How To Mix Collagen Powder Without Clumping (6 Tips)

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I don’t know about you, but I’m not too fond of drinking clumpy collagen. 

So why is your collagen clumpy? Collagen can be clumping because you are mixing it in cold water (instead of warm) or mixing it with a liquid other than water (like milk or juice). Collagen can also clump if you don’t mix it with enough liquid or are using low-quality collagen powder that contains fillers (like maltodextrin). 

In this article, I will go into more detail about why your collagen is clumping and provide six solutions to help you avoid clumpy collagen. 

4 Reasons Why Does Collagen Powder Clump?

Temperature of Liquid

One reason why your collagen is clumping is due to the temperature of the liquid you’re using. Collagen dissolves better when it’s in a hot environment than in a cold one. 

The molecules in a hot liquid tend to move faster than those in a cold environment. Having faster molecules collide with the collagen makes it easier to dissolve. 

Amount of Liquid

When there is not enough space for the liquid to dissolve with the solid (collagen), clumping can occur. In other words, if you add a large amount of collagen to a small amount of water or milk, you will have a more challenging time dissolving it. 

As I’ll discuss below, the ratio of liquid to collagen will be crucial to prevent clumping. 

Type of Liquid

The type of liquid you use will play a significant role in whether or not your collagen clumps.

Very thick liquids (like aloe) can make it harder for the collagen to dissolve, resulting in clumping. Some other examples of high viscosity liquids (or liquids that are very thick) are orange juice, coconut milk, and full-fat milk

That is why it’s better to first mix collagen in water before mixing it up with any other type of liquid. 

The Quality of the Collagen 

Finally, if the quality of the collagen is poor, it is more likely to form clumps in your shake. 

Poor quality collagen tends to be higher in fillers like maltodextrin, which gives the powder more volume. In some cases, these fillers are not very water-soluble, meaning they might not be the best to dissolve in water. 

How To Mix Collagen Powder Without Lumps

Once you know why your collagen clumps, you can determine which method is best for preventing it.

Below are the 6 best ways to mix collagen powder without it getting lumpy:

1. Change the Temperature

I mentioned earlier that collagen doesn’t mix well in cold liquids because the particles move too slowly and collide with it less often. This means that it is less likely to dissolve easily in cold beverages. 

The first solution to avoid lumps in your collagen powder is to change the temperature of the liquid. Mix your collagen with room temperature or slightly heated water to decrease the lumps in your shake.

However, avoid putting it in liquids that are too hot. Very high temperatures (more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit) can result in the collagen being broken down, affecting its structure and making it less effective. 

2. Use the Right Equipment

Using the right equipment plays an essential role in the mixing of your collagen shakes. 

While there are many ways for you to mix it, here is a list of some of my favorite ways that can prevent any clumping in your shakes. 

  • Portable blender. For people on the go, a portable blender can help you mix your collagen without any lumps. Just add the liquid of your choice, the collagen, and even some fruit if you want, and let the blender do the rest.
  • Blender. If you want a more powerful tool to make your shakes because you want to add some ice and make it frozen, a regular blender is the best option. If you tend to suffer from bloating, make sure not to blend it for more than 10-20 seconds to avoid adding more air into the shake.
  • Shaker. A shaker can help you dissolve your collagen powder on the go. You can find them almost everywhere, and they are relatively cheap. 
  • Cup and fork. Instead of using a spoon to mix your collagen shake, try a fork instead. This will help you blend everything better and avoid any clumping. 
  • Milk frother. This small but powerful tool is my favorite way to prevent clumps, and there’s less cleanup involved. You can take it on the go or use it at home. 

3. Add the Collagen to a Small Amount of Water First

Even if you want to mix your collagen with soda, juice, or another cold beverage, I recommend mixing it with 1/4 cup of hot water first.

Then, when it’s thoroughly incorporated, add the rest of your cold drink. If you want to top it off with ice, wait until it’s thoroughly mixed. 

4. Increase the Mixing Duration

Increasing the duration of the mixing can always help. In most cases, people often mix it for a couple of seconds. Next time, try mixing it for 30-60 seconds to prevent lumps. 

Keep in mind that this will add a lot of air to your drink. People who frequently suffer from bloating should avoid this method since the extra air can make your bloating worse. 

5. Add It Slowly

Instead of adding the collagen all at once, try adding it slowly. Start by adding ½ a scoop, mix it into the liquid, and then add the rest. 

6. Change the Collagen 

Finally, if you’ve tried all the tips above and you still find that your collagen is clumping, then you should switch the collagen you are using since it might not be the best quality. 

I recommend looking for collagen products that have as few ingredients as possible. You should also look for ones that are third-party certified because you can rest assured that the nutrition labels are verified for accuracy.

If you’re tired of drinking lumpy collagen shakes, you can also try mixing your collagen with yogurt.

What To Do If Your Collagen Powder Is Lumpy?

The tips mentioned above are helpful for when you prepare your collagen, but what happens if you already have the drink and it’s still clumpy? 

Here is what you can do in those cases: 

  • If it is in a shaker, mix it for a longer time. If not, place the mix in a blender.
  • Try placing it in the microwave to make it slightly hot. Make sure not to heat it for more than 30 seconds to prevent it from getting too hot.  

Is It Okay To Drink Lumpy Collagen Powder?

Nutritionally speaking, there is nothing wrong with drinking lumpy collagen. However, it might not taste the best. 

For some people, chewing something from their shakes is a deal-breaker because the texture can be unappealing. The clumps might also get stuck to your teeth, creating discomfort. 

If this is the case, the bad experience might make you not want to have the shake and leave it aside, which means you’ll miss out on the benefits of collagen (such as increased skin hydration and reductions in wrinkles). 

Are Certain Brands or Types of Collagen Better For Not Clumping?

Currently, no brand focuses on clump-free collagen. However, some brands dissolve better due to the quality of the ingredients. 

If you want to change your collagen, here are my top three recommendations for collagen powder. 

CB Supplements Multi Source Collagen – Unflavored

CB Supplements offers multi-source collagen which is my all-time favorite. It doesn’t have any sugars or artificial sweeteners. Since it doesn’t have any flavor, you can add it to your shakes or to any meal of your choice. 

It gives you 7 grams of protein per scoop, which is the same as almost one large egg. 

Momentous Collagen Peptides – Keto-Friendly 

Momentum Collagen Peptides

Momentous Collagen Peptides is a great supplement if you are looking for a grass-fed option that can provide you with a good dosage of protein. In one serving (16.9 g), you get 11.6 g of protein, which is more than 1.5 large eggs. 

One of my favorite things about this product is that it comes with vitamin C. Vitamin C can help absorb the collagen better, which means you get a high-quality supplement with Momentous. 

Sunwarrior Collagen – Vegan Option

Most collagen supplements come from animal sources (mainly bovine, or cattle). This means that people on a vegetarian or vegan diet cannot have them. 

Sunwarrior collagen is made from vegetable sources, making it the best collagen for vegans or vegetarians. 

One scoop has 14 grams of protein, which can help someone on a plant-based diet reach their goals if they’re struggling to hit their daily protein targets.

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