10 Low-Calorie Biggby Drinks, Picked By Nutritionist

Plenty of Biggby menu items are low in calories if you’re searching for a weight-loss-friendly option or just trying to watch your calorie intake.

Some of the Biggby drinks contain no calories at all, but those below 180 calories would be considered ‘low calorie’ at Biggby. 

If you’re in a rush… 

The 10 lowest calorie drinks at Biggby are: 

  • Americano (0 calories) 
  • Iced Tea (0 calories) 
  • Iced Coffee (0 calories) 
  • Hazelnut Iced Coffee (69 calories)
  • Café au Lait (100 calories) 
  • Strawberry Punch Red Bull Mocktail – Sugar Free (100 calories) 
  • Raspberry Iced Tea (100 calories) 
  • Cappuccino (105 calories) 
  • Berry Blast Red Bull Mocktail (114 calories) 
  • Caffe Latte (175 calories) 

I’ve been to Biggby several times and have found some great ways to customize each of their drinks to further reduce the calorie content. I will explain all of this and more below. 

What Increases Calories In A Drink At Biggby? 

The ingredients that increase calories in the Biggby drinks are whipped cream, 2% milk, and the Tenacious Tonic Smoothie Base. 

Whipped Cream 

Whipped cream is available as an add-on for every drink at Biggby. It contains around 400 calories per half a cup. 

If you’re looking to save as many calories as possible in your drink, order it without the whipped cream. 

2% Milk 

Every drink at Biggby can be made with 2%, non-fat, or soy milk. The 2% milk adds 20 to 60 calories in most drinks compared to the non-fat or soy milk, depending on how much milk is used in the drink. 

When you order at Biggby, you will be asked what kind of milk you would like in your drink. Make sure to ask for non-fat or soy to save calories. 

Here is a quick table showing the calories in a cup of each type of milk at Biggby:

MilkMilk Calories per cup

Tenacious Tonic Smoothie Base 

The Tenacious Tonic Smoothie Base is used in a range of the Biggby drinks, including all of the Crème Freeze drinks. It’s a sweet and creamy smoothie base that contains 120 calories and 24 grams of carbohydrates per serving. 

If you want to save 120 calories in your drinks, ask for them to be made with water or soda water. Alternatively, switch the Tenacious Tonic Smoothie Base for soy milk, which contains 54 calories per serving, to save around 70 calories. 

Biggby Low-Calorie Drinks  

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1. Americano (0 calories) 

Americano (0 calories)

You can’t get anything simpler than a standard Americano when ordering coffee. The Americano contains no calories, so there’s very little that you can do to make it any lower in calories! 

Make sure you don’t order it with any additions to keep the calories to a minimum. If you want to sweeten up the drink without adding any extra calories, add a zero-calorie sweetener, such as stevia. 


  • Espresso 
  • Water 

2. Iced Tea (0 calories) 

Iced Tea (0 calories) 

Iced tea is a refreshing cold drink that is perfect for a hot summer’s day as a zero-calorie beverage. The Iced Tea at Biggby also contains no calories when ordered without any extras or add-ins. 

If you don’t enjoy drinking unsweetened tea, adding a splash of milk or a small teaspoon of sugar will only increase to calories by a small amount. A teaspoon of sugar, for example, only has 16 calories.


  • Iced tea 

3. Iced Coffee (0 calories) 

Iced Coffee (0 calories)

Iced coffee can either be low or high in calories, depending on what is included in the drink. The Biggby Iced Coffee contains no calories at all unless you order it with extra sugar or whipped cream.  

If you don’t enjoy drinking unsweetened black coffee, add a splash of non-fat milk. This will reduce the bitterness of the coffee without adding a lot of calories and sugars. 


  • Iced coffee 

4. Hazelnut Iced Coffee (69 calories) 

Hazelnut Iced Coffee (69 calories)

The Hazelnut Iced Coffee has 69 calories and just 17 grams of carbohydrates. It’s a great option if you enjoy a nutty taste in your coffees.

To keep the calories to a minimum, order the drink in the sugar-free option with no whipped cream.  


