Can You Mix Collagen Powder With Yogurt? (Pros & Cons)

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Collagen has gained popularity for its ability to support skin and joint health. Unfortunately, to achieve these benefits, you have to overlook the taste of collagen, so you may wonder if you can mix it in yogurt.

Can you mix collagen powder with yogurt? Yes, you can mix collagen with yogurt to enhance the taste. Additionally, mixing collagen with yogurt could be beneficial for improving your bone health and enhancing the quality of the protein source.

Yogurt could be a solution to the unappealing taste of collagen as long as you’re consuming it at the right times and selecting the right kind of yogurt for your needs.

After reading this article, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of mixing collagen with yogurt
  • The drawbacks of mixing collagen powder with yogurt
  • When to consume collagen mixed with yogurt
  • Who should mix collagen and yogurt and who should not

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Benefits of Mixing Collagen Powder With Yogurt

pros vs cons of mixing collagen powder with yogurt

The benefits of mixing collagen powder with yogurt are that it:

  • Can improve bone density
  • Forms a complete protein
  • Improves the taste

Can Improve Bone Density

Mixing collagen and yogurt could be beneficial for improving your bone density because of the calcium in the yogurt.

Calcium has been shown to help prevent osteoporosis, which is a disease that weakens the bones and makes them more prone to breaking.

Collagen could also play a role in maintaining strong bones because it is a building block for bone. However, it is unclear if supplementing with collagen translates to bone formation.

All in all, consuming collagen mixed with yogurt could certainly help to support bone health and perhaps help prevent bone-related diseases.

Forms a Complete Protein

Another benefit of mixing collagen with yogurt is that it forms a complete protein, and your body needs complete proteins to function optimally.

A protein is considered “complete” when it has all the 9 essential amino acids in sufficient quantities. These amino acids are considered essential because your body does not produce them itself and therefore needs to get them from food sources.

Collagen is an incomplete protein because it doesn’t have all of the essential amino acids. It lacks tryptophan. But incomplete sources of protein can be made complete if they’re paired with other protein sources that have the missing amino acid.

Greek yogurt is a complete protein on its own, as are most dairy products, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be paired with collagen for protein purposes. 

However, it is beneficial to pair the yogurt with collagen because of collagen’s role in skin and joint health that you wouldn’t get from yogurt itself.

Improves the Taste

Lastly, mixing collagen with yogurt is beneficial because yogurt can disguise the taste of collagen, which isn’t the most pleasurable taste on its own.

Taste is an important factor because it could determine whether you take your collagen powder or not. If you’re not consistently taking your collagen supplement, you won’t benefit from it.

So if you can improve the taste of collagen by mixing it with yogurt and it results in you taking collagen more consistently, then it is completely worth it.

Drawback of Mixing Collagen Powder With Yogurt

The only drawback of mixing collagen with yogurt is that it could change the texture of the yogurt by giving it a more chalky consistency.

If you’re having a small serving of yogurt (¼ cup) and mixing collagen into it, you’re more likely to notice the textural change. But if you’re having a larger serving of yogurt (1 cup), you may not notice any change.

If you’re picky about texture, mixing your collagen powder with yogurt may not be the best option for you. You may prefer to mix collagen with milk or other liquids instead.

Collagen & Yogurt: When To Consume It

collagen and yogurt when to consume it

Collagen powder mixed with yogurt can be consumed at almost any time, but there are times of day that it could be even more beneficial.

Is Collagen Mixed With Yogurt Good for Pre-Workout?

Collagen mixed with yogurt could be a good option pre-workout if you add additional carbs because carbs are important for providing you with energy before a workout.

The yogurt itself provides some carbohydrates, especially if you’re choosing a flavored one with added fruit compote, but it may not be enough carbs per serving to support your workout.

I would recommend consuming 30 to 40 grams of carbohydrates pre-workout to ensure that you’re properly fueled for your training session.

With the collagen and yogurt mixture, you could add a serving of fruit (such as strawberries or blueberries), which will help get you closer to 30 to 40 grams of carbs and will digest quickly enough to prevent too much digestive discomfort while you’re working out.

That being said, some people do find that they cannot tolerate dairy before a workout without experiencing some digestive discomfort. If this is you, collagen and yogurt won’t be the best pre-workout option.

Is Collagen Mixed With Yogurt Good for Post-Workout?

Collagen mixed with a high-protein yogurt, like Greek yogurt, is an excellent post-workout option. It provides a quality source of protein that your body requires after a workout to repair the muscle damage that occurred while working out.

