagen come in different flavours as well as unflavoured so you can easily pair according to your preference. My favourite combo is mixing chocolate collagen with peanut butter chocolate whey.

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