  • Iced coffee 
  • Hazelnut 

5. Café au Lait (100 calories) 

Café au Lait (100 calories)

With 100 calories and 9 grams of carbs, the Café au Lait is a great weight-loss-friendly option at Biggby.

To cut the calories down to 66 per drink, order it with non-fat milk and no whipped cream. 


  • French roast 
  • Velvetized milk 

6. Strawberry Punch Red Bull Mocktail – Sugar-Free (100 calories) 

Strawberry Punch Red Bull Mocktail - Sugar-Free (100 calories) 

The sugar-free version of the Strawberry Punch Red Bull Mocktail has around 100 calories per serving. Since this drink doesn’t contain milk, you can’t save calories by switching the type of milk you use.

It’s also important to note that while the drink is described as sugar-free, it does have some sugar in it. This is because Biggby uses sugar-free Red Bull and sugar-free vanilla syrup in the sugar-free version, but there is still some sugar from the strawberry syrup.

The regular version of this drink has nearly 200 calories, so you’re still saving 100 calories by getting the “sugar-free” version.


  • Red Bull 
  • Lemonade 
  • Vanilla 
  • Strawberries  

7. Raspberry Iced Tea (100 calories) 

Raspberry Iced Tea (100 calories)

Another drink at Biggby that has 100 calories is the Raspberry Iced Tea, which has a fruity, sweet flavor thanks to the raspberries. Again, there is no milk in this drink and a sugar-free option is not available.

However, if you want to keep the calories around 100 per serving, make sure to order the Raspberry Iced Tea without any other extras, and use a sugar-free substitute if you want to add more sweetness to it without adding more calories. 


  • Iced tea 
  • Raspberries 

8. Cappuccino (105 calories) 

Cappuccino (105 calories) 

For those of you who enjoy a bit of flavor in your coffees, the Cappuccino is a great option. It’s one of the drinks on the Traditions menu and contains just 105 calories and 10 grams of carbs per serving.

To reduce the calories to around 70 per serving, switch from 2% milk to non-fat milk. 


  • Espresso 
  • Velvetized milk 
  • Foam 

9. Berry Blast Red Bull Mocktail – Sugar-Free (114 calories) 

Berry Blast Red Bull Mocktail - Sugar-Free (114 calories) 

The sugar-free version of the Berry Blast Red Bull Mocktail is suitable for those of you who don’t enjoy tea or coffee but still want a caffeine boost.

Like the Strawberry Punch Red Bull Mocktail, Biggby uses sugar-free Red Bull in this drink.

But because there will still be some sugar in the fruit-based syrups, it’s not totally 100% sugar-free. But the sugar-free version has nearly 100 calories less than the regular version.

It is available with whipped cream as an extra topping. However, avoiding the whipped cream will save you 130 calories and keeps your drink nice and low in calories. 


  • Red Bull 
  • Blackberry 
  • Mint 
  • Blueberries 

10. Caffe Latte (175 calories) 

Caffe Latte (175 calories) 

The Caffe Latte has a sweet taste and creamy texture and provides a boost of energy thanks to the caffeine content of the espresso.

Despite being the drink with the highest number of calories on this list, the Caffe Latte at Biggby still only contains 175 calories per serving. 

Switching to soy or non-fat milk saves 20 to 60 calories for a hot caffe latte, and opting for an iced caffe latte will cut the calories down to 100 per serving. 


  • Espresso 
  • Velvetized milk 

Tips For Ordering Low Calorie Drinks At Biggby 

Tips for ordering low calorie drink at Biggby 

Here are some top tips to cut the calories in your Biggby drinks: 

  • Go for the ‘Reduced Calorie’ Option 
  • Choose the Sugar-Free Option 
  • Order from the ‘Traditions’ Menu 

Go for the ‘Reduced Calorie’ Option 

All of the Biggby drinks have a ‘Reduced Calorie’ option. The exact number of calories that you save by choosing the Reduced Calorie option varies from drink to drink, but you can save up to 320 calories by doing so. 

Generally, the Reduced Calorie options use non-fat milk, are sugar free, and have no whipped cream. 

Choose the Sugar-Free Option 

The option to make your beverage sugar-free isn’t available with every drink at Biggby.