If you’re not using Greek yogurt, there won’t be enough protein for it to be beneficial post-workout. I recommend having at least 20g of protein after a workout, and a 6oz container of original Yoplait yogurt, for example, only has 6g of protein. 

To increase the protein content, you could add protein powder to regular yogurt, or you could opt for Greek yogurt instead, which has around 17g of protein per 6oz serving.

Once again, I would also recommend adding more carbohydrates to the mixture of collagen and yogurt because post-workout carbs are important for replenishing energy stores that would have been depleted during the workout.

Another idea for combining collagen, yogurt, and carbs is to make a post-workout protein shake with the collagen, yogurt, frozen fruit, and any of your favorite flavor additions such as honey.

Is Collagen Mixed With Yogurt Good Before Bed?

Having collagen mixed with yogurt (specifically Greek yogurt) before bed is another great option. Having protein before you go to sleep can be beneficial for muscle recovery and growth.

Sleep plays a huge role in muscle recovery and performance because your body recovers while you sleep. Having a quality source of protein before you go to bed is a great idea to help facilitate the recovery process.

Who Should Mix Collagen Powder With Yogurt?

Who should mix collagen powder with yogurt?

Collagen mixed with yogurt is a great option for those who can tolerate dairy milk and don’t mind the texture of yogurt.

Collagen mixed with yogurt is a fantastic option for most people because it disguises the taste of collagen, could improve bone health, and it enhances the quality of the protein by making it a more complete protein source.

Who Should Not Mix Collagen Powder With Yogurt?

Collagen mixed with yogurt may not be the best option for those who have a dairy allergy or those who simply don’t enjoy the taste or texture of yogurt.

If you can’t have dairy, you could always try a non-dairy yogurt alternative such as oat-based yogurt or coconut yogurt. 

The only downsides to the non-dairy yogurts are that they don’t have enough protein and they have a very unique taste that isn’t for everyone.

If you simply don’t like yogurt, no matter the variety, there are plenty of other options, like mixing your collagen powder in orange juice or milk.

Will Collagen Dissolve in Yogurt?

Collagen won’t dissolve in yogurt because it isn’t a liquid, but it can mix with yogurt well enough to disguise the taste of the collagen.

There is no difference in the absorption of collagen whether it’s dissolved or mixed. It will be effective as long as it’s being consumed regularly. Therefore, whichever method you prefer to consume it that will encourage you to take it regularly will be the best one.

Best Types Of Collagen Powder To Mix With Yogurt

All brands of collagen will be similar in their ability to mix with yogurt, but they can differ in the quality of ingredients used.

The best collagen products on the market are:

  • Momentous Collagen Peptides
  • CB Supplements Multi Collagen Protein Powder

Momentous Collagen Peptides

Momentous Collagen Peptides is one of the best collagen products on the market because of its quality ingredients and the overall formulation of its product.

This product stands out above the rest because it was formulated with FORTIGEL, which is a collagen peptide blend created by GELITA that has been studied and proven to stimulate tendon and ligament collagen synthesis (the formation of collagen in the body).

Momentous’s collagen peptides are of the highest quality and are tested for purity and label accuracy using third-party testing. This is an important feature for me because I want to know that what I’m intending to consume is actually what I’m consuming.

This is especially important for those who are competing in any sports that do drug testing because it’s common for supplements to be flagged for banned substances.

CB Supplements Multi Collagen Protein Powder

Another great collagen powder on the market with quality ingredients is the CB Supplements Multi Collagen Protein Powder because it has curated with very specific ingredients.

This collagen powder was formulated to be dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and free of artificial sweeteners, which makes it appropriate for nearly everyone with dietary restrictions.

The most impressive thing about this collagen supplement is that it includes five types of collagen, which makes it a well-rounded product that helps to ensure you’re getting as many benefits from the collagen supplement as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Ok To Mix Collagen and Yogurt?

It is okay to mix collagen and yogurt because mixing it doesn’t affect its ability to be absorbed by the body.

Does Collagen Mix Well With Yogurt?

Collagen does mix well with yogurt as long as you’re using enough yogurt and incorporating it thoroughly. You may notice a textural change in the yogurt from the addition of the collagen powder, but this is minor.

Final Thoughts

Mixing collagen with yogurt is a great option to help make taking your collagen powder a more pleasurable experience. It’s appropriate for everyone who can consume dairy products and enjoys the taste and texture of yogurt.

Other Ways to Take Collagen

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