Biggby uses flavored syrups in many of its drinks, and not all flavors have a sugar-free option. As such, you can’t simply swap out some of the sugar for Splenda or another sugar substitute. 

However, Biggy does offer sugar-free versions of many of its many drinks. Any drink that’s made with mocha, hazelnut, vanilla, or caramel syrups can be made sugar-free, as these flavors have sugar-free variations.

Generally, going sugar-free saves you between 70 to 90 calories per drink, but this can vary depending on which drink you get. 

Order from the ‘Traditions’ Menu 

The lowest-calorie drinks at Biggby are those from the Traditions menu. This menu contains classic caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks, such as the Americano, Cappuccino, and Lemonade. 

If you want to find a low-calorie, weight-loss-friendly option at Biggby without trawling through the whole menu, order from the Traditions menu.

You can guarantee that you will find a drink that contains fewer than 50 calories. Many of the Traditions beverages contain no calories at all. 

Drinks To AVOID At Biggby 

The drinks at Biggby to avoid are: 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Crème Freeze (820 calories) 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Crème Freeze (820 calories) 

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Crème Freeze is the highest-calorie option on the Biggby menu. It’s not ideal when you’re trying to reduce your calorie intake or lose weight. Instead, save this drink for if and when you want to gain weight or indulge in a high-calorie sweet drink. 

Despite being very high in calories, this drink does provide 10 grams of protein and contains no trans fats.

If you really want to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie Crème Freeze, ask for it to be made with non-fat milk and without the whipped cream. This will cut the calories to around 675. 


  • Ice 
  • Tenacious tonic 
  • Choc chip cookies 
  • Milk 

Frozen Banana Bonanza Mocha Latte (579 calories) 

Frozen Banana Bonanza Mocha Latte (579 calories)

The Frozen Banana Bonanza Mocha Latte contains 579 calories and 105 grams of carbohydrates (94 grams of sugar) and only has 3 grams of protein. 

There is no option to change the milk in this drink, but you can get a sugar-free, Reduced Calorie option, which cuts the calories down to just under 300 per serving. 


  • Ice 
  • Tenacious tonic 
  • Mocha 
  • Banana 
  • Espresso 
  • Whipped cream 

Avalanche Latte Crème Freeze (567 calories) 

Avalanche Latte Crème Freeze (567 calories)

With 567 calories and 95 grams of carbs per serving, the Avalanche Latte Crème Freeze is great for those of you who are trying to gain weight.

However, it’s not ideal if you’re on a diet and want to save calories. 

If you really want to try the Avalanche Latte Crème Freeze, you could ask for this drink without the whipped cream to save around 130 calories or go for the ‘Reduced Calorie’ option, which takes the calories down to 286 per drink. 


  • Mocha 
  • White lightning 
  • Mint 
  • Espresso 
  • Velvetized milk 
  • Whipped cream 

Caramel Marvel Crème Freeze (565 calories) 

Caramel Marvel Crème Freeze (565 calories) 

Another drink to avoid at Biggby is the Caramel Marvel Crème Freeze with 550 calories, 95 grams of carbs, and 17 grams of fat. 

Ordering without whipped cream will cut the calories down to 420 and the carbs down to 88 grams, which are still high compared to many of the other drinks on the Biggby menu. 


  • Caramel 
  • Espresso 
  • Velvetized milk 
  • Whipped cream 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Lowest Calorie Drink At Biggby? 

There are three drinks that contain zero calories at Biggby – the Americano, Iced Tea, and Iced Coffee. 

What Is The Highest Calorie Drink At Biggby? 

The highest calorie drink at Biggby is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Crème Freeze with 820 calories. 

Does Biggby Have Sugar-Free Drinks? 

Yes, most of the Biggby drinks are available in a sugar-free option. 

What Biggby Drink Has The Least Sugar? 

The options with the least sugar at Biggby are the Americano, Iced Tea, and Iced Coffee. 

Does Biggby Have Low Carb Drinks? 

The options with the lowest number of carbs at Biggby are the Americano, Iced Tea, and Iced Coffee. 